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Quiz picks made by FearTheManatee
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Mar 24th
Click A Movie, Initially - Movies Based On TV Shows
B_Awesome_87 1,731
Mar 24th
Sex in Movie Titles
JoeBeta 1,143
Mar 23rd
Backward Best Picture Match-Up
Qaqaq 1,671
Mar 23rd
Movie Characters on Vacation
Caltac 654
Mar 22nd
Which Jennifer Starred in...
midnight_dreary 1,271
Mar 21st
If Movies Had Cell Phones
Hejman 3,252
Mar 20th
Shakespeare Goes to the Oscars
LisaSimpsonOH 1,242
Mar 20th
thequizunq123 1,635
Mar 20th
④+④=🎥 Four Plus Four movies
rockgolf 1,064
Mar 15th
Famous Smiling Scenes
vickybwalker 1,823
Mar 15th
Coen Brothers Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 2,835
Mar 13th
Finish That Disney Insult
JeluPotter25 3,570
Mar 13th
Film by Protest Scene
hatefulmissy 1,305
Mar 10th
Who Wasn't In... 10 (Scorsese)
marsupialis 1,365
Mar 9th
Characters by Mashed-Up Actors
g_norm 1,374
Mar 9th
Click A Movie, Initially - Best Original Screenplay Win
B_Awesome_87 1,498
Mar 9th
Sporcle Categorical Movies
Pushcake 1,416
Mar 3rd
X-Men Series Actors in Other Movies (Slideshow)
El_Dandy 2,817
Mar 2nd
Blue pills or red pills and choices in movies, oh my!
MoMosMoProblems 2,369
Mar 2nd
Bondified Movie Posters
Bondola 2,031
Mar 1st
What Did the Aliens Want?
Qaqaq 1,584
Feb 28th
LEGO-fied Movie Posters
NO_r_WAY 2,374
Feb 27th
2017 Best Acting Nominees
Bolafssonify 1,359
Feb 27th
2016 Oscar Nominee by IMDb Trivia
sjmcclellan618 1,424
Feb 27th
2017 Oscar Nominees A-Z
Bolafssonify 1,483
Feb 25th
Oscars vs. Razzies 2017
Bolafssonify 1,542
Feb 25th
Missing Word: 89th Academy Awards
Tom007 772
Feb 25th
2017 Oscars - Single Nomination
Bolafssonify 639
Feb 24th
2017 Oscars - First Time Acting Nominee
Scott 1,424
Feb 24th
2017 Oscars - Multiple Nominations
Bolafssonify 909
Feb 24th
🎥 2017 Oscar Supercut
rockgolf 560
Feb 23rd
100 Years of Movie Stars
kfastic 7,999
Feb 22nd
Actors found in the Last Supper
arcer 1,799
Feb 22nd
Quick Pick: Star Wars Species
freesquirrel 1,529
Feb 20th
If Movie Characters Were President...
chaosBEE 2,171
Feb 17th
Actor vs Actor's Other Movie Character
jcase1981818 1,792
Feb 16th
Disney/Pixar Scores (Audio Quiz)
smileyrileygrac 1,382
Feb 14th
Romance Movies (A-Z)
awesomeness365 1,619
Feb 10th
Which Batman Said It?
KnightOwl 1,540
Feb 10th
Movie Title by Honest Trailer Quote
joner 3,644
Feb 9th
Unoriginal Movies
chaosBEE 4,157
Feb 8th
Way Too Literal Movie Titles
ar46and2 1,977
Feb 8th
Oscar Leading Actor-Character Trap
tim_parr 2,051
Feb 5th
Sports Movies: The Big Game
g_norm 1,492
Feb 4th
Movies by Cash Needed
DarkPhalanx 876
Feb 4th
Movies: Original vs. Remake
sixte105 1,867
Feb 2nd
g_norm 3,628
Jan 31st
Let's Make the Ghostbusters Logo...with Quotes!
El_Dandy 1,495
Jan 27th
Disney Smashing
Magdulienka 1,070
Jan 26th
Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America? (MCU characters)
2DM4X 985