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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
World War II Crossword
Cutthroat 1,3714.55
27 Amendments
downwithmike 1,1783.74
Historical Figures' New Jobs
strokes_static 1,1684.68
4 History Foursomes
sproutcm 1,1614.31
Missing Word Crossword: World Leaders
BookishGirl98 8784.94
'E' British history
Cortez 8484.83
US History Image Timeline
HPGirl 8374.93
Which Empire? Modern-Day Cities
BillyJoelRulez 7064.94
Get the Picture: Henry VIII's Wives (1-3)
theobashau 6064.80
History in Color II
Hejman 5584.86
Common Sayings: Historical Origins
apiracini 5164.80
Top 10 Ranked Presidents
senordingdong 4223.68
Find Five: Global Tourist Edition
eyes355 4094.81
► 4 Decades of Notable Deaths I
kfastic 3974.94
Picture Click Democratic Presidents Playing Pool
Ksus 3675.00
Picture Click House of Tudor Monarchs
Ksus 3224.70
Who Am I? Famous People V
DIEGO1000 3194.70
US Citizenship Test (Multiple Choice)
The_Professor 3054.77
Category Cracker: History
Purple_Parrot 2964.77
Women in the Military
Pilgab 2944.79
They End in O ... ABC (Click)
Flick 2924.68
► 4 Decades of Notable Deaths II
kfastic 2904.95
WWII - Western Front: A-Z
pecheneg 2784.70
Monarchs of England and Britain Blitz
El_Dandy 2674.62
Who Am I? U.S. President's Edition
DIEGO1000 2664.60
Absent Letter UK Prime Ministers
RobFitz 2634.84
US Presidents Dressed Casual
Ksus 2614.94
English History Through the Centuries
The_nerd 2524.47
The Fabulous '50s!
DIEGO1000 2394.95
Draw a Badge: Politically Charged
bortoluka 2214.50
Find Five: Artists
eyes355 2184.91
Criteria Sorting Gallery: AMERICANA
biggs364 2144.90
7-to-1: World War II
Cutthroat 2114.76
Picture Click UK Labour Prime Ministers
Ksus 2084.90
In 3 Words: U.S. Presidents
karenmcginty33 2074.75
Things in the Penn Museum
MrSaturn64 1964.44
Picture Click Republican presidents playing poker
Ksus 1934.61
Tudor History- Henry VII- A Level Students
Julius_Caesar 1751.00
'F' British history
Cortez 1694.70
Who Am I? Famous People VI
DIEGO1000 1694.72
Is The United States A Part Of .....?
seanpat0 1684.64
10 to 1: Royal Dynasties
caseyw690 1674.50
Picture Click House of Hanover Monarchs
Ksus 1664.75
Shatter the Mirror: U.S. Presidents
jrage2009 1634.83
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
marcustullius 1614.81
Picture Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Windsor Monarch by Spouse
Ksus 1614.56
Modern Countries of the French Syrian Mandate
NO_r_WAY 1604.92
Draw a Badge: Rent's Due
bortoluka 1584.82
Historical Figures in Comic Books
shorlin 1564.29
The 9 Two Term US Vice Presidents
Ksus 1534.89

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