Editor Picks: Sports

Quiz picks made by teedslaststand
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Apr 25th
100 EPL Goalscorers Picture Click
babymonkee 1,323
Apr 24th
NHL Playoff 20 points in one playoff
Otnorot 3,384
Apr 23rd
Summer Olympic Podium Sweeps
petenge 922
Apr 22nd
Rugby Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 2,385
Apr 21st
100 Years, 100 MLB Stars (Photos)
El_Dandy 8,298
Apr 20th
Losing #1 Men's Seeds and their Opponents - US Open
JayLew25 945
Apr 19th
Football As Football (Italian)
jr637 3,147
Apr 18th
Soccer Cities Scribble Scrabble
gazzso 4,188
Apr 17th
Which Logo is NFL? (Minefield)
lolshortee 15,708
Apr 16th
Sports 'C' Blitz
darth_shrimper 1,624
Apr 15th
NBA Top 10s (2016-17)
TheBestDRose 17,786
Apr 14th
Baseball Nicknames
sanders590 2,844
Apr 13th
NHL Playoffs Hattrick 2000's
justin0838 1,345
Apr 12th
Four-Set Venn Diagram--Sports
WhyAmIDoingThis 3,384
Apr 11th
Top English, Scottish and Welsh Premier League Scorers
Southernhammer 5,504
Apr 10th
2017 AL Opening Day Lineups
tk925 3,866
Apr 9th
Click the Masters Winners (Golf)
Hullabaloo 4,173
Apr 8th
Build Spain with la Liga Football Teams
bortoluka 5,979
Apr 6th
Footballers in Movie Titles
eltonunited 5,249
Apr 5th
Find the Pattern: Big 4 Sports Teams
thementaloog 3,416
Apr 4th
The Undertaker's 20 Greatest Rivals
nscox 10,913
Apr 3rd
The Only One: NCAA Men's Champs
Propellerhead 3,268
Apr 2nd
Modern-Day Baseball Players
wyattz 4,223
Apr 1st
Big 4 Athletes Born in Antarctica
SharkHead33 5,005
Apr 1st
March Madness: 30 years of Final Four
kfastic 2,759
Mar 31st
NHL Seasons with 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, and 20 Goals
hkthom 4,676
Mar 29th
Portrait of an Athlete: Babe Ruth
bhenderson79 4,387
Mar 28th
Premier League: last five managers by team
czb2388 33,560
Mar 26th
2017 Formula 1 Teams by Car
lfrench30 1,559
Mar 25th
March Sadness: Sad Players, Fans, & Coaches
LisaSimpsonOH 3,246
Mar 24th
NCAA Tourey Appearances Without a Win
El_Dandy 4,271
Mar 23rd
Criteria Athletes Picture Quiz
hockeystix3 2,100
Mar 22nd
10 to 1: Hockey
senordingdong 6,685
Mar 21st
Premier League: Top 5 Finishes Minefield
pitchorneirda 26,196
Mar 20th
The Wide World of Simpsons Sports
Pushcake 4,923
Mar 19th
Highest Test Wicket Takers
dolby 4,655
Mar 18th
7 to 1 2017 March Madness
DesertSpartan 8,886
Mar 17th
Real-Life MLB Teams
emilymarie07 4,724
Mar 16th
Sporty, Sporty Oscars
Hejman 1,570
Mar 12th
Michael Schumacher teammates
Pastor_Maldonado 1,315
Mar 11th
MLB Nickname Picture Click
pdigoe 4,605
Mar 10th
Pixel Art - NFL Team #1
goc3 8,771
Mar 9th
ATP Top 5 Players 1990-2016 with No Grand Slam
NankerPhelge62 2,370
Mar 8th
Click a Female Athlete of the Year
Noldeh 2,704
Mar 7th
National teams with no UEFA Euro appearances
alinrotundu 6,745
Mar 6th
Big 4 5-Letter Teams Match-Up
teddy109768 4,314
Mar 5th
Big 4 Former Canadian Teams Nicknames
Donaldsons 2,810
Mar 3rd
Seattle Seahawks Logo Paint
Cutthroat 3,094
Feb 27th
NHL Players Who Won Conn Smythe & Hart Trophy
scole9179 7,309
Feb 26th
Test Cricket Runs by Year (Australia)
Poos 3,854