Entertainment Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Silhouettes: Hanna-Barbera Characters
Perspektive 6,2964.84
Group Clicking: Cartoons
Barbecue 11,6314.85
Find Five: Entertainment Things
eyes355 3,4434.95
Negative Actor Blitz
RDJ_FAN 4,9944.76
Tournament of Musicals
KingPhoebus 2,6994.91
Get the Picture: Snoopy or Woodstock?
hazelnuts 2,0544.91
On Screen Teachers
CaiustheTall 3,1944.81
Famous Quotes About Cats
checarina 1,8504.93
Match the Missing Words V
MSUKent 2,1824.93
Musical Marquee Mix-up
Chenchilla 2,0674.84
Famous Britons by First 3 Letters
Slinenfest 3,5764.77
On-screen pubs
CaiustheTall 3,1204.56
TV & Movie Buddies By Image
TimtheImpaler 2,9114.70
Avengers in Japanese Style
vrh28 6674.88
Alphabetical Grid - Entertainment
RobFitz 3,7284.78
Famous LGBTQ People in Comic Books
shorlin 4105.00
Negative Actress Blitz
RDJ_FAN 3175.00
The Bee Quiz
DesertSpartan 2625.00
Missing Word in Movies: DC Comics
mucciniale 7164.81
Get The Picture: Cartoon Cats
khake43 3244.93
Match the Images: Celebrities & Parents
MSUKent 2335.00
6 to 1: Famous Canadians
harleydog 2184.96
Musicals by Numbers
knightlancer 1695.00
Before They Were Bald
MSUKent 1564.96
Broadway Pride Shows
vinipereira 1,0564.93
Celebrities with Indigenous Ancestry
t_rev19 2,2424.73
Missing Word: Marvel Characters By Image
I-Am-Batman 1565.00
E-G-O-T Winners
IrishIguana 2574.95
100 Marvel Funko Pops
ddd62291 1915.00
Negative Actor Blitz II
RDJ_FAN 5845.00
Trivia Triangles: Shared Surnames
bhenderson79 11,6094.73
Missing Word: Hollywood Walk of Fame
jackaronson23 5884.78
Hulks on the Big Screen
scole9179 2265.00
Superheroes: Alliterative or Not?
BorezU 1,9044.83
Musical Sorting Gallery: Pride
lruss108 4425.00
Musical Couples
ElphabaElsa 1,0005.00
One Gets the Lot: Broadway
Hejman 1755.00
Negative Actor Blitz IV
RDJ_FAN 4384.88
Growing Grid: Marvel Superheroes
timschurz 2,5594.65
Comedians by Fictional Portrayal
aglick 1,7454.97
Spandau or Regular Ballet?
I-Am-Batman 1465.00
Cartoon Characters Close-Up
ylime102 2,5424.61
AI Generated MCU Celebrities
RDJ_FAN 1275.00
Missing Word: DC Characters By Image
I-Am-Batman 1275.00
Star Wars Musical Parodies
I-Am-Batman 1,5294.94
pdigoe 1,7684.89
Comic Book Double Duty
pdigoe 1095.00
Hamilton by the Lyrics
jackaronson23 3814.80
Vowel-less Secret Identities
I-Am-Batman 2,2674.55
Find the 'M' Comic Characters III
BorezU 1635.00

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