Entertainment Quizzes

A list of quizzes with a nice little balance of ratings and plays.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
puckett86 243,2954.44
16 Little Superhero Pictograms
bhenderson79 5,7254.72
How Do You Do the Time Warp?
El_Dandy 1,5554.81
Ruined By A Letter: Musicals
samc67 3294.94
9 Fictional German characters
Pilgab 1,4224.82
Musicals: Odd Song Out II
samc67 3484.93
Musicals: Odd Song Out III
samc67 2564.96
Missing Word: Anagrammed Actor Pairs
bhenderson79 5924.97
Wild Jokers
pdigoe 1375.00
Name 100 KPOP Idol by picture
lizquen423 8625.00
Musicals: Odd Song Out IV
samc67 2244.88
Through the Kaleidoscope: Superhero Logos
kfastic 2205.00
Find the Cartoon Rodents
kfastic 6794.80
Hidden Initials--TV/Movie Crossover Actors
filmstudy 8504.88
Monty Python's Missing Food and Drinks Picture Click
timmylemoine1 1294.94
Superhero Tattoos
El_Dandy 1165.00
Who's That With Jimmy Kimmel?
qlh27 3884.86
Celebrity Vegetarians/Vegans
CGMFan1 785.00
Superheroes by Hoodie
alinrotundu 675.00
Same Actor/Character on Stage and Film
Cutthroat 1695.00
Paint by Letter: Donald Duck
goc3 3644.82
Find the Cartoon Mice
kfastic 2,1924.84
Anime Titles Real Or Not
babymonkee 5005.00
💬 Justice League International
rockgolf 1255.00
Single Letter Surnames
El_Dandy 1095.00
Monty Python's Missing Fauna Picture Click, Part 2
timmylemoine1 1224.85
Disney Theme Park Characters
gingerlover 925.00
Microsoft paint anime!
cmoreslade68 3204.80
Who's the Maknae?
lizquen423 1,1784.80
Walt Disney Quotes
geronimostilton 1525.00
Batman Family Tree
Darzlat 2635.00
Disney Friends Disney Pins (picture click blitz)
gingerlover 1255.00
9 Fictional African characters
Pilgab 2024.88
Mega Multi-Category Blitz: Star Wars
stevenmiller61 915.00
Badly drawn anime 2
cmoreslade68 3584.86
Click the Fictional Elders
Chenchilla 745.00
Actors by Polaroid Photos
Nietos 1524.71
Animation by Paper Doll
hatefulmissy 575.00
9 Fictional Australian characters
Pilgab 4944.75
To the Moon and Back
pdigoe 654.89
Paint by Letter: Fred Flintstone
goc3 4134.68
Find the Cartoon Kids III
kfastic 2,9864.68
'The' Entertainer II
BanjoZebra 9164.80
Abbrev. Titles (E, G, O, T Winners)
jyrops 1634.88
Marvel vs DC - Copycat Characters(map)
ahmadziyad1994 1675.00
Kpop Debut Song
Starlight_Byul 4025.00
Captain Kirk
CGMFan1 305.00
The 3rd thing you need to know: Trios
MrWhiplash 1295.00
Looney Tunes Justice League
gingerlover 1,8484.84
Jack Attack
pdigoe 1044.68