Movies Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Picture Me! II
PenguinsMeercats 3,0734.86
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Chenchilla 17,4194.60
Bullseye Blitz: Disney & Pixar!
bhenderson79 1,6124.96
5 by 5 Movies by Actor III
lolshortee 2,1704.86
Guess the Movie in 3 Words
MSUKent 2,2584.80
Disney Villain by Song
minshkins 5,1354.94
Movie Franchise Character Sorting II
WalshyMusic 3,1664.89
Disney Princess by Song
minshkins 6,0104.76
Sports Movies of the Last 25 Years
lolshortee 8344.94
Drama Movies of the Last 25 Years II
lolshortee 6884.95
Johnny Depp: Movie Quick Click
Flick 9244.93
'00s Animated Movies by Quote
minshkins 7535.00
Cinderella Character Match
pdigoe 3365.00
Marvel Movies: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? HARD
lchm10 265,0262.33
Movies: Take A Seat! II (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 1,0644.82
Movie Franchise Character Sorting
WalshyMusic 6,6334.52
Finish the Famous Movie Quote III
lolshortee 9514.89
2-Word Movies of the Last 25 Years
lolshortee 5,8054.74
Movies: Take A Seat! IV (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 6474.92
Picture Click: Arsenic and Old Lace
qlh27 985.00
Actors First Name Movie Match
ZariiaGrint 2,1224.70
Yelp - Star Wars Location Reviews
whssox 8154.90
Movies: Take A Seat! III (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 8044.90
Guess the Movie in 3 Words II
MSUKent 7114.76
Mission: Impossible Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 6654.91
Images for Every Subcategory: Movies
El_Dandy 2704.88
Click the Ray Harryhausen Movie Creatures
WillieG 4435.00
MCU Lineup Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 9764.71
MCU by IMDB Description
gingerlover 2925.00
Harry Potter Screenshots 5: Order of the Phoenix
Quiztopia 2565.00
Movies: Take A Seat! VI (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 4195.00
What Movie? Three Word 'C' Movies (Slideshow)
Larryholmes79 1235.00
Disappearing Act: The Oscars
BanjoZebra 895.00
Movie Characters by First Names
Noldeh 10,2804.81
Movies: Before and After II
hempick 545.00
Which Movie Franchise?
senordingdong 3034.83
Best Horror Films of all time (according to IMDb)
MrWhiplash 1355.00
Movie Character Blitz VIII
Thebiguglyalien 3684.91
Movie Acrostic Puzzle
bhenderson79 10,9584.92
Vowel-less Movies (2017)
WalshyMusic 924.94
10-Letter Movies Slideshow II
ghcgh 1095.00
Quick Pick: Mark Ruffalo Movies
Pilgab 1704.93
Movies: Take A Seat! V (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 5075.00
8-Letter Movies Slideshow II
ghcgh 605.00
Watchmojo Top 10 Good Movies, Bad Rotten Tomato Scores
ghcgh 995.00
24 Movie Characters and Their Animal Companions
Year_of_Glad 1435.00
Kubrick by Plot Description
MrWhiplash 2,1854.86
Guess the Movie in 3 Words III
MSUKent 5544.71
Movies Through the Kaleidoscope! II (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 1105.00
Gone In 60 Seconds Films: James Bond (Picture Click)
Doctor_Arzt 2744.91

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