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A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Hit Songs: '80s, Not '70s
christopherjulia 8,0694.72
'Rocket Man' or 'Piano Man'
B_Awesome_87 2,2964.87
'70s Song Title Match Up II
babymonkee 8,6974.82
Song Title Overlaps V
ghcgh 2,3464.89
SMTOWN Murder Mystery Logic Quiz!
bbstunzem 70,3253.57
Beatles Songs by Three Words
BillyJoelRulez 7025.00
ABCD Songs
JoeBeta 7004.91
🔟 10 to 1: Band Country of Origin
otcpsychedelics 2,3924.76
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1970s)
FilipinoBreloom 1,9424.77
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1980s)
FilipinoBreloom 1,0045.00
First Word Band Names II
lolshortee 4855.00
2010s Song Title Beginnings
ghcgh 3,3604.80
How many NCT members can you name in 30 seconds
xxxjennypark94 3,6975.00
Woodstock: Dead or Alive
gingerlover 1,8204.75
Musical Instrument by Necklace
KStericker 1,4504.70
Implicit Title Drops (Clip Quiz)
hcd199 2935.00
'60s Song Title Match-Up II
babymonkee 2174.95
Grunge Bands by Songs
CanadianIdiot 1,2804.74
EFGH Songs
JoeBeta 1125.00
Ramones Quiz
Burnley_Bloke 1444.95
guess the unscrambled kpop goups' names 2 ✿
jimingotnojams 1,0384.89
Pop Song Sorting
WalshyMusic 4,4744.50
80's Female Singer/Bands
gingerlover 1,1604.93
Click The (Green) Haired Kpop Idol
ThePurpleMess 8675.00
NCT Members (2018)
szaaandii 1,2375.00
'Free' Music
DesertSpartan 905.00
Famous Country Hits Slot Machine
ckpcolleen 1,2024.80
IJKL Songs
JoeBeta 975.00
'American Pie' or 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
B_Awesome_87 2864.93
Rolling Stones Quiz
Burnley_Bloke 1244.94
Do you know this 2018 MV?
bangtantheory 7005.00
Three Hits in One Year IV
ghcgh 1,9504.76
Classical Music Watered Down
NJSB 615.00
Mismatched Albums
stevenmiller61 1645.00
Mystery Song Lyrics Quiz #151
Mistrals 1265.00
Jim (and James) in Song Lyrics
JoeBeta 954.94
Musicians Describing Themselves II
metashades 6224.80
Who's That With Dolly Parton?
aglick 1,0634.87
MNOP Songs
JoeBeta 665.00
How many Wanna One members can you name in 30 seconds?
xxxjennypark94 1,3025.00
Now! Vol. 9 (UK) (clips)
Cryptus 705.00
Six Famous 'O' Composers
Flick 635.00
7 to 1: Top 40 Hits by San Francisco Artists
DesertSpartan 3654.85
7 to 1: Top 5 Hits by Michigan Artists
DesertSpartan 3884.85
Title Girls in Old-Timey Songs
iglew 684.93
Click The (Red) Haired Kpop Idol
ThePurpleMess 1,1684.83
can you guess the leaders ღ 。.:*・?
ilovebrian 1,2174.83
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1990s)
FilipinoBreloom 8614.73
Artist Chain II (Clip Quiz)
hcd199 1355.00
Now! Vol. 8 (UK) (clips)
Cryptus 775.00

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