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Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
May 11th
Quick Pick: Paul Simon Songs
barnacle_bill 1,137
May 10th
Band or Solo Artist
NO_r_WAY 2,477
May 9th
Objective Songs
jackaronson23 976
May 8th
Cubes: Music
jrage2009 780
May 7th
Taylor Swift Album By Song
SidharthSN 1,417
May 6th
Same Name as a Musician
BorezU 1,462
May 5th
Composers by Age
Pilgab 2,657
May 4th
Star Wars References in Rap Lyrics
AlmightyBob 868
May 3rd
Missing Word Crossword: Beatles Songs
BookishGirl98 13,923
May 2nd
1990s Album by Cover
Flick 1,478
May 1st
10 to 1: Reggae
Bratista 1,143
Apr 30th
Spell-It-Out Bands
cwfuturewrestler 992
Apr 29th
Lyric Trios: Disney & Pixar Songs 2
LisaSimpsonOH 1,318
Apr 28th
10 to 1: Songs produced by
duckworth 451
Apr 27th
Guess 'Em in Fewer Words: Music
MSUKent 1,751
Apr 26th
This Week in Billboard #1 History - Week 17 (clips)
sbme 1,169
Apr 25th
Songs in F-sharp Major (clips)
SultanBruno 724
Apr 24th
Picture Click: Singing Women ♫
MuriPuri 3,903
Apr 23rd
Word Ladder: Songs About Jane
Quintanarama 771
Apr 21st
BTS Typing Quiz
Squidd 13,402
Apr 20th
5-Star 2010s Alternative Music Matching
phil_quiz 693
Apr 19th
Quick Pick: 'Anthem' Songs
mister_pianoman 1,312
Apr 18th
100 'S' Word Albums
olivia16 603
Apr 17th
Musical Instruments
CadillacElDorito 1,415
Apr 16th
Quick Pick: Adele #1 Hits
ylime102 1,820
Apr 15th
Great Eight: Rappers
johncenafan612 2,204
Apr 14th
Supergroup Sorting Gallery
Tasi 1,925
Apr 13th
Musicians Dos and Don'ts
NO_r_WAY 1,808
Apr 12th
Song Lyrics 7-to-1
Arnott 2,079
Apr 11th
Rihanna by any 3 letters
thebail 504
Apr 10th
Music Clips on a Map 1 - US States & Cities
Patrick_Greylock 1,155
Apr 9th
Get the Picture: Hot Bands
Scimitar_2002 1,459
Apr 8th
Finish the Elvis Lyrics
starwars314159 1,867
Apr 7th
Missing Song Antonyms II
Tom_the_Terrible 2,508
Apr 6th
Pick The Beatles Song
SidharthSN 4,367
Apr 5th
Which Homophone?: Album Titles
JackDots 1,333
Apr 4th
Prove You Aren't a Robot - Music
t_rev19 2,261
Apr 3rd
Trivia Board Blitz: Billboard No. 1 Hits II
samduuude 1,275
Apr 2nd
Indiana Jones Songs
RyanUR 418
Apr 1st
Pick the WRONG word: Song titles III
LL3rd 2,149
Mar 31st
Picture the Music
biggs364 1,659
Mar 30th
Band Names without BAND
GeoEarthling 2,026
Mar 29th
Unique Words in English Kpop Songs
Friklazen_HUN 1,121
Mar 28th
Hidden Questions: Albums
rorriMgnizamA 1,478
Mar 27th
Opera Composers: Speed Picking III
SapphireStage 370
Mar 26th
2010s Hip-Hop Album Collage
StartingMilk55 2,107
Mar 24th
Weezer Album Covers
Rogerisonthehunt 1,472
Mar 23rd
Beyoncé or Destiny's Child
pdigoe 1,650
Mar 22nd
Symphony Composers
jdg1998 353
Mar 21st
Which Version? - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
justindi01 909

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