Miscellaneous Quizzes

Quiz picks made by Hejman
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Nov 22nd
Fruits and Vegetables by Socks
JackDots 317
Nov 21st
Same Name as a South Park Kid
hscer 271
Nov 20th
Food and Drink By Socks
JackDots 618
Nov 19th
Average Faces Around the World
bhenderson79 1,333
Nov 18th
Find the Blue Things (Blitz)
Rackie 753
Nov 17th
Company Founders: Who Died First?
strokes_static 265
Nov 16th
'Little' Things
babymonkee 816
Nov 15th
Find the Green Things (Blitz)
Rackie 1,012
Nov 13th
Batman Opponents or Famous Works of Art?
nabean 919
Nov 12th
'ie' Girl Names (By Decade)
triplet_3 9,740
Nov 10th
Odd Color Out: Corporate Logos
JeluPotter25 1,017
Nov 9th
Peep Flavors
gingerlover 350
Nov 8th
McDonalds Character Click
pdigoe 1,292
Nov 5th
Glaciation Terms or Philosophers?
nabean 694
Nov 4th
Improbable-Looking Names
iglew 590
Nov 2nd
NO_r_WAY 1,518
Oct 31st
Office Supplies
PrincessMartell 1,846
Oct 30th
Correctly Spelled Dog Breeds
sproutcm 805
Oct 28th
Light Fixtures
PrincessMartell 1,321
Oct 27th
Ice Cream Extravaganza
senordingdong 1,234
Oct 26th
Sounds like Presidents, but NOT
biggs364 1,570
Oct 24th
Famous People Knitting or Crocheting
Holly62092 569
Oct 23rd
Clue Game Cards
Tootsnsuch 659
Oct 22nd
Logos Through the Ages: McDonald's
Darzlat 1,488
Oct 18th
Cereal by Socks
JackDots 1,006
Oct 17th
Through the Kaleidoscope: Corporate Logos III
kfastic 984
Oct 16th
Valuable Vatican (Pictorial Choice)
pecheneg 471
Oct 12th
Which Is The Flag Carrier?
geronimostilton 1,361
Oct 10th
Famous Painting Subjects in the 21st Century
KStericker 453
Oct 9th
Hot, Warm, Cool, or Cold?
El_Dandy 1,074
Oct 8th
Find the Robot Hall of Fame Inductees
Noldeh 962
Oct 7th
First, Second, Third, or Last?
El_Dandy 1,461
Oct 3rd
Legendary Creatures by Cushion
PrincessMartell 987
Oct 2nd
Pick the Collection
Cutthroat 1,035
Oct 1st
The 3rd thing you need to know: Generic Trademarks
MrWhiplash 1,250
Sep 27th
Which Otto?
pecheneg 767
Sep 26th
Through the Kaleidoscope: Corporate Logos II
kfastic 1,237
Sep 23rd
Clueless Cruising
bowsntoys 748
Sep 20th
Favorite Candies Around the World
Magnavox 1,696
Sep 19th
Tootsnsuch 2,230
Sep 15th
States with Miss America Winners
sproutcm 1,091
Sep 12th
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Flavors
gingerlover 1,279
Sep 11th
Ranks of the NYC Fire Department
rgeiger 327
Sep 9th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Scandals
MrWhiplash 1,652
Sep 8th
Baby Things Blitz
mariapiscitelli5 1,039
Sep 7th
nabean 774
Aug 31st
8 to 1 1980's Quiz (Tv Show Kids)
TriviaGuy3 1,550
Aug 27th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Dow Jones Companies
MrWhiplash 1,100
Aug 26th
Through the Kaleidoscope: Car Logos
kfastic 1,867
Aug 25th
Jobs by Teddy Bears III
PrincessMartell 2,592