Literature Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Author to Badly Drawn Book
MoMosMoProblems 2,6694.93
Missing Alphabet: Harry Potter Characters
LWH 1,5434.91
Gettin' In - Books!
Rac_Dionte 2,0374.89
Find Five: Literature Things
eyes355 1,3524.92
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover II
t_rev19 2,3214.90
Hamlet Deaths in Order
jackaronson23 3095.00
Missing Word in Movies: Book
mucciniale 7424.85
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover V
t_rev19 7404.93
Quick Pick: A Nightcap and a Good Book
garolo 1,3714.94
'Harry Potter' by First Letters
jackaronson23 8794.74
Fill in the Blanks With Eggs - Harry Potter Quotes
ceciliacarlid 1,0105.00
Novels Beginning with Novels III
Flick 1765.00
Anagrammed Answers: Literature
Qaqaq 2205.00
Poets And Authors Named William
cwfuturewrestler 5714.85
Novels Beginning with Novels II
Flick 2025.00
Book 'Em by First Names IV
MSUKent 1265.00
Quick Pick: More Interesting Book Title?
hazelnuts 1,0044.74
Harry Potter Top 10 Characters - Books v Movies
AbeyJ 1,2334.88
Books Final Letter
gazzso 855.00
Harry Potter Alliterative Letters Minefield
IrishIguana 7495.00
Books Published in January
heusie 5334.95
Book to Musical Match-Up
vinipereira 1,4204.92
Guess It in 5: Authors II
MSUKent 985.00
Mystery Crossword: 20th Century Novel I
MrCyganik 4024.86
Category Crossword (Literature III)
Flick 4574.80
Author: First Name G (Male)
Flick 875.00
Missing Word: Books Starring Girls
hazelnuts 1085.00
Harry Potter: That's a Good Question
Pappycole 2545.00
Novels Beginning with Novels IV
Flick 1455.00
Animal Book Character Letter B Blitz
Flick 1005.00
The Middle Column: Literature
Friklazen_HUN 5284.78
A Pleasure to Burn...
mister_pianoman 885.00
Author: First Name H (Male)
Flick 845.00
Shakespeare Quotes in Images
Chameleon 5745.00
Missing Literature Antonyms
Tom_the_Terrible 3,4574.85
Ten Group Blitz: Novel Series
petenge 3674.81
Books Published in July
heusie 1355.00
Animal Book Character Letter A Blitz
Flick 965.00
Book 'Em by First Names
MSUKent 1,0205.00
Books Published in September
heusie 755.00
Vowel-less Roald Dahl Books
jackfrog10 1785.00
Novels Beginning with Novels V
Flick 1145.00
Quick Pick: Cause of Death - Lord of the Rings
knightlancer 1,1504.93
Hidden Odd One Out: Authors
khake43 1,8544.94
Author: First Name I (Male)
Flick 755.00
Books Published in June
heusie 1444.93
Novels Mix-and-Match
Pilgab 715.00
Books Published in May
heusie 3364.88
Animal Book Character Letter C Blitz
Flick 815.00
Harry Potter Characters Through Lots Of Translation
RDJ_FAN 1345.00

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