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Quiz picks made by DesertSpartan
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Jan 20th
Usher #1 Hit or Not?
chris789 2,207
Jan 19th
Tracks on the Back: 80's Pop Albums
bhenderson79 1,350
Jan 18th
Chicks in Hats on Album Covers
hatefulmissy 894
Jan 17th
Bands With Lead Singers Removed
hcd199 1,551
Jan 16th
Missing Word: 1970s Music Acts (A-Z)
jar514 1,415
Jan 16th
Abraham, Martin, and John lyrics
soxfan1 330
Jan 15th
Band By Alternative Song Title
christopherjulia 1,067
Jan 14th
Figure Out The Lyrics: 70's Hit (Given Some Lyrics)
DesertSpartan 3,654
Jan 13th
2 top 5 songs in one year
DrCbus 1,126
Jan 12th
#1 Singles Of 2016
hopalcirace 2,146
Jan 12th
Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan?
Blackhawks65 1,307
Jan 11th
70s By Month By Artist With a Top 5 Hit (Blitz)
jmsr525 2,048
Jan 10th
Don't Fear the Reaper Clicky-oke
skipster73 559
Jan 10th
Which 1970s Song? (Multiple Choice Clip Quiz)
hockeystix3 1,266
Jan 9th
Singers and Bands by Russian Doll
PrincessMartell 1,313
Jan 8th
Missing Word: Usher
Scott 588
Jan 7th
Classic Rock Match
spotoneout 2,324
Jan 7th
Famous Songs, Plus or Minus...
michaeljgarman10 751
Jan 6th
Musicians of Europe
gazzso 808
Jan 5th
Singers and Roman Numerals
Zenithim 285
Jan 5th
'After the Gold Rush' (Neil Young) Lyrics
Hullabaloo 1,090
Jan 4th
Doctor Songs
JoeBeta 824
Jan 3rd
Band or Artist with BIG or LITTLE in Name [Clickable]
otcpsychedelics 1,173
Jan 2nd
Aussies Who Hit #1
ReticentRabbit 1,456
Jan 1st
50 Greatest Progressive Rock Artists
Owengresham 1,162
Dec 31st
Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship or Starship?
barnacle_bill 327
Dec 31st
Portrait of an Artist: Queen
bhenderson79 1,858
Dec 30th
'B' Fine Arts Terms (Music, Dance)
popestcyril 671
Dec 30th
Boss or Ross?
slipkid 680
Dec 29th
Singers Deaths II: 1980-1999
Flick 1,861
Dec 28th
Country Artists With #1 Hits (1990s)
jrg09 3,249
Dec 27th
One-Word 'D' Songs Match-Up
nopurplesky 918
Dec 26th
Lyrics: 'Faith' - George Michael
LAMS_Lyrics 1,989
Dec 26th
Figure out the Lyrics - Christmas Special
BGCollector 1,426
Dec 25th
Figure Out the Lyrics: Christmas Song
LemmingoftheBDA 1,290
Dec 25th
All Artists With a #1 US Hit 1960-2010 (C)
caramba 1,992
Dec 24th
Chanukah Song Celebrities
aisforallison 254
Dec 24th
Lyrics: 'Holiday' by Madonna
arctanproject 997
Dec 23rd
Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood?
Tootsnsuch 855
Dec 23rd
'70s Recording Artists Multiple Choice
KayleePower 1,213
Dec 23rd
Christmas #1s
annegouk 4,591
Dec 22nd
Location Songs
seanpat0 1,083
Dec 22nd
Huge Hits of the '70s 10!
yippeeyappee 2,087
Dec 22nd
Number of the Band
brimtown 1,369
Dec 21st
Ariana Grande Songs by Synonyms
Supernova888 327
Dec 20th
Literal Song Titles
Hiuu 1,222
Dec 19th
Weird Al's Lyrics Challenge
JoeBeta 3,848
Dec 19th
American vs British Musical Notes
geronimostilton 375
Dec 18th
Music Bunker (Multiple Choice)
DesertSpartan 8,880
Dec 18th
Odd One Out: Rock Band Members
JasonVoorhees 1,784