Holiday Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Bullseye Blitz: Holidays!
bhenderson79 9,5034.74
Holidays By Mouse Pad
alinrotundu 4704.91
Find the Easter Eggs
FilipinoBreloom 3,2324.68
16 Little Christmas Pictograms
bhenderson79 13,4774.93
The Me Quiz or Why Would Anybody Care?
DesertSpartan 2244.94
Complete the Holiday... With a Picture
Noldeh 2374.87
Mother's Day Logic Puzzle
Bratista 3514.92
Holiday Character Sorting
El_Dandy 1535.00
Holiday Movie Match-Up
babymonkee 1115.00
April Fools' Day: Strange Facts
shirleyalpha 855.00
Absent Letter Christmas
RobFitz 4834.92
Easter Eggs II
Sheldon 4404.79
April Fools' Movie Missing Word Quiz
Pilgab 7954.87
Ruined By A Letter: Christmas Songs
samc67 2,7294.84
April Fools' Match
strokes_static 1214.81
Get Connected!: Holiday Sequences
Purple_Parrot 1,0694.43
Missing Word: Holidays and Celebrations
Cutthroat 5904.91
32 Questions About 4 'B' Holidays
El_Dandy 485.00
Follow That Line: Holiday Songs
Pilgab 2434.86
All About Earth Day
El_Dandy 704.82
Holiday... By Other 14 Categories!
Pastor_Maldonado 2094.63
Nine Letter Holiday A-Z
Flick 4134.92
Rhymes with 'I'd'
sproutcm 11,8204.27
Ancient Roman Festivals
TheChigs 1434.78
4-Letter Easter Words
WalshyMusic 724.56
Thanksgiving Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 4,1154.49
Holiday by Necklace
KStericker 8484.88
Typing Challenge: Good Friday
lizbsn 675.00
Word Hourglass: Halloween Choice
sproutcm 1,6844.67
Groundhog Day Countries
gingerlover 535.00
32 Questions About 4 'A' Holidays
El_Dandy 495.00
Mismatched TV Moms
gingerlover 1,3314.75
Holidays By Apron
alinrotundu 7684.93
Holidays of the World
gingerlover 445.00
Find the Easter Eggs XVI
FilipinoBreloom 3624.57
April Fools' Day: Bible Edition
HappyWife 6484.71
United States without Good Friday
seanpat0 294.71
Countries without Easter
Exodiafinder687 694.80
Bunny Books
gingerlover 1194.67
Stock Holidays
adiffor7 735.00
Easter Eggs Americana
MortyJSocks 1,3004.26
Yuletide Cupcakes
timmylemoine1 2,5494.80
Find the Easter Eggs XX
FilipinoBreloom 1224.57
Word Ladder: Seasonal Springtime Saps
Purple_Parrot 5894.69
More Obscure Holidays By Socks
JackDots 2074.31
Vowel-less Holidays
WalshyMusic 654.73
Autumn Teddy Bears
PrincessMartell 5,3334.64
Holidays You 'May' Not Know
bhenderson79 2,1094.84
Christmas Candy Click
JackDots 3,3604.68
Animals Celebrating Easter
lolshortee 1,7634.69

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