Literature Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Harry Potter but It's Ron
WalshyMusic 11,8074.62
Quotes From Quotes: Harry Potter
bhenderson79 1,3135.00
Harry Potter but It's Voldemort
WalshyMusic 5,3294.66
Trivia Pyramid: Literature
Purple_Parrot 1,5354.93
Harry Potter but It's Malfoy
WalshyMusic 3,8404.76
Harry Potter but It's Hermione
WalshyMusic 5,5144.75
Classic Literature By Main Character (2nd Edition)
DIEGO1000 1,4434.95
Harry Potter but It's Hagrid
WalshyMusic 4,1434.72
Harry Potter but It's Dumbledore
WalshyMusic 4,4814.81
ABCD Literature
JoeBeta 2,1584.97
-lphabetized: LOTR
jrage2009 4075.00
Black in Literature
NJSB 4,6004.71
Know It: Literature IV
BanjoZebra 1,0165.00
Know It: Literature II
BanjoZebra 2,6154.90
16 Little Lord of the Rings Pictograms
bhenderson79 2,1194.98
-lphabetized: Authors
jrage2009 5614.93
Sporcle Categorical Literature
Pushcake 2,1904.83
Click a Cover: Female Narrators
KStericker 1,7044.91
-lphabetized: Children's Books
jrage2009 3994.97
Spring Reading List
spanachan 9424.93
-lphabetized: Shakespeare
jrage2009 4654.90
10 to 1: Children's Books
Bratista 5774.90
Books by Mural
aglick 3954.93
Harry Potter Character by Fictional Schedule
Hejman 3,4774.64
-lphabetized: Novels
jrage2009 4734.82
Literary Novels In 3 Words
DIEGO1000 7334.88
Literary Characters
DIEGO1000 3245.00
Category Cracker: Literature
Purple_Parrot 3,8404.68
Find Five: Kids' Lit
eyes355 4814.92
Quick Pick: Romeo and Juliet Characters
Kit_Spades 3135.00
The Dornishman's What?
nabean 1385.00
Author's Gender: 'T' Books
Flick 1545.00
Missing Word 1986 Books
Flick 955.00
10 to 1: Lord of the Rings
whssox 1,4634.96
Irish Poets Name Match
Flick 825.00
German Poets Name Match
Flick 875.00
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (map)
ZYX 1,6484.86
Anyone but Severus Snape
ceciliacarlid 1725.00
Julius Caesar Deaths in Order
gocowboys 1455.00
Phantom Poets
nabean 355.00
Get the Picture: ASOIAF Castles III
stevenmiller61 865.00
LotR Gazetteer (O)
pecheneg 855.00
Harry Potter but It's Snape
WalshyMusic 4,1124.52
House Stark 7-to-1
stevenmiller61 2614.91
Author's Gender: 'U' Books
Flick 1354.92
Click in the Blank: 2018 YA Titles
KStericker 1465.00
Missing Word: Double Letter Novels
Pilgab 2424.86
Missing Word 1985 Books
Flick 1894.87
A-Z Characters: Dr. Seuss
timschurz 8494.67
Hunger Games or Shakespeare?
nabean 2,9604.54

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