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Quiz picks made by DesertSpartan
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Jan 19th
Multiple Choice: The Doors Songs
kenneycan 446
Jan 18th
1980's Songs With Dance in the Title
DesertSpartan 2,205
Jan 17th
Bands: First Names, First Words
MSUKent 2,350
Jan 16th
Chart-Topping Time Machine
g_norm 694
Jan 15th
The Cranberries - Linger Lyrics
bearfoot21 1,144
Jan 15th
John in Song Lyrics
JoeBeta 1,559
Jan 14th
Songs by foreign lyrics
MoMosMoProblems 1,068
Jan 13th
One-Word Album Titles by Image III
Propellerhead 1,226
Jan 12th
😐 NOT-so-Greatest Hits (A & B acts)
rockgolf 1,925
Jan 11th
Quick Pick: Cause of death - Rock stars
knightlancer 3,630
Jan 10th
Madonna or Gwen Stefani?
hjckr 1,151
Jan 9th
Rolling Stone's Greatest Rappers
eon 1,593
Jan 8th
Back to School Songs
jar514 1,650
Jan 7th
The Final Word: Ella Fitzgerald Songs
beforever 343
Jan 6th
State Bands
TheInfam0usThey 1,065
Jan 5th
The Times They Are A-Changin' (clicky-oke)
Cortez 1,309
Jan 4th
Name the Band Line-up
chuffbert 2,232
Jan 3rd
Billboard #1 Hits (2015)
stormyclouds 1,985
Jan 2nd
10 to 1: Songs of 1977
CCCP 2,271
Jan 1st
New Year's Day - Taylor Swift
meggiefolchart 1,266
Dec 31st
Find the Albums!
Rackie 6,062
Dec 30th
10 to 1: Music in 2017
marcustullius 4,380
Dec 29th
What Song Was #1 the Day I Was Born?
hatefulmissy 1,707
Dec 28th
Find That Album! 4 (clips)
Cryptus 1,476
Dec 27th
Figure Out the Lyrics: Motown Edition
KingPhoebus 3,410
Dec 26th
Top 5 Hits: 1977
MSUKent 3,193
Dec 25th
The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping Lyrics
Lenny_Laserdisc 669
Dec 25th
Christmas Songs by Rhyming Lyrics
JackDots 2,509
Dec 24th
Billboard Christmas Numbers Ones
Flick 1,554
Dec 24th
'I'll be Home for Christmas' lyrics
Hobo_Joe 1,616
Dec 23rd
Quick Pick: Hard Rock Title Tracks
TimtheImpaler 3,493
Dec 21st
70's UK music nostalgia
Cortez 2,141
Dec 20th
Taylor Swift: Red or 1989?
megamrbrutal 3,569
Dec 19th
Rock Singers Born in the US
JeluPotter25 1,690
Dec 18th
Dressed in Red (music edition)
ceciliacarlid 1,300
Dec 17th
Women in Song: Match the Lyrics
bruceN 1,612
Dec 16th
Quick Pick: Jazz Standards By Cole Porter
samc67 912
Dec 15th
Parts of the Grand Piano
Pilgab 1,462
Dec 14th
A History Of Albums
Project50Songs 3,344
Dec 13th
Lyrics: 'Sexual Healing' - Marvin Gaye
LAMS_Lyrics 1,470
Dec 12th
'Back' Songs (clips)
thomasdim95 1,691
Dec 11th
Rolling Stones Song Titles
JoeBeta 2,972
Dec 10th
Bass Playing Singers
Tasi 2,199
Dec 9th
3rd Person Beatles
druhutch 992
Dec 8th
Musical Word Ladders
A_O_D 1,063
Dec 7th
Justin Timberlake and Friends
MitchellGoosen 1,876
Dec 6th
All Fall Out Boy Songs By Any Word in the Title
delilah2cute 13,464
Dec 5th
Lyrics: 'Crazy on You' by Heart
arctanproject 1,290
Dec 4th
City Bands
TheInfam0usThey 1,838
Dec 3rd
Paul McCartney & Wings: Band On The Run (Clips)
phil_quiz 567