Miscellaneous Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Under the Radar Puzzle Hunt: Hall of Fame
UnderTheRadar 12,3784.67
Sporcle Acrostic Puzzle VI
bhenderson79 2,9954.95
Spacebar Clicker
kaitlin206 2,876,8024.09
Sunday Crossword: Colorful phrases
hellofromUK 2,2544.97
Logos by Face II
t_rev19 6,7734.74
Find Five: Miscellaneous Things
eyes355 1,9404.96
Clickable Begins and Ends: Corporate Logos
SidharthSN 2,3034.85
Pick 6: Supreme Pizza
jackaronson23 3,7854.66
'H' Logo Minefield
Scimitar_2002 20,5244.70
Sunday Crossword: Making Headlines
bhenderson79 2,1505.00
Logos from Above
t_rev19 2,1964.83
Missing Member: Miscellaneous
strokes_static 1,0994.96
A week at my table
mucciniale 1,0394.87
Missing Word in Movies: Border
mucciniale 6604.97
'I' Logo Minefield
Scimitar_2002 14,6204.77
Sunday Crossword: The Snow Queen
BorezU 1,5614.84
Giant Honeycomb
Barbecue 6,8984.66
Sunday Crossword: Insane Anagrams! III
BookishGirl98 4975.00
Is It This or That? V
DesertSpartan 6474.97
Sunday Crossword: EGOT Winners
gamelord2007 1,6164.83
Clickable Begins and Ends: Vegetables
SidharthSN 1,1494.86
Logos Through the Ages: Pfizer
no1fanofthepals 1,7984.88
Pick 3 Italian Foods
shirleyalpha 5365.00
Sunday Crossword: Coloring Paper?
AuroraIllumina 6154.94
Logos by Face
t_rev19 3,9644.88
Before and After A-Z II
LTH 1,1174.84
petenge 2,5714.74
Named After a Place - Odd One Out!
nabean 1,4874.89
Pick 6: Fruits
JohnFran 9,8514.70
Missing Word in Movies: College
mucciniale 4874.96
A-Z Missing Letter Logo Match-up
t_rev19 2,9064.90
'J' Logo Minefield
Scimitar_2002 14,3894.74
'G' Logo Minefield
Scimitar_2002 19,8294.84
Sunday Crossword: Astronomy
hellofromUK 1,6524.72
Answer Strings 4
MrWhiplash 7,5924.79
Fabulous Forty: 'G'
CactusAceClub 3474.96
'Black' by First Letters
jackaronson23 6264.83
'General Knowledge' by First Letters
jelroy 4964.86
'Justice' by First Letters
jelroy 1,1014.73
Fonts or Tolkien Characters?
nabean 1,3684.86
Sunday Crossword: Pillow Talk
BorezU 1,7574.94
'Green' by First Letters
Pigeonface 8874.74
Trivia Triangles: Letters
bhenderson79 3,0124.89
'White' by First Letters
Pigeonface 2514.96
Spot the Difference L
Cutthroat 3314.95
Pick 3 French Foods
shirleyalpha 4974.90
'F' Logo Minefield
Scimitar_2002 24,4554.74
Put a Name to a Face XXVIII
MSUKent 1945.00
Top 300 Boys' Names, 2020, USA, Spellings Combined
nightfloat 2825.00
Two-Word Hint Mini-Crossword 26
AuroraIllumina 4384.88

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