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A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
TOP 10 Premier League Goalscoring Nations
Pilgab 22,2514.91
NBA 50 Point Games (2010s)
Joshie_the_great 13,2074.93
Find the Hall-of-Fame players
MongolKitten 27,6914.33
NBA Chain Quiz 2019 for KOT4Q (Impossible)
jmann713 114,4202.78
Made Premier League debut 10+ years ago
FourFourTwo_ 8,0045.00
NBA MVP Awards Venn Diagram
flibbidy 12,9324.57
Every team relegated from Premier League
FourFourTwo_ 10,2185.00
2019 NCAA All Americans
MelvinGIII 6,2675.00
NCAA Tournament MOP by Picture
aglick 11,1144.72
Every top PL team since 1992/93
FourFourTwo_ 11,6684.75
NBA Stat Leaders From Every Team (2018-2019)
nguyennamanh0520 12,6104.36
England World Cup XI 2010 where did they play?
tomverhagen97 10,0344.87
Liverpool's last 40 Premier League goalscorers
FourFourTwo_ 9,0615.00
50 European clubs with highest attendance 2018/19
FourFourTwo_ 7,7204.83
Goalkeepers with 15+ clean sheets in PL season
FourFourTwo_ 7,0944.90
FIFA World Cup Winners Clubs
Hernan14 7,0824.78
Top 10 Countries in Sports
jcfluminense 8,3134.63
Athletes by Biography Title
Pushcake 9,6024.81
NBA Logic Puzzle
DLink47 89,6694.05
French players with most Premier League appearances
FourFourTwo_ 5,5555.00
NFL Teams Not Containing 'E'
mrzurkelman 7,2914.82
Colleges with NBA MVPs
MongolKitten 11,9384.24
2019 NBA Regular Season Chain Reaction Quiz
Zubdew 21,5833.13
Premier League's top 50 goalscorers
FourFourTwo_ 7,9875.00
NHL Stats Leaders (2010s)
Lauro 3,1035.00
NBA: 20.0 per game (REB + AST + STL + BLK)
jsnellerwm 3,8314.90
Athletes Who Played 20 or More Seasons
senordingdong 6,4024.65
Cover the Alphabet - NFL Teams
PenguinsMeercats 15,0374.81
Top 25 vs. Dirk Nowitzki
jsnellerwm 2,4574.96
NBA Champions (Players) Venn Diagram
flibbidy 3,0414.94
MLB - 2019 Opening Day Lineups
deej 3,8804.92
Portuguese players with 20+ Premier League appearances
FourFourTwo_ 4,6745.00
Defunct Sports Teams Picture Click
egreg183 3,7814.76
Big 4 Teams with 3 Words in the Name
owg 6,5054.67
Every FA Cup semi finalist since 1990
FourFourTwo_ 5,8875.00
2019 NBA All Star Logic Puzzle
MelvinGIII 31,8662.84
NBA Scoring Leaders (2010s)
Joshie_the_great 4,6984.67
Premier League Players in Green
Pilgab 5,1264.73
Most points in an NBA Playoff Loss (by Team)
jsnellerwm 1,6515.00
NBA Yearly Triple Double Leaders since 1980
BaronZbimg 2,2694.93
WWE Wrestler by Crowd Sign
aduchscher 1,2625.00
NBA Rookies Venn Diagram
flibbidy 2,2045.00
Country Match: Goalkeepers and Scorers (EPL)
durhamfan 1,5775.00
Quick Pick: 2x WWE Hall of Fame Inductees
megamrbrutal 3,4504.76
2019 MLB Hall of Fame
pdigoe 5,4984.79
NBA 25+ PPG (2010s)
Joshie_the_great 1,9164.89
Tottenham's last Champions League game in North London
FourFourTwo_ 3,8435.00
Top 10 Wrestlers of All Time from 10 Different Sources
mondovulgare 3,3594.97
Name Every Team Ahead Of Ireland In FIFA World Rankings
BallsQuizzes 5,8535.00
Premier League Logos with Green Cover
minhnguyen 5,1904.54

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