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Quiz picks made by FearTheManatee
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
May 19th
Derpy Derpy Disney
Hejman 712
May 18th
Star Wars: How Did They Die?
ChrisP 810
May 17th
Match 'Em Up: Fictional Professors
aquascape 663
May 16th
Imperative Movie Titles
El_Dandy 680
May 15th
Movie Multitaskers Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 1,401
May 14th
katesutton 921
May 13th
Mother Knows Best
Chariot_Choogle 512
May 12th
Mismatched Movies by the Same Director
stevenmiller61 1,223
May 11th
Monty Python: Black Knight (picture click)
Pilgab 1,511
May 11th
Movie Title Royalty Multiple Choice
JackDots 803
May 10th
Horror Movie by Scenery
Nacchi 1,143
May 9th
90's Movie Quotes: Comedy Character Click
Lacedaemon3hats 2,095
Apr 30th
Harry Potter Back to the Camera
minshkins 3,854
Apr 29th
80's Comedy by Three Castmembers
gingerlover 2,314
Apr 28th
Movies of Multiple Oscar Winning Actors
El_Dandy 1,588
Apr 27th
Infinity War Poster
buzzpop7 2,848
Apr 26th
Dead in the MCU Character Map
stevenmiller61 2,465
Apr 25th
This Movie Will Kill You!
Hejman 2,569
Apr 23rd
Painted Drama Movie Posters
WillieG 979
Apr 22nd
Three Amigos' Movies
aglick 407
Apr 21st
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies
Chenchilla 4,669
Apr 20th
Breaking Movie News!
bhenderson79 3,277
Apr 19th
Disney Heroine by First Line
Nacchi 3,614
Apr 18th
9 Fictional Greek characters (Movies)
Pilgab 3,912
Apr 17th
Horses & Humans
babymonkee 897
Apr 16th
Click Five: Characters from Best Picture winners
B_Awesome_87 1,528
Apr 15th
Which 'Jurassic' Movie?
kfastic 1,066
Apr 14th
Wes Anderson by Plot Description
MrWhiplash 2,374
Apr 13th
Fantasy Movies Zoomed In
babymonkee 2,257
Apr 12th
Character, Movie, Mode of Transport Matchup
AdamL 2,414
Apr 11th
21st Century Biopics
T3canolis 769
Apr 10th
Trump Explains Disney/Pixar Heroes
howiedoin843 2,772
Apr 9th
Alliterative names - Oscar winning Directors
sassasa 640
Apr 8th
Movie By Contract
JackDots 1,253
Apr 6th
10 to 1 Movie themes IV
arcer 3,859
Apr 5th
Top 20 Box Office Grossing Movies: Leonardo DiCaprio
gingerlover 1,459
Apr 5th
Movie by Helicopter Scene
chief7575 888
Apr 1st
I Pity the April Fool: Movies
scole9179 1,971
Mar 31st
Who Said It? Fellowship of the Ring
bhenderson79 4,065
Mar 30th
Crazy Movie Titles!
BigAl1994 798
Mar 29th
One-Star Teen Movies
emberly13 6,958
Mar 28th
(Horrifying) Disney Face Swaps
jr637 3,696
Mar 26th
Famous Movies by Typography
gazzso 3,598
Mar 25th
2017 Movie Trailer Quotes
mpoole793 1,001
Mar 24th
What Movie? Actresses' Films by Initials
Larryholmes79 662
Mar 23rd
Who Said It: Hercules or Thor
Thebiguglyalien 1,820
Mar 22nd
Lady Liberty in the Movies
johnnytaken 984
Mar 21st
Scorsese by Plot Description
MrWhiplash 2,565
Mar 20th
Dead in the DCEU Character Map
stevenmiller61 1,661
Mar 19th
A History of Violins III: I'll Be Bach
Sheldon 403

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