Literature Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 219,1234.09
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 2,9624.88
Triple Picture Click Literature 2
filmstudy 2,7144.71
Harry Potter Chain: Order of the Phoenix
lolshortee 17,0424.93
Symbol Cryptogram: Authors II
goc3 1,5104.84
That Book's Just a Name
El_Dandy 1,7434.89
Books Missing 'A' Words
kfastic 3165.00
Symbol Cryptogram: Authors III
goc3 9304.88
10-1 Harry Potter Characters by Numbers
lizbsn 5595.00
Literary Animals By Species 7-to-1
samc67 4144.91
Reverse Alphabet: Literature
samc67 6844.83
Harry Potter: Who's Still Alive?
christopherjulia 5,5204.68
Harry Potter Chain: Prisoner of Azkaban
lolshortee 25,1284.74
Harry Potter Family Tree (Picture Click)
FantasticBowTies 20,7814.58
Powerful Literature
NJSB 2655.00
10 to 1: Literature in 2017
marcustullius 3,0934.38
Books Missing 'B' Words
kfastic 1485.00
Six Famous 'B' Playwrights
Flick 1,5464.71
Dobby's Dilemma: Logic Puzzle
lizbsn 23,3574.69
TripAdvisor Reviews from Middle-earth
beisaa 8774.86
Symbol Cryptogram: Authors I
goc3 1,4334.76
Books by Three Clues
gazzso 1,4864.74
Books Missing 'E' Words
kfastic 915.00
Books Missing 'C' Words
kfastic 1225.00
Harry Potter Chain: Deathly Hallows
lolshortee 23,6794.85
Harry Potter: Pick the Punishment
IrishBear09 6094.90
Books Missing 'D' Words
kfastic 1074.94
Ten Famous 'L' Authors
Flick 1535.00
Six Famous 'C' Playwrights
Flick 2385.00
Survivor: Hogwarts
bhenderson79 5334.99
Find the Dr. Seuss Books II
mhershfield 2,9584.62
Ten Famous 'O' Authors
Flick 795.00
Authors' 3-2-1 Word Titled Books
NJSB 2,4844.89
4 Word Novel Titles
nabean 2734.81
Mockingjay Character Map (Picture Click)
gingerlover 2295.00
Harry Potter House Point Recipients
WalshyMusic 1195.00
Harry Potter Mystery List I
petuniaevans 875.00
Complete the Shakespeare Play... With a Picture
Noldeh 3,7214.69
Author by Necklace
KStericker 2635.00
Two Bs (...and Not 2 Bs)
NJSB 1005.00
Quick Pick: Literary Queens
PrincessMartell 1404.92
Literary Villains 7-to-1
nabean 2,1554.54
A-Z Last Name by First Name: Harry Potter
kfastic 3,6464.67
Ten Famous 'M' Authors
Flick 1364.92
Harry Potter: Marauders Multiple Choice
lizbsn 3644.83
Literary Teddy Bears II
PrincessMartell 4,5534.66
Harry Potter House Point Givers
WalshyMusic 1115.00
Three-Named Authors by Initials
Qaqaq 4704.77
War Poem Authors
filmstudy 9214.80
Harry Potter Top Spellers
WalshyMusic 1404.91