Music Quizzes

Quiz picks made by DesertSpartan
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Sep 20th
Musicians Upside Down II
qlh27 775
Sep 19th
10 to 1: Michael Jackson
marcustullius 1,612
Sep 18th
Rock n Roll Never Forgets
mickeypost 1,811
Sep 17th
Classical Composers by Country (Picture Click)
LuinLindel 668
Sep 16th
Lyrics: 'Do It Again' by Steely Dan
knope2012 664
Sep 15th
Dream Songs
JoeBeta 1,406
Sep 14th
Hidden Initials--Musicians II
filmstudy 1,096
Sep 13th
Like A Rolling Stone (clicky-oke)
manonthemoon 4,804
Sep 12th
Space Songs (clips)
thomasdim95 957
Sep 11th
'King of the Road' (Clickey-oke)
Magnavox 941
Sep 10th
10 to 1: Songs of 1969
CCCP 1,754
Sep 9th
2000's Bands Lead Singers
kazmega 1,888
Sep 8th
Their Final US Top 40 Hit Was In The '80s
digger01 987
Sep 7th
One-Word Album Titles by Image IV
Propellerhead 1,130
Sep 6th
Pick the R.E.M. Top 100 Hits
dlh1231 1,416
Sep 5th
Grammy Award Multiple Choice 1980's
dianne727 818
Sep 4th
Lyrics: Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Yacht 1,482
Sep 3rd
Quick Pick: Steely Dan Songs
Qaqaq 1,304
Sep 3rd
Song Title- Black or White?
zdybelt 998
Sep 2nd
◖⚡◗ Broken Records / LPs 75-79
rockgolf 667
Sep 1st
#1 Songs of 2008
ipitydafoo 1,980
Aug 30th
Album Blitz: Billy Joel or Elton John?
mister_pianoman 1,478
Aug 29th
Rock Songs by Main Character
DarkPhalanx 3,795
Aug 28th
4-word Album Title Matchup
jvwald 1,750
Aug 27th
'Lola' Lyrics
sproutcm 6,613
Aug 26th
Dylan or Cohen?
hatefulmissy 743
Aug 25th
Quick Pick: Mozart Operas
PrincessMartell 732
Aug 23rd
50 Hit Artists to Click: 2007
caramba 1,840
Aug 22nd
3-Word: Elvis Costello (Clickable)
barnacle_bill 646
Aug 21st
'i'-Tunes (not what you think)
rockgolf 799
Aug 20th
Baby Names? In Songs
JoeBeta 1,288
Aug 19th
Missing Word: Garth Brooks (A-Z)
TheInfam0usThey 903
Aug 18th
Musician By Instrument 7-to-1
samc67 19,504
Aug 17th
Find the Missing Kpop Boy Group Member
Numbuh9494 11,372
Aug 16th
Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger
treessimontrees 3,360
Aug 15th
'Five Years' Lyrics
metakoopa99 884
Aug 14th
Two-Word Album Titles by Image III
Propellerhead 2,003
Aug 13th
Ramones or Alice Cooper?
filmstudy 1,903
Aug 12th
'70s Band Names
MRL 4,073
Aug 11th
Figure Out the Lyrics (Carrie Underwood)
acat42 1,520
Aug 10th
Depeche Mode Quiz
Burnley_Bloke 733
Aug 8th
Hairband Hits: '83-'93
CLCRev 1,852
Aug 7th
Most Top Ten Singles From One Album
Queen24 1,341
Aug 6th
Complete the Album Title... With a Picture
Noldeh 10,348
Aug 5th
🎤10 to 1: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame🎤
senordingdong 5,080
Aug 4th
Quick Pick: 'Saint' Songs
DesertSpartan 980
Aug 4th
Steely Dan: Aja (Clips)
phil_quiz 418
Aug 3rd
Grammy Winning Songs by Decade
khands 1,500
Aug 2nd
Band Member Solo Hits (Clickable)
DaBahRain 1,555
Aug 1st
The Beach Boys: First Lines (Clickable)
CCCP 1,002