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Mar 24th
50 Albums to Click: 1971
caramba 609
Mar 23rd
One Word Grammy Record of the Year Winners
El_Dandy 449
Mar 22nd
Mashups 4
Quiztopia 439
Mar 22nd
Music Artist By Painting III
babymonkee 691
Mar 21st
1980s #1 Songs per Letter
phil_quiz 706
Mar 20th
7 to 1 Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time
DesertSpartan 2,255
Mar 19th
Lyrics to 'Somebody that I used to know' by Gotye
JaredThater 4,300
Mar 18th
12 to 1 songs by British artists
ceciliacarlid 2,438
Mar 17th
Every U2 Song by ANY Word
MSUKent 4,065
Mar 16th
According to Elvis Songs
lolshortee 739
Mar 15th
90's Female Singers 1 (Clickable)
cadilks 2,482
Mar 14th
Follow That Lyric: '90s Britpop
yvgeny 1,117
Mar 12th
ABCD in music
Quizmaster91 1,026
Mar 11th
Odd One Out: Mismatched Beatles Tracks
WillieG 867
Mar 10th
1980's Billboard #1 Singles Artists & Bands by Photo
TriviaGuy3 1,433
Mar 9th
Which 1960s Song? (Multiple Choice Clip Quiz)
hockeystix3 1,789
Mar 8th
Top Billboard Song-1980's-90's
DrCbus 1,230
Mar 7th
Which Beatles Member?
alinrotundu 2,223
Mar 6th
Eurovision Song Contest: Winning Song by Year & Country
Evreka 460
Mar 5th
Music by Volume
rockgolf 1,315
Mar 4th
8 to 1: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees
metakoopa99 2,184
Mar 3rd
Multiple Choice: Classical Odd One Out
NJSB 1,355
Mar 1st
Unique Words in Number One Hits
jmsr525 1,708
Feb 28th
Top 3: Pick the Year II
RobPro 2,918
Feb 27th
Quick Pick: What They Can't
nopurplesky 1,930
Feb 26th
Musical Artist Sorting Blitz: Rock, Country, Pop
PznxHam 6,981
Feb 25th
7 to 1: The Beatles Albums
metakoopa99 1,927
Feb 24th
Grammy 'Album of Year' Artists by Decade
teedslaststand 1,346
Feb 23rd
Biggest Rock Hits by Year (clips)
miserlou22 1,002
Feb 22nd
'Runaway Train' Lyrics
Rat_Salad 811
Feb 22nd
Tracks on the Back: 70's Rock Albums
bhenderson79 2,177
Feb 21st
'Lay Lady Lay' Lyrics
Hullabaloo 1,019
Feb 19th
Song by Music Video: Gloria Estefan
HappyWife 162
Feb 18th
Lyrics: Take It To the Limit (Eagles)
DesertSpartan 2,853
Feb 18th
Quick Pick: Petula Clark Songs
hatefulmissy 683
Feb 17th
Finish The Lyrics: Madonna
babymonkee 1,419
Feb 16th
Singers and Songwriters
JoeBeta 1,268
Feb 15th
1960s Songs Last Word
Dano 1,348
Feb 14th
Name That Love Song
spotoneout 2,253
Feb 13th
💔💔 40 Heartbreak Songs 💔💔
rockgolf 1,178
Feb 12th
Prince, Michael, Madonna or Lionel? (Clickable)
MrChewypoo 5,036
Feb 11th
Song Title Successors: 'My'
rer2121 2,019
Feb 10th
Lady Gaga Super Bowl LI Setlist
petenge 871
Feb 9th
Album Map: To Pimp A Butterfly
NarwhalNukeYT 1,652
Feb 8th
Lyric Map: Mother and Child Reunion
Propellerhead 826
Feb 6th
Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins?
rockfan229 1,155
Feb 5th
Quick Pick: Real Composers
freesquirrel 1,783
Feb 4th
100 Years of Musicians
kfastic 7,208
Feb 3rd
album by first 3 songs II
chief7575 2,935
Feb 2nd
Going Solo (clips)
miserlou22 856