History Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: History
Chenchilla 8,1824.84
Hand-Drawn History IX
ddavey1983 1,7234.94
World Leaders' Eyes
gazzso 7904.81
Sort the Presidents by Letter
lolshortee 2975.00
10 to 1: Pre-Columbian Americas
Bratista 2615.00
History Books: The Subtitles V
MoMosMoProblems 1845.00
Historic Nick Names
NO_r_WAY 3004.95
Images for Every Subcategory: History
El_Dandy 2,5214.67
Historical Figure by IMDb Biography Description
gingerlover 1,6184.92
Biographical Museum by 3 Exhibits
hatefulmissy 2,0435.00
Presidents’ Personal Tragedies
Hejman 1385.00
'J' Presidents
sproutcm 4,0994.91
3 Name World Leaders
NO_r_WAY 2044.89
Presidential Campaign Propaganda
matthijsbp 1415.00
The 3rd thing you need to know: Germany
MrWhiplash 2754.93
What's That Kiwi Famous For?
samc67 2884.81
Historical Figures by Couplet: Ancient Greeks I
Bratista 1005.00
Historical Figures on British Banknotes
WhoFan1979 8995.00
Clickable Former Countries
NO_r_WAY 6,1244.57
Multiple Choice: Henry VIII's Wives
BeerHound 2,1795.00
'T' Presidents
sproutcm 3,0944.85
Which US President Said That?
Cutthroat 3334.92
This or That: 200s BC versus 200s AD
Tom_the_Terrible 1664.93
Mixed Word: World Leader and Country
Purple_Parrot 8145.00
Which 2000s Year?
strokes_static 625.00
Historical Events Missing a Letter
bhenderson79 2,3914.80
World Leaders by First Names
Noldeh 6,6924.78
1860's U.S. Match Up
DIEGO1000 1055.00
French Presidents (Redux)
Pastor_Maldonado 1724.88
10 to 1: Royal Dynasties
caseyw690 985.00
Top 10 of the Greatest Britons
treessimontrees 1065.00
Those 12 Flags: Quotes
Flick 1784.87
Spot the... US Secretaries of State
MrWhiplash 855.00
Missing Word: Famous African People
Aprilli 5904.74
Who Was? Books: History
Purple_Parrot 3405.00
Military Leaders by Battle
khands 1,8985.00
1914; Where'd it happen in?
eugeniedaae86 735.00
Find the Women's Hall of Fame Inductees
Noldeh 1114.91
Alphabetical U.S. President's Surnames
Exodiafinder687 474.92
Who Was President First?
lolshortee 1034.91
Name that royal relationship!
ZYX 685.00
1915; Where'd it happen in?
eugeniedaae86 655.00
Quick Pick: More Famous Europeans Z
Flick 735.00
Historical Words on Broadway!
Purple_Parrot 575.00
Asia: 47 decades, 47 countries, 47 questions
durhamfan 3285.00
Elizabeth II with each of her Prime Ministers
Ksus 6275.00
Subcategories Sorting Gallery - History
MrWhiplash 5435.00
Refused Knighthood
gordonallan79677 6974.83
President Signatures
Lukedude 5694.85
Born in July: GIF Calendar Pick - 2018
big8dog88 7054.92

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