Movies Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
10 to 1: Hollywood 🎥
senordingdong 2,7064.93
Movie Character Blitz IX
Thebiguglyalien 5,5064.83
Movie Character Blitz VIII
Thebiguglyalien 6,7844.79
Best Actor Winners by First Names
Noldeh 8,5794.90
Movie Franchise Character Sorting III
WalshyMusic 6,0844.72
Quick Pick: Great Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 7045.00
Quick Pick: Plain Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 7625.00
Quick Pick: Tried Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 7085.00
Movie Franchise Character Sorting II
WalshyMusic 10,4664.76
Quick Pick: Write Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 6855.00
Harry Potter Character Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 23,2004.58
Quick Pick: More Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 7414.96
Movie Franchise Character Sorting V
WalshyMusic 4,8994.74
Paint Movie Poster by Trivia IV
wilycub 1,9964.76
Actors 5 Movie Click
ZariiaGrint 5,8544.57
Movie Franchise Character Sorting IV
WalshyMusic 4,9744.59
Ivan Reitman by Plot Description
MrWhiplash 1,6015.00
Top Grossing Movies by Letter
Sheldon 5,2794.80
Paint Movie Poster by Trivia III
wilycub 2,2264.62
'My' Movies
JoeBeta 1915.00
Eat, Drink & Merry Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 6814.90
Actors' Signatures II
alinrotundu 8524.94
Paint Movie Poster by Trivia II
wilycub 2,6004.56
SPORCLE - Jack Nicholson Movies
jrage2009 4014.93
SPORCLE - Robert Downey Jr. Movies
jrage2009 3444.96
House, Park, Road or Street Movies
JoeBeta 2924.96
The Matrix Character Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 1,0624.92
Paint Movie Poster by Trivia V
wilycub 1,7534.71
Movie Eyepatches
pecheneg 1,6494.78
Home Alone Trap Victims
Exodiafinder687 1655.00
Paint Movie Poster by Trivia VI
wilycub 2805.00
How the wish was fulfilled
arelom 1,3124.86
Nine Word Hints for Nine Letter Films
DarkPhalanx 1,5124.72
Paint Movie Poster by Trivia VII
wilycub 1405.00
Kate Winslet: Movie Quick Click
Flick 2905.00
Austin Powers Character Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 13,5554.74
Missing Middle: 3 Word Movie Titles
NO_r_WAY 2634.92
► Actor Movie Chain: 1980s
kfastic 1475.00
SPORCLE - Samuel L. Jackson Movies
jrage2009 3824.85
Coming from Where?
gazzso 1904.95
Actors by 6 Word Movie Quote
NO_r_WAY 2444.91
SPORCLE - Tom Hanks Movies
jrage2009 6364.74
Aye! Rhymes in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 1,1265.00
Actor Names in Movie Titles II
ZariiaGrint 2,8804.85
Willy Wonka Characters (Picture Click)
Qaqaq 1435.00
Actors Born in March
alinrotundu 1894.89
Actors Born in February
alinrotundu 1854.91
Vowel-less Movies (1977)
WalshyMusic 965.00
Vowel-less Movies (1979)
WalshyMusic 915.00
Seven Word Hints for Seven Letter Films
DarkPhalanx 1,5754.96

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