History Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Who Am I? Famous People XV
DIEGO1000 17,5194.65
'A' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 1,0294.93
Words In Presidential Surnames
jrage2009 5474.97
Missing Persons
biggs364 2,8764.93
Super-Powered Historical Figures 2
dumby321 2,4254.83
Get the Picture: King or President
BookishGirl98 3,1104.84
European Countries Before/After WWI
fugawz 2,1134.60
Who Am I? Famous People XVI
DIEGO1000 2,3034.74
War by Famous Movie
mucciniale 4314.97
Picasso or Picassno
Pilgab 4894.97
Nine in Time: US Presidents
Doctor_Arzt 4,1614.76
Missing Word: January 1st
LyndonG 4544.94
Modern History: 1975-1999
Sheldon 20,9034.88
Missing Word: January 2nd
LyndonG 4194.94
History Books: The Subtitles XI
MoMosMoProblems 3665.00
Famous WWII People in Movies
mucciniale 4104.93
History Books: The Subtitles X
MoMosMoProblems 2,7244.97
Famous British Men in Movies
mucciniale 3254.96
'H' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 3095.00
Famous People from Ancient History in Movies
mucciniale 2814.96
WWII Facts by Movie
mucciniale 3374.95
Super-Powered Historical Figures 3
dumby321 1,9074.82
Missing Word: January 3rd
LyndonG 2944.93
Invisible Presidents by any 3 Letters
aaditya08-08-05 2944.93
Missing Word: Famous People Born in July
LyndonG 2604.93
Are You Smarter Than a History Curator?
jackaronson23 4214.91
Post-War U.S. Presidents in Order Minefield
knightlancer 4445.00
'M' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 2625.00
Famous British Women in Movies
mucciniale 3144.95
'K' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 2515.00
Modern History: 1875-1899
Sheldon 9,4274.82
People and Facts of the 1950s by Movie
mucciniale 2244.95
'I' and 'J' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 2545.00
1-in-4 Shot: 1976 Events
MSUKent 1065.00
Out of This World Crossword
razorz 1,8524.94
1-in-4 Shot: 1977 Events
MSUKent 775.00
Famous People from XVIII Century in Movies
mucciniale 2964.90
'B' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 4574.88
Historical Figures Painting
Barbecue 3,8454.86
British Prime Ministers in Order Minefield
knightlancer 1475.00
MLK Jr. or Malcolm X?
LyndonG 2,4264.78
10 in a Minute: Initialed Presidents
Flick 1195.00
The Big 3 of Yalta
scole9179 905.00
Moonwalkers by Birthplace
GeoEarthling 5094.92
'N' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 2055.00
Click the US Presidents by Picture (Minefield)
El_Dandy 1015.00
History Middle C
Flick 785.00
British Monarchs on a Poster
Flick 2545.00
12 Months 1st Born (History)
Flick 1005.00
'L' Historical Figures by Image
beesley__ 2265.00

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