Language Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
The Un-Quiz
Qaqaq 1,5814.87
Word Search, German: Colors
PatentExaminer 1,4724.92
Clickable Anagram Pairs
SidharthSN 8904.89
Missing Word in Movies: Language
mucciniale 7374.94
Hidden Odd One Out: Definitions
khake43 9174.91
Words Beginning With ''KI''
DesertSpartan 1,0314.90
Word Path
gazzso 6574.96
Letter Fall: World Languages
vrh28 9914.78
CactusAceClub 9444.83
Clickable Anagram Pairs II
SidharthSN 5484.89
Clickable Anagram Pairs IV
SidharthSN 5064.91
French Animals by French Name
nibperrychub 2345.00
Define My Cats
Pigeonface 4594.88
'S' Synonyms Sorting Gallery
gazzso 5015.00
Spanish Animals by Spanish Name
nibperrychub 2115.00
'German' by First Letters
jackaronson23 8704.76
Learn the Alphabet: French
Scimitar_2002 1894.96
1770s Slang
Hejman 6404.93
Count to 30 in Icelandic
fridrik74 3904.90
5x5 German Words by Category
harleydog 1315.00
'Italian' by First Letters
jelroy 5944.80
Koko’s Last Message
nibperrychub 1305.00
Vowel Movement
I-Am-Batman 1614.96
Anything But The Picture: Language
GeoEarthling 2,6334.86
One-Minute Crossword XLIV
Qaqaq 2,8554.93
ylime102 2754.94
Pick the Anagram III
strokes_static 1125.00
aeries 4204.93
1-10 Letter T Words II
El_Dandy 1565.00
Who Completes the Word?
MSUKent 1035.00
One-Minute Crossword XLI
Qaqaq 3,7274.92
Find the Impostor: That's not my language!
DarkAppraiser44 1505.00
French Homophones
iluvgeo 5804.87
Language by Origins (A-Z)
FilipinoBreloom 3214.94
Clickable Anagram Pairs III
SidharthSN 5214.77
The Only Letter XII
cwfuturewrestler 3904.83
'Latin' by First Letters
jelroy 4104.78
Define My Dogs
Pigeonface 3234.84
10 Words, 20 Definitions XLIX
Arnott 8704.95
French Homophones II
iluvgeo 3335.00
10 Words, 20 Definitions (Plus 10) L
Arnott 825.00
10 words that end in 'EZ'
Flick 4104.82
Words Coined by Authors
mister_pianoman 1345.00
Hello, My Name Is Sarah
kenneycan 1245.00
Movies Around the World
WalshyMusic 1525.00
Unique Words in Álvaro Soler Songs
Friklazen_HUN 3265.00
Blitz! Ends in ...LITE
pecheneg 975.00
'French' by First Letters
jelroy 9394.80
1-10 Letter S Words II
El_Dandy 7834.92
Latin Threesomes
knightlancer 1,4815.00

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