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Quizzes that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Harry Potter Logic Quiz
simonstopher 4,2202.94
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (CLICKABLE)
Stanford0008 3,0152.79
Disney Logic Quiz
KaitlynMarie26s 1,4023.15
Cheese jokes
ZYX 1,3034.47
K-Pop Word Laddyrinth
sbroches 1,1374.45
Typing Challenge: 100 'O' Words
beforever 1,0944.73
3 Just For Fun Threesomes
sproutcm 1,0604.65
Kpop zombie apocalypse mystery (logic puzzle)
namstarjiji 1,0594.50
Evil, Neutral, and Good Logic Puzzle
Henry820 1,0194.60
Disney Logic Puzzle
taylorswift12 8413.85
Leaders vs Aliens Logic Puzzle
chaosBEE 7764.62
Just Type A Letter
cwfuturewrestler 7553.48
A-Z Typing Blitz (Random Order)
goc3 6844.29
jong018 6474.70
Upside Down Backwards 1-100 Minefield
Joshie_the_great 6044.25
Sporcle Puzzle Hunt: Hint Giver
sproutcm 5542.71
Ireland cattle breeds
Thatsfarming 4940.00
Aesculapian Argot - Part 1.
nabean 4934.46
Number Maze I
goc3 4924.05
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 6
sproutcm 4614.57
Logic Puzzle: Portia's Puppies (Pt. 1 - EASY)
giveupyet 4364.22
True or False Blitz: Just for Fun
Smeddlesboy 4044.21
Mrs. Peabody's Curious Clutter Logic Puzzle
metashades 3904.46
Shape Venn Diagram IV
goc3 3864.70
Quick Pick: 1-10 Just for Fun Things
JackDots 3644.26
Shape Venn Diagram VI
goc3 3594.77
Quick-clicking Grid Minefield
goc3 3584.56
Word Ladder: Consonant/Vowel Switch I
goseaward 3574.75
Ratings Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 3544.81
Logic is Murder!
mst3kr 3454.50
Fruit & Vegetables 7-to-1
samc67 3424.68
Shape Venn Diagram V
goc3 3314.80
Economic Systems
historymystery 3260.00
This, But Not That II
Arnott 3264.70
Dragon Ball Z Logic Quiz
TheSpaceman13 3183.93
Number Maze II
goc3 3174.36
Squares Picture Click
Pasi97 3023.92
Extreme Space Bar Challenge
vinocchiogr 2943.67
Grey's Anatomy Logic Quiz
KaitlynMarie26s 2923.14
1-100 Whiteout (Odd then Even)
goc3 2914.78
Capitals Among Pokémon
sproutcm 2914.85
Animals Without Necks
chaosBEE 2874.70
Lying Number Grid Logic Puzzle (1-60)
d_o 2844.18
Star Wars Logic Quiz
simonstopher 2834.16
Large Nurikabe Puzzle 26
sproutcm 2814.58
Logic Puzzle: Portia's Puppies (Pt. 2 - MEDIUM)
giveupyet 2774.67
things meatloaf WOULD do for love
mtlynch13 2743.50
Hair Color Logic Puzzle
PrincessMartell 2744.10
Twice Logic Quiz
sbroches 2723.33
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 99
sproutcm 2624.70