Movies Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
5 by 5 Movies by Actor II
lolshortee 2,7574.59
Match the Best Picture Brides and Grooms
KStericker 1,9024.71
Potter Profession Pictoral Pick-Em
Hejman 5334.93
Picture Click: Famous Movie Cars
alvir28 2775.00
Color Crisis at Marvel
Caltac 1,1324.87
Put the Marvel Movies (MCU) in Order, Oldest- Newest
benneider 47,3914.08
Subcategories Sorting Gallery - Movies
MrWhiplash 2625.00
Movies by Object
Eskettttittt 2554.94
MCU Logic Puzzle
bajobson96 11,0514.37
Disney/Pixar Films by Socks Click 2
JackDots 3435.00
2000s Movies A-Z III
ghcgh 1,2644.76
10 to 1: Oscar Best Picture Characters
strokes_static 3165.00
Harrison Ford Co-Stars Web
wilycub 3694.94
Brands in Movie Titles
MSUKent 1415.00
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Actor
MrWhiplash 2045.00
2-Word Movies of the Last 25 Years
lolshortee 3904.90
Marvel 10 Years of the MCU: Character Posters
Nietos 4975.00
Who Killed Me?: Star Wars
stevenmiller61 2254.90
101 Movie 'T' Words
Year_of_Glad 1,7894.81
Obi Wan: That's no ____! It's a ___! in Other Films
scole9179 2334.94
3 Movies, 1 Missing Word XI
ghcgh 1684.92
1-Word Movies of the Last 25 Years
lolshortee 8934.75
Animated TV Shows based on movies
wilycub 965.00
Which Middle Earth Location?
strokes_static 1,0034.91
Crying in Disney
Nacchi 2594.94
1980s Movie Taglines
janbednarczuk 2,9234.76
What Movie? Films From Above II (Slideshow)
Larryholmes79 4354.88
101 Movie 'U' & 'V' Words
Year_of_Glad 5464.86
Menken or Fakin'?
Bratista 2934.88
Danny Boyle by Plot Description
MrWhiplash 1465.00
80's Movies By Kid/Teen
gingerlover 1265.00
Directors on the set
ZYX 825.00
Horror Killers: Multiple Choice 5
Exodiafinder687 715.00
'The' Movies of the Last 25 Years
lolshortee 5424.76
Die Hard: Facts, Trivia and Related Nonsense
DesertSpartan 1245.00
Quick Pick: Yul Brynner Movies
Pilgab 775.00
'Day' Movie Posters
babymonkee 1944.94
Close-Up Pixar Movie Posters
Rackie 1,0294.94
'S' Movie Quote Quiz
Flick 1814.92
Quick Pick: Demi Moore Movies
Pilgab 1175.00
Horror Killers: Multiple Choice
Exodiafinder687 2244.94
Movie-Actor Chain
halophex 808,4093.58
Horror Killers: Multiple Choice 4 (B&W Edition)
Exodiafinder687 705.00
Quick Pick: MCU Movies that feature Stan Lee
JusElFisno 2225.00
64 Random Animated Movie Scenes
aquascape 1625.00
Five Actresses Named Helen
Flick 985.00
Close-Up Disney Movie Posters II
Rackie 1,0114.92
'Walt Disney Presents' - Easiest to Hardest
klm2202 2305.00
Disney by IMDB Description
gingerlover 1824.87
'World'-ly Movie Quotes
JackDots 1045.00

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