Quizzes to Consider: Music

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Tracks on the Back: '90s Rock Albums
bhenderson79 5,6394.89
Tracks on the Back: '70s Rock Albums
bhenderson79 5,7654.88
Musicians by Death Location & Year
babymonkee 1,6804.90
50 Easy Songs from 1980-2016 (clips)
Cryptus 6695.00
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'B'
kfastic 6,3924.73
Rolling Stone's Top 100 Artists (Slideshow)
dzonipascal 2,5584.74
According to Beatles Songs
lolshortee 4,7324.75
'Baby' Songs
JoeBeta 3835.00
50 Songs to Click: Disney
koemia 2,6764.70
Need, Want, Like, Love Songs
JoeBeta 2655.00
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'A'
kfastic 6,4824.56
Beatles and Beach Boys Mismatched Songs
scole9179 1335.00
Will, Won't, Can, Can't Songs
JoeBeta 2915.00
Quick Pick: Songs 'To You'
JoeBeta 1185.00
K-Pop MVs With Over A Million Likes
sbroches 8795.00
Music Words in Book Titles
metashades 2425.00
Portrait of an Artist: Nirvana
bhenderson79 2684.89
Complete the Album Title... With a Picture
Noldeh 3,3414.72
Complete the Beatles Song... With a Picture
Noldeh 7,4034.53
'About' Songs
JoeBeta 1905.00
Quick Pick: 'Not' Song Titles
JoeBeta 1355.00
Missing Word: Superlative Songs
JoeBeta 745.00
Clicky-oke: Tequila by The Champs
scole9179 1675.00
Quick Pick: John Denver
pdigoe 3184.93
Music Chart Clip Quiz #1 (Billboard Hot 100)
hcd199 1455.00
Who Made That 'A' Album?
El_Dandy 1235.00
Quick Pick: Comparative Songs
JoeBeta 965.00
'H' Words In Song Lyrics
JoeBeta 825.00
Quick Pick: Songs 'To Me'
JoeBeta 1135.00
Up and Down and Over and Out Songs
JoeBeta 3494.88
Sung Titles: The Beatles II
metakoopa99 775.00
Who Made That 'B' Album?
El_Dandy 1135.00
Find the Albums!
Rackie 845.00
50 Songs from 2016 (clips)
Cryptus 7264.89
50 Songs: 100 Clip Quizzes! (Clips)
Project50Songs 3335.00
300 K-Pop Idols (Female, May 2017)
hurdurdurp 4175.00
Hold, Kiss, Move or Shake Songs
JoeBeta 2474.88
BTS Wings Tour
runningkook 5635.00
Billboard No.1 Songs: A Word Too Many (1990s)
gazzso 1265.00
3-Word: Billy Joel (Clickable)
barnacle_bill 1085.00
Don't Do It!
DesertSpartan 925.00
Name The Kpop Groups
janeexo7 5125.00
Music For Dummies
Noldeh 2604.87
Figure out the Lyrics: 90s Song
AgentCarter 3,6304.11
Unmissing Word: Beatles Songs
lolshortee 515.00
What sort of music clip quiz is this?!
AuroraIllumina 865.00
Walking On Sunshine Lyrics
Darzlat 805.00
10 to 1: Classic Rock Songs VIII
metakoopa99 2,6114.29
#1 Hit Missing Word Picture Click - 1990s
smac17 3,2334.52
Quick Pick: Phil Collins Songs
barnacle_bill 1645.00