Music Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Artist to Badly Drawn Song (1990s)
MoMosMoProblems 4,6794.98
Find the Band Member II
MSUKent 3,5824.97
Find the Band Member III
MSUKent 3,0414.96
Find the Band Member IV
MSUKent 2,6224.95
Artist to Badly Drawn Song (1960s & 70s)
MoMosMoProblems 5,3544.94
Find the Band Member V
MSUKent 2,3454.96
Song Lyrics Mini Acrostic Puzzle II
bhenderson79 10,4784.89
One Gets the Lot: #1 Hits II
Hejman 1,8204.96
Find the Band Member VIII
MSUKent 1,7924.96
Find the Band Member VII
MSUKent 1,8494.95
Hidden Odd One Out: Songs
khake43 1,4714.96
Find the Band Member VI
MSUKent 2,0174.91
Clickable Begins and Ends: Female Singers
SidharthSN 1,1514.95
Trivia Triangles: Signs That Rock
bhenderson79 1,2084.94
Guess 'Em in Fewer Words: Music
MSUKent 1,7964.94
Beach Boys Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 1,1314.94
4-to-1 Blitz: The Beatles
BookishGirl98 12,1694.83
Stevie Wonder Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 7045.00
Same Name as a Musician
BorezU 1,6514.85
'Billy Joel' Songs by First Letters
SidharthSN 3885.00
'Beatles' Songs by First Letters
SidharthSN 4674.97
Tic Tac 'Know': The Beatles
Hejman 7385.00
'AC/DC' Songs by First Letters
SidharthSN 3665.00
Clickable Begins and Ends: Male Singers
SidharthSN 1,1364.83
3 Kpop Groups, 1 Thing in Common
Greta_14 5605.00
Category Crossword (Music III)
Flick 4825.00
Missing Word in Movies: Clip
mucciniale 4125.00
Fruity Songs
jackaronson23 4854.96
Aerosmith Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 4665.00
Neil Young Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 3515.00
Missing Song Antonyms II
Tom_the_Terrible 2,5194.85
One Gets the Lot: Rock Bands
Hejman 4,6094.94
The Police Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 3505.00
Missing Image or Not: Beatles Songs
SidharthSN 3034.97
'Queen' Songs by First Letters
SidharthSN 4224.93
Nirvana Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 6054.90
'The Voice' Coaches
jackaronson23 5294.95
French Covers of English Songs
Barbecue 3915.00
'Prince' Songs by First Letters
SidharthSN 3474.96
Complete the Nirvana Lyrics
SidharthSN 3984.96
3 Kpop Idols, 1 Thing in Common
Greta_14 5264.95
Name All 23 NCT Members (SPEED QUIZ)
mistevenso 95,4614.84
Simon & Garfunkel Songs By Image
I-Am-Batman 2685.00
Objective Songs
jackaronson23 1,1054.80
Missing Word in Movies: Billboard
mucciniale 6815.00
Do you know the lyrics XXXVIII
Dreamcast0102 8974.77
Song Title Substitutes
MSUKent 1725.00
'Guns N' Roses' Songs by First Letters
SidharthSN 3974.91
Complete the David Bowie Lyrics
SidharthSN 4134.89
5 Letter Words in 1980s Songs II
AwesumJuan 3285.00

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