Editor Picks: Religion

Quiz picks made by NJSB
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Jan 21st
Gregorian Chant: Sanctus
knope2012 52
Jan 17th
Christianity, Islam, or Judaism?
mg10 1,061
Jan 13th
Which Religion?
alinrotundu 1,167
Jan 10th
Greek Mythology 7-to-1
samc67 5,332
Jan 8th
Artistic Epiphany
PrincessMartell 266
Jan 5th
Books on Religion: The Subtitles
MoMosMoProblems 5,772
Jan 3rd
Ten Letter Religion A-Z
Flick 452
Dec 31st
Biblical New Year's Resolutions
scole9179 2,088
Dec 28th
Trivia Coloring: Major Abrahamic Religions
timmylemoine1 3,589
Dec 24th
Jigsaw Puzzle Crossword: Religion
gazzso 1,434
Dec 22nd
Advent Candles Blitz
jr637 2,222
Dec 21st
The 9 Worlds of Norse Mythology (Picture Click)
Cutthroat 1,476
Dec 18th
Religion Speed-Picking
BillyJoelRulez 14,829
Dec 14th
Santons of Provence
PrincessMartell 196
Dec 11th
Sikhism Multiple Choice
eon 481
Dec 9th
'C' Religion Quiz
triviahappy 2,021
Dec 6th
Bible: Inverse Elimination Safecracker
milc 650
Dec 1st
Bible Study: 20 Questions on Exodus
beforever 714
Nov 27th
Egyptian Mythology Map
alinrotundu 444
Nov 18th
Greek, Roman, Norse, or Egyptian God?
El_Dandy 1,706
Nov 15th
What Did I Type? (Bible Books)
chaosBEE 618
Nov 11th
Cryptogram Map - Gods and Goddesses
caramba 836
Nov 6th
Country by Church building or Cathedral
NO_r_WAY 1,053
Nov 4th
Three-Word Bible Phrases
Qaqaq 1,179
Nov 1st
All Saints' Day
PrincessMartell 589
Oct 28th
Unique Starting Letter Popes
sproutcm 758
Oct 24th
Sistine Chapel Genesis Art
chaosBEE 1,539
Oct 20th
New Testament Venn Diagram
awesomeness365 3,655
Oct 17th
Savior Crossword
goc3 1,923
Oct 14th
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion
teedslaststand 5,393
Oct 12th
Bible Decisions: Genesis
HappyWife 2,107
Oct 9th
Portrait of a Deity: Odin
bhenderson79 1,786
Sep 26th
Nine Letter Religion A-Z
Flick 1,456
Sep 17th
Multiple Choice: Deity Doings
Flick 1,992
Sep 13th
Earn an 'A' in Religion (Clickable)
DesertSpartan 3,660
Sep 8th
Greek Mythology Map
alinrotundu 2,828
Aug 31st
Common Bible Words A-Z
Flick 1,477
Aug 28th
Missing Letter: Biblical Names
samc67 3,211
Aug 22nd
Clickable Religion with Decoys
samc67 2,242
Aug 18th
Bible 'F' Blitz
nspyred 1,415
Aug 13th
'JO-' Bible Books
VeritasUnae 2,747
Aug 8th
'Is Obama a Muslim?'
Tr4pD00r 2,726
Aug 4th
Popular Prophets!
Bolafssonify 1,683
Jul 28th
Countries with Most Catholics on a Map
citkeane 6,176
Jul 24th
A mythological Story: Psyche
PrincessMartell 868
Jul 17th
Paintings of Jesus Christ
kfastic 1,628
Jul 12th
Bible Passage by Necktie (Picture click)
hatefulmissy 1,775
Jul 6th
Influential European Religious Leaders
LisaSimpsonOH 778
Jun 30th
A mythological Story: Ariadne
PrincessMartell 800
Jun 20th
Buddhist Countries of Asia (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 5,493