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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield
teedslaststand 9,8073.55
Erase the World
goc3 9,0454.52
Cities of the Netherlands
Massagraf 8,8554.26
Hide 40 World Flags
timmylemoine1 6,1504.87
Find the US States Ultimate Minefield
mhershfield 5,7654.26
World without O
goc3 5,6384.53
Where Is That 'D' City? (USA)
geronimostilton 4,9654.34
Erase Europe (Few Outlines)
goc3 4,8114.26
Erase the World (Few Borders)
goc3 4,6904.21
World without A
goc3 4,2964.40
Build Asia Contiguously
mikenew 4,2494.08
Quick Pick: Italy top 10 cities
TheInfam0usThey 4,0894.71
Obscure Knowledge - European Capitals
PenguinsMeercats 3,8324.64
Erase the USA (No Outlines or Skips)
goc3 3,1214.37
Wiki Geography Picture Click
metashades 2,6674.79
Countries of Asia: Logic Puzzle
Narayan85 2,2634.04
Lakes 7-to-1
samc67 1,9484.78
English Counties - No Outlines Extreme Minefield
smac17 1,8564.11
Erase the USA (No Skips)
goc3 1,6384.82
National Flag by Eye Make-Up
KStericker 1,5904.68
'C' in Africa
mg10 1,4634.85
Find the Ceremonial Counties of England
smac17 1,4354.86
Erase the World by Capital
goc3 1,3554.48
Closest Countries to Finland
NarwhalNukeYT 1,2924.88
Countries by Emojis
MasterQuiz2017 1,2774.90
Build Europe Contiguously
mikenew 1,1954.20
Find the Counties of England - No Outlines
smac17 1,1854.73
Erase the USA by Capital (No Skips)
goc3 1,1274.84
Closest Countries to Israel
NarwhalNukeYT 1,1174.42
Europe Minesweeper
joeydeka 1,0934.71
Erase the World (Few Borders, No Skips)
goc3 1,0874.27
Spinning Globe IV
NO_r_WAY 1,0634.73
Closest Countries to Portugal
NarwhalNukeYT 1,0404.96
Countries of Europe: Logic Quiz
Narayan85 1,0374.27
Where Is That 'E' or 'F' City? (USA)
geronimostilton 1,0264.54
Erase Europe (No Skips)
goc3 9884.80
Criteria 'A' Cities
BoggelTeam 9794.54
Identify the Midwestern States
scole9179 9644.15
Closest Countries to Mexico
NarwhalNukeYT 9444.55
Closest Countries to Thailand
NarwhalNukeYT 9334.65
Asian Graph Puzzle
Alcas 9314.96
Erase Europe (Few Outlines, No Skips)
goc3 9153.53
Hide 40 World Flags II
timmylemoine1 9035.00
Where Is That 'K' City? (USA)
geronimostilton 8594.89
Closest Countries to South Africa
NarwhalNukeYT 8584.76
Where Is That 'G' City? (USA)
geronimostilton 8574.68
Clickable MNO US Cities
Robzle 8524.00
OCEANIA but not Oceanian
Rackie 8194.85
Criteria 'C' Cities
BoggelTeam 8154.61
Hexagon Hopping - Geography
PenguinsMeercats 8114.81

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