Music Quizzes

Quiz picks made by DesertSpartan
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Mar 24th
😈 Bohemian Rhapsody: Multiple-Choicey-Oke
otcpsychedelics 103
Mar 23rd
Musicians: Real Name or Stage Name?
wildebeest 999
Mar 22nd
Musicians' Signatures
alinrotundu 4,468
Mar 21st
Top 150 Albums by Women
Zipcity 979
Mar 20th
4:44 Tracks
Derek 467
Mar 19th
Musicians as Saints
Tom_the_Terrible 1,368
Mar 18th
Band Members: Who Died First?
LTH 2,404
Mar 16th
Lyrics - Mull of Kintyre
eyes355 518
Mar 16th
Billboard No.1 Songs: A Word Too Many (2010s)
gazzso 2,716
Mar 15th
Top 150 Songs of the Seventies
rockgolf 8,133
Mar 14th
Operas or Girls' Names?
nabean 1,059
Mar 13th
Mystery Song from 1972
chriskotx 1,558
Mar 12th
Ranker's 25 Greatest Guitarists
kcurse 2,338
Mar 11th
Lyrics to Classic Country Songs
QuizKnight 1,192
Mar 10th
#1 Albums of 1978 (clips)
TimMierz 943
Mar 9th
Whose Song Is This? (KPOP)
ThePurpleMess 2,896
Mar 8th
Songs That are Metal Even if not Heavy Metal
DesertSpartan 2,265
Mar 7th
Dancing Queen Clicky-Oke
Sdasm 1,345
Mar 6th
Song Prequels
Exodiafinder687 1,776
Mar 5th
Quick Pick: 1990s Top 10 'T' Artists
caramba 2,415
Mar 4th
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'H'
kfastic 10,809
Mar 3rd
Which Twist Song?
WillieG 585
Mar 2nd
Verbs in # 1 Songs
JoeBeta 2,661
Mar 1st
Lyrics for Every Letter: Mystery Album #8
El_Dandy 2,511
Feb 28th
Songs With the Color 'White' in the Title
jasonheavner2010 2,248
Feb 27th
8 to 1: Bananarama, The Bangles, and The Go-Go's
hatefulmissy 4,967
Feb 26th
Complete the '70s Song... With a Picture
Noldeh 6,527
Feb 24th
Songs with a twist in the tale
MoMosMoProblems 2,267
Feb 23rd
90's Band Quiz
Giorno 3,362
Feb 22nd
Rolling Stones Songs from their Lyrics
planetmutty 1,105
Feb 21st
Broadway Musicals 10-To-1 Shooting Gallery
DIEGO1000 4,101
Feb 20th
Same Song, Different Singers
BigAl1994 2,528
Feb 18th
Non-standard Classic Rock Instruments
bobinwilder1 1,516
Feb 18th
🎼 'Uptown Funk': Line by line
rockgolf 1,967
Feb 17th
Create a Supergroup
nscox 3,162
Feb 16th
Who sings first in these K-Pop songs?
xxxjennypark94 1,813
Feb 15th
Three Dog Night's Top 15 Hits
jmsr525 772
Feb 14th
My Funny Valentine lyrics
NJSB 1,441
Feb 14th
100 Greatest Love Songs
leviper 2,480
Feb 13th
Click Over The Rainbow II
samc67 2,471
Feb 12th
Rivers in Song Lyrics
JoeBeta 1,678
Feb 11th
6 in Song Titles (Multiple Choice)
DesertSpartan 2,389
Feb 11th
'M' Albums by 3 Singles
ghcgh 1,644
Feb 10th
Opera Haiku
kmeister16 714
Feb 9th
Famous Albums: Before & After
manonthemoon 2,286
Feb 8th
Songs That Mention Other Musicians 2
sultanofswing 2,211
Feb 7th
Repeated Lyrics 1 (Clips)
Quiztopia 1,730
Feb 6th
George Strait: Matching
TheInfam0usThey 1,289
Feb 5th
The Curious Case of Creedence Clearwater Revival
JakeGK 1,152
Feb 4th
50 Folk Acts (1950's-1980's)
Metternich42 1,030