Quizzes to Consider: History

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
World Leaders II 7-to-1
samc67 2,9104.83
'You Predicted What? Oops!'
NO_r_WAY 2,0604.89
Premature Obituaries
El_Dandy 3674.96
Anyone but Donald Trump
lolshortee 2,2624.88
History Sudoku: Recent US Presidents
big8dog88 9674.83
States by Historical Photo
chevand 1,9044.70
Major Events Timeline
sjp05c 248,8652.12
Modern Countries of the Kingdom of Aksum
NO_r_WAY 2155.00
27 Amendments
downwithmike 43,3783.22
Which State Did it Happen In? (Map Click)
Hejman 2744.94
Russians by Haiku
Stegglosaur 2915.00
Were they President? (Slideshow)
petenge 3,2794.58
Premature Obituaries II
El_Dandy 1115.00
Quick Pick: 1900s US Presidents
BanjoZebra 4385.00
Deadliest Countries in 2016
gazzso 815.00
Countries by Strange War
NO_r_WAY 3,2484.63
World War One People by Bio
PLH 2,0354.64
Presidential Campaign Slogans Picture Click
chaosBEE 1605.00
On Each Day of May
eon 984.93
Country by Longtime Democratically elect Leader
NO_r_WAY 1434.93
United Kingdom 1901-2000 (1)
Cortez 1645.00
Modern Countries of the Timurid Empire
NO_r_WAY 1704.88
Timeline of 20th Century Wars
arcer 2,8124.48
'We Didn't Start the Fire' Images 5
sproutcm 4,2794.68
Modern Countries of the Transcaucasian Republic
NO_r_WAY 1604.82
Countries by Strange War II
NO_r_WAY 2754.80
Famous UK Postage Stamp Figures
Rackie 1,0044.89
Quick Pick: Famous Brits (B)
Flick 1424.81
The Mandela Effect
NO_r_WAY 1704.72
April Fools' Days of Yore?
christopherjulia 7344.46
Trump's Cabinet
MTwhiz 764.91
Battle Match
Flick 845.00
Quick Pick: Famous Brits (A)
Flick 2064.76
'We Didn't Start the Fire' Images 4
sproutcm 4,0824.54
Quick Pick: Famous Brits (G)
Flick 1184.90
On Each Day of April
eon 1,5694.68
World Leaders: Multiple Choice
Thebiguglyalien 2,2774.77
Who Tweeted Whom: History
Thebiguglyalien 3,4724.27
British Royal Palaces: Official Residences
LisaSimpsonOH 605.00
❤️Quick 2006 Quiz
KidgiB 864.90
World Leaders: Multiple Choice III
Thebiguglyalien 1494.89
United Kingdom 1801-1900 (1)
Cortez 485.00
US Presidential Elections Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 9994.60
Invasions of England
Cortez 395.00
UK Election Slideshow
TheCleverone 325.00
Top 10 of the Top 100 Britons
HappyWife 1025.00
Quick Pick: Famous Brits (F)
Flick 1084.89
UK political party leaders 2017 (picture click)
ZYX 835.00
Quick Pick: Famous Egyptians
Flick 665.00
17th or 18th Century
kfastic 2,6734.68