Movies Quizzes

Quiz picks made by FearTheManatee
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Jan 15th
The Remake Replacements
g_norm 456
Jan 14th
Actor Multiple Time Oscar Competitors
hippoherbie 384
Jan 13th
10 to 1 Movie themes III
arcer 2,411
Jan 12th
Western Shooting Gallery
jar514 829
Jan 11th
Movie by Quote Antonym
chaosBEE 839
Jan 10th
Tom Cruise Movie By Cast
RiverDisc 1,158
Jan 9th
Sliced Sci-Fi Movies
babymonkee 4,502
Dec 25th
Follow That Line: Christmas Movies
starwars314159 2,967
Dec 24th
Click A Movie, Initially - Christmas Movies
B_Awesome_87 6,085
Dec 23rd
Non-Traditional Christmas Movies
gingerlover 1,403
Dec 22nd
Film Families
pleasebecool 1,570
Dec 21st
When Fans & Critics Disagree! (Slideshow)
BigAl1994 1,843
Dec 20th
Disney Chat-Up Lines
CatStarcatcher 5,541
Dec 19th
Fictional Bands and Their Hits
g_norm 812
Dec 18th
Movie Mean Girls (Slideshow)
paultoes 1,492
Dec 17th
🎬 Scattered Pictures: 2012 🎬
rockgolf 1,738
Dec 16th
Wish You Were Here: Cinematic Postcards (Picture Click)
beisaa 1,333
Dec 15th
Star Wars Begins & Ends: Episode VII Dialogue
Pushcake 1,947
Dec 15th
Identify the Star Wars planets II
arcer 1,267
Dec 14th
Star Wars Characters 7 to 1
biggs364 3,680
Dec 14th
Trump Talks About Star Wars
scole9179 2,256
Dec 13th
Horror Movie by Tough Image (Slideshow)
Larryholmes79 1,139
Dec 12th
Best Pictures: Least Syllables
Flick 982
Dec 12th
The Mighty Ducks (picture click)
mallard 1,227
Dec 11th
Middle-Earth/Marvel Comics Match-Up
ddd62291 1,954
Dec 11th
Who's Missing? Movie Edition
LTH 898
Dec 10th
Follow That Line: Mad Max: Fury Road
purplekoala 982
Dec 9th
What if Movie Villains Were Unstoppable?
scole9179 2,055
Dec 8th
Actors with Non-Acting Oscars
codename 1,444
Dec 7th
Meet the Villains - A Supercut
paultoes 710
Dec 6th
Fictional Teams in Film Logos
JackDots 1,346
Dec 5th
Movies by Bodyguards
Pilgab 1,270
Dec 5th
You Know, THAT Movie (Mixed Up Roles)
Hejman 915
Dec 4th
Disney Kids (Slideshow)
cwstewart11 1,140
Dec 3rd
80s Movie by Actress
babymonkee 2,353
Dec 1st
Silent Movies
Propellerhead 566
Nov 30th
10 to 1: Movie Jobs
J_Moriarty 5,561
Nov 29th
A Man Out for Revenge...
zalkon2004 1,865
Nov 28th
🎬 Scattered Pictures: Mega-titles 🎬
rockgolf 1,284
Nov 27th
Hitchcock Actors Match Up
georgieburgess 947
Nov 26th
Triple Picture Click Movies 1
filmstudy 2,335
Nov 25th
Who Tweeted Whom: Horror Movies
Thebiguglyalien 746
Nov 24th
Find the Missing Food and Drinks in Movies, Part 2
timmylemoine1 8,410
Nov 23rd
Follow that Line: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
bobalicious309 616
Nov 23rd
Animated Food
Nacchi 1,430
Nov 21st
The Evolution of Liam Neeson
gingerlover 1,312
Nov 19th
Bill Murray or Chevy Chase
BetterThanKate 1,799
Nov 18th
Movies With Ketchup
babymonkee 1,884
Nov 17th
How good is it? (Movies)
bendo 873
Nov 16th
Who Said It: Batman or LEGO Batman
Thebiguglyalien 1,938