Television Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
mhershfield 337,2534.45
TV Watching TV
strokes_static 3,7264.96
TV Best Friends: One Name, One Face
gingerlover 1,7814.95
Shared Surname with a TV Character
ghcgh 1,8994.86
TV Shows Go Shopping
Noldeh 2,3914.89
Fade To Black:1980's Television
DIEGO1000 3,6084.89
Game of Thrones 20 Questions I
AbeyJ 48,9144.58
Who am I? Looney Tunes
DIEGO1000 5,7274.84
Subcategory Sort: Family Guy, Simpsons, or South Park
BookishGirl98 7594.92
Eds on TV
zalkon2004 1,7244.94
-lphabetized: Reality Shows
jrage2009 5564.87
-lphabetized: Sitcoms
jrage2009 4894.84
Seinfeld Star By Other Role
jrage2009 5784.81
-lphabetized: Family Guy
jrage2009 4404.85
2000s TV Setlists
bhenderson79 1,2804.69
10 to 1 Simpsons Parodies
Pushcake 3135.00
TV Husband by Wifes First Name
gingerlover 1,8604.75
Get the Picture: Male Friends
Noldeh 2,7724.92
To Boldly Go Into The Twilight Zone
sassasa 4584.86
HBO TV Show Character Sorting
stevenmiller61 9074.83
Star Trek: Click-an-Entity
zalkon2004 785.00
'F' Simpson Picture Click
Flick 1875.00
'E' Simpson Picture Click
Flick 2105.00
The Office Without T-H-E O-F-F-I-C-E
jrage2009 3494.77
The Umbrella Academy Characters
Nietos 4535.00
'H' Simpson Picture Click
Flick 1545.00
Category Cracker: Television
Purple_Parrot 3,7514.64
Where's Everybody At?
boomchuggalugga 1,2284.78
Star Trek: Click-a-Hologram
zalkon2004 954.94
Criteria Quiz: Star Trek: The Original Series
biggs364 3,4364.89
Slow Reveal: Television
hcd199 9604.69
80's Sitcom Wives
TriviaGuy3 1,1084.86
'J' Simpson Picture Click
Flick 1125.00
The HARDEST Friends Trivia Quiz Ever
parselmouth22 66,0443.70
Dwight Schrute: Master of Disguise
Thebiguglyalien 1,8114.89
Game of Thrones Alphabet Mine Soup
Pilgab 1025.00
Game of Thrones Screenshots: S07E01
Quiztopia 2175.00
Anime by Ending Song (Video)
bananabackpack 2404.92
Davids on TV
zalkon2004 1194.93
Missing Word: PBS Kids Shows
aduchscher 705.00
The Office: Sensitivity Training
CGMFan1 1005.00
Missing Word: Double Letter TV Show
Pilgab 3344.85
Click the Hosts: 80's Game Shows
Seth 8794.86
Where am I? American Idol Winners
DIEGO1000 7754.91
The Office: Non-Dunder Mifflin Employees
WalshyMusic 985.00
Follow That Line: Last Week Tonight IX
KStericker 1605.00
The Office: Michael's Birthday Roast
CGMFan1 915.00
Get the Picture: Jedi or Sith
scole9179 2014.91
Classic TV Spelling Bee
DIEGO1000 5014.88
TV Show Doctors
pecheneg 4,6234.78

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