History Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Historical 'B' Figures in Movies
mucciniale 9,2314.91
History by Radio News Bulletin (audio)
Hejman 9554.98
Ancient World Artifacts
Extinctanimals22 1,7585.00
Build-a-Painting IV
petenge 1,3354.92
States by Closest President Alphabetically
MSUKent 1,2655.00
Historical Figures Grid: Elizabeth II
aglick 2,9814.97
Famous... in Shorts
Hejman 1,0254.80
Find Five: History Things
eyes355 3845.00
Modern Countries of Napoleonic France
NO_r_WAY 3885.00
20 Terms: Indian History
DarkPhalanx 6495.00
The TIME of the Americas
MoMosMoProblems 1,1344.96
American Battle or Not?
GeoEarthling 2,2874.97
Historical 'C' Figures in Movies
mucciniale 6,3554.84
Modern Countries of the Mamluk Sultanate
NO_r_WAY 3564.96
Highest % Growing US States (2010-2020)
jelroy 2245.00
Countries Gained Independence 20th Century
Lankyman-2000 1805.00
Hidden History Word Ladder III
jyrops 8244.89
4-to-1 Blitz: British Monarchs
BookishGirl98 2,7504.89
Clickable Begins and Ends: US Presidents
SidharthSN 8254.76
Modern Countries of Charles X Gustav's Sweden
NO_r_WAY 2904.95
4 People, 1 Thing in Common
babymonkee 2,3554.81
4-to-1 Blitz: History
BookishGirl98 14,1084.80
Trivia Maze: US Presidents
borogove 3,6934.56
Criteria Quiz: Historical Figures
Bratista 3025.00
Clickable Begins and Ends: World Leaders
SidharthSN 4344.87
House of Representatives Seat Changes (2020 Census)
jelroy 1775.00
Art by Speech Parts
IrishIguana 2424.95
1789: Heads of States & Heads of Government
LisaSimpsonOH 1,2415.00
Find the Mt. Rushmore Presidents FAST!
MSUKent 1855.00
Famous Czechs
Tasi 8054.86
Pick 5 in 15: U.S. First Ladies
MSUKent 2094.91
4x4 Grid Match: History
Slinenfest 1,1914.76
Not Only... But Also: US Presidents
knightlancer 1195.00
Get the Picture: Commonwealth Prime Ministers by Flag
jimbaz 3675.00
Quick Pick: Queen Elizabeth II Prime Ministers
jimbaz 9874.71
Pick 6: Vice Presidents
jackaronson23 3,4984.48
Star Wars Day Historical Events
map27 7745.00
Year of April 19 Events
theobashau 1665.00
Fun Fact Missing Two Countries X
NO_r_WAY 2654.93
Amazing Archaeology!
IndiaTheBest 825.00
Quick Pick: Accidental Inventions
Pigeonface 1085.00
Who Am I? Famous People XXII
DIEGO1000 9,5484.72
Royal Family in Movies and TV: House of Windsor
LisaSimpsonOH 795.00
Spring Scenes - Famous Paintings
hazelnuts 1,2295.00
Pick 5 in 15: U.S. Vice Presidents
MSUKent 994.94
Group Clicking: History
Barbecue 17,5074.93
Biographics: Joan of Arc
rajachola 1,0594.92
Early Works of Painters
lehks 1,0294.90
Edgar Degas: Multiple Choice Profile
finallymadeanacc 6425.00
US Presidents Through Lots Of Translation
RDJ_FAN 1194.93

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