Music Quizzes

Quiz picks made by DesertSpartan
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Aug 17th
Find the Missing Kpop Boy Group Member
Numbuh9494 8,819
Aug 16th
Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger
treessimontrees 850
Aug 15th
'Five Years' Lyrics
metakoopa99 363
Aug 14th
Two-Word Album Titles by Image III
Propellerhead 1,214
Aug 13th
Ramones or Alice Cooper?
filmstudy 993
Aug 12th
'70s Band Names
MRL 3,274
Aug 11th
Figure Out the Lyrics (Carrie Underwood)
acat42 749
Aug 10th
Depeche Mode quiz
Burnley_Bloke 588
Aug 8th
Hairband Hits: '83-'93
CLCRev 1,453
Aug 7th
Most Top Ten Singles From One Album
Queen24 986
Aug 6th
Complete the Album Title... With a Picture
Noldeh 8,967
Aug 5th
🎤10 to 1: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame🎤
senordingdong 4,234
Aug 4th
Quick Pick: 'Saint' Songs
DesertSpartan 877
Aug 4th
Steely Dan: Aja (Clips)
phil_quiz 311
Aug 3rd
Grammy Winning Songs by Decade
khands 1,318
Aug 2nd
Band Member Solo Hits (Clickable)
DaBahRain 1,416
Aug 1st
The Beach Boys: First Lines (Clickable)
CCCP 854
Jul 31st
Figure Out The Lyrics: Early 2000's
amyevg 3,915
Jul 30th
Musicians 7-to-1
samc67 7,797
Jul 29th
Musicians on Canadian Stamps (Picture Click)
NSinOZ 1,080
Jul 28th
The Doors or 3 Doors Down
myitbos 630
Jul 27th
Rock Musicians Sorting Blitz
NarwhalNukeYT 5,186
Jul 26th
Quick Pick: '70s Question Songs
BanjoZebra 3,053
Jul 25th
Kid Rock Songs (Clickable)
cwfuturewrestler 1,800
Jul 23rd
Music Album Pictograms
JackDots 1,614
Jul 22nd
Missing Word: Linkin Park Songs (A-Z)
Rackie 921
Jul 22nd
Artists By Songs
mynameisowen13 1,868
Jul 21st
Traveling Wilburys Resumes
spotoneout 979
Jul 20th
My Favorite Things Lyrics
happybunnyfunny 2,998
Jul 19th
Quick Pick: Opera Titles
joshas87 1,448
Jul 17th
New and Old in Song Titles
JeluPotter25 2,210
Jul 16th
'Rock' Songs (Clips)
thomasdim95 1,385
Jul 15th
Jim Croce Song I
bowsntoys 1,816
Jul 14th
Song Titles In The Rain
JoeBeta 6,532
Jul 13th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Bands
MrWhiplash 3,540
Jul 12th
Bands & Musicians by Song: 'O' and 'Q'
kfastic 4,859
Jul 11th
Alphabetical Songs by Artist
alleyt1989 1,092
Jul 10th
Frequent lyrics of 'Thriller' album
schnautza 865
Jul 10th
Musicians Upside Down
qlh27 4,573
Jul 9th
Top 30 Singles Acts on Billboard Hot 100 -The 1960s
downunder 1,341
Jul 8th
Top 20 Billboard Hits: Paul McCartney
MitchellGoosen 1,185
Jul 7th
Blitz: Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance?
slipkid 12,398
Jul 6th
Lyrics: 'I'm into Something Good' by Herman's Hermits
arctanproject 1,557
Jul 6th
Top 100 Songs of 1965 by ANY Word
MSUKent 5,208
Jul 5th
70s Song Match
flibbidy 3,424
Jul 4th
American Song Artists
JackDots 1,101
Jul 3rd
What Song Was #1 the Day I Was Born? - II
hatefulmissy 1,014
Jul 2nd
1980s Piano Covers
AuroraIllumina 1,535
Jul 1st
🍁 Canadians in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 🎸
phil_quiz 927
Jun 30th
Simon & Garfunkel or Hall & Oates?
midnight_dreary 1,792