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Mar 25th
Adam Sandler Razzie Nominations
mofetajerve 43
Mar 24th
Blitz: Name a Best Picture Nom Directed By...
DarkPhalanx 403
Mar 24th
Extended Knowledge: DreamWorks
mrzurkelman 599
Mar 23rd
Love Is In The Air: Couples in the Movies
dancinginhistory 623
Mar 23rd
Missing Word: Pixar Scenes
matthijsbp 1,095
Mar 22nd
80's Movies That Don't Hold Up
MrChewypoo 2,800
Mar 22nd
Disney Animated Movies By Any 3 Letters
mikypiky 621
Mar 21st
Who are they? 10
ZYX 1,241
Mar 21st
2010 Movie by Tagline
Rigborg 940
Mar 20th
Movie Titles: Plants, Trees and Flowers
DIEGO1000 1,219
Mar 20th
Springtime Movie Scenes (Quiz 1 of 2)
NSinOZ 1,659
Mar 19th
World Capitals in Movie Titles
teggers 961
Mar 18th
Actors and Their Younger Selves
Zipcity 1,505
Mar 18th
The Marilyn Monroe Quiz
oliver1201 295
Mar 17th
'American' Movies by Plot Description
babymonkee 2,444
Mar 17th
25 Movie Quotes from 1994
TallJord007 1,175
Mar 16th
'C' Director (Picture Quiz)
Flick 729
Mar 16th
Click Their Only Oscar Nomination: Actors
DarkPhalanx 817
Mar 15th
Profile: The Godfather
WalshyMusic 987
Mar 15th
Movie Pope Names
Pilgab 651
Mar 14th
Missing in the Middle: Movies
jcpro22 1,354
Mar 14th
Highest Grossing Revenge Movies
Aaron34Heron 1,534
Mar 13th
De Niro or DiCaprio
timschurz 2,081
Mar 12th
Steve Martin by IMDB Description
gingerlover 1,006
Mar 12th
The Last: Movies
knightlancer 2,648
Mar 11th
Studio Ghibli or Not?
MrSaturn64 645
Mar 11th
Ten Word Hints for Ten Letter Films
DarkPhalanx 4,820
Mar 10th
Click the Missing Word - Comedy Movies 2010's
cwoods80 1,252
Mar 10th
Curly Hair in Movies
alinrotundu 1,457
Mar 9th
Missing Word: 2009 Movies (A-Z)
WalshyMusic 3,689
Mar 9th
Complete the Drama Movies (2010s)
beforever 1,705
Mar 8th
Disney Princesses as Scientists/Academics
Tom_the_Terrible 3,170
Mar 8th
Quick Pick: 'Woman' Movies
sproutcm 1,855
Mar 7th
Well Known One Word Movie Quotes
Velma 3,033
Mar 7th
Anne Hathaway or Emily Blunt
mofetajerve 1,447
Mar 6th
Disney Song Pairs
SilentOne 1,638
Mar 6th
100 'F Movies'
midnight_dreary 1,290
Mar 5th
CSI: Star Wars
Hejman 1,005
Mar 5th
Odd One Out: MCU Scenes
I-Am-Batman 3,569
Mar 4th
Same Name Disney Characters
CatStarcatcher 1,928
Mar 4th
One Word Movie Cast
ZariiaGrint 2,169
Mar 3rd
Harry Potter Characters at the Oscars
crazypaving 1,349
Mar 3rd
Movie by Signing Gif
KStericker 788
Mar 2nd
Oscar Nominees within Nominees!
rockgolf 1,667
Mar 2nd
10 to 1: Indiana Jones
whssox 4,629
Mar 1st
MCU Movies per Villains
TheRealBenThaler 1,824
Mar 1st
Subcategory Sort: Disney, James Bond, or Star Wars
BookishGirl98 2,173
Feb 28th
Missing Name: 2016 Razzie Nominees
mofetajerve 644
Feb 28th
Progressively Harder Movies by Director - Ridley Scott
simpsonsfan185 1,389
Feb 27th
I Acted with an Oscar Nominee: Morgan Freeman
JoseGonzalez 907

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