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A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Joueurs recrutés PSG Manchester City
EurosportFR 19,3594.60
Name Every Fifa World Cup Winner since 1930
Pundit_Arena 39,9403.75
NBA 20-21 Monthly Leaders
justmurr5 5,6985.00
Every teammate of James Anderson in Tests
Wisden2020 7,1235.00
Pick the MVPs
kjeverhart 4,0464.77
Todos los semifinalistas de la Champions en este siglo
MARCA 25,1161.00
Pick 6: Golfers
jackaronson23 4,3134.73
Premier League top six
FourFourTwo_ 22,4074.79
Les français de Manchester City
FFLose 8,1885.00
Every Champions League semi-finalist since 1994
FourFourTwo_ 15,7403.00
Won both the Serie A and Ligue 1
DallaPiccola 3,2305.00
Tous les demi-finalistes de C1 depuis 1994
tcrepin 10,3755.00
Rally de Clasicos
MARCA 15,7525.00
Active MLB all-stars by team 2021
Bluebricks 3,6224.89
Name Liverpool's top scorers in each PL season
Pundit_Arena 4,7214.86
Are These Football Teams 'Real'?
bucoholico2 3,1895.00
Three Home Runs in a Game for Three Different Teams
Precarious 1,7264.94
Чeмпиoны России в рaзныx кoмaндax
The_sporTest 14,6915.00
Pep Guardiola et la France
SoFoot 4,7965.00
Premier League Last Decade Highest Scoring Game XI’s
dantheman2809 1,6605.00
Consecutive Grand Slam winners
Fish1987 1,6515.00
Les joueurs français passés par le Bayern
FFLose 19,0323.00
Ils ont joué à Chelsea et au Real Madrid
FFLose 8,7545.00
Club Profile: Bayern Munich
M_T_S 2,3395.00
NBA: 2+ 30-point halves (since 1996-97)
jsnellerwm 1,4445.00
Pick 6: Minor League Baseball
jackaronson23 2,5824.72
Decode the Logos: Big 4 Sports Teams
I-Am-Batman 4,0894.82
Name a footballer who... (2)
Annarita94 1,6675.00
Les 20 meilleurs buteurs du PSG en L1
Jojosamp 19,0131.00
Snooker Winners (2000-2020)
TheBigDog2020 1,2755.00
Name all 55 countries that are members of Uefa
Pundit_Arena 5,2395.00
One Per Category: 1970s Sports
Hejman 2,0124.69
England Yearly First and Last XI’s since 2010
dantheman2809 6275.00
Football Venn diagram I
averaart 3,3794.82
Premier League Hat-tricks - First For Each Nationality
Optajoe 36,1964.87
Every Premier League club's record sale
PlanetFootball 3,6585.00
Pelé's Career
leonpandor 3,1894.80
Ils ont inscrit 60 points ou plus dans un match NBA
EurosportFR 7,8844.67
Anything But The Picture: Sports
GeoEarthling 8404.91
Every player from Barcelona vs Chelsea UCL 2012?
FourFourTwo_ 3,2585.00
‘Big Six’ Worst Premier League Teams XIs since 2008
dantheman2809 1,3905.00
Man City semi-finals since 2009
FourFourTwo_ 3,1855.00
Passés par la Ligue 1 Uber Eats et Manchester City
Ligue1UberEats 11,5965.00
Hockey Quotes
jackaronson23 4174.94
Name keepers with most clean sheets in each PL season
Pundit_Arena 6,4545.00
Every Current PL Club’s Best Finish XI’s
dantheman2809 4655.00
Manchester United Spanish players
PlanetFootball 4,1305.00
Premier League Managers’ Most Used Players
dantheman2809 4815.00
NBA: Top 10 in 2P, 3P and FT
jsnellerwm 3875.00
WrestleMania 37
George321 1,9084.67

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