Miscellaneous Quizzes

Quiz picks made by Hejman
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Jan 17th
Find the Pairs of Rubber Duckies
timmylemoine1 390
Jan 16th
pdigoe 665
Jan 15th
Logos Through the Ages: Texaco
Darzlat 405
Jan 14th
Companies Missing a Letter
bhenderson79 1,019
Jan 13th
'A' Sorting Gallery
alinrotundu 1,302
Jan 11th
Dog Breed by Necklace
KStericker 771
Jan 10th
Green Images by Category
BanjoZebra 1,831
Jan 9th
Vehicles by Lego II.
Pilgab 823
Jan 8th
Time Magazine 2017 Covers
MoMosMoProblems 1,213
Jan 7th
10 to 1: Dinner πŸ₯©
senordingdong 2,817
Jan 5th
10 to 1: Miscellaneous in 2017
marcustullius 3,818
Jan 4th
PEOPLE Cover Stories - True Crime
hatefulmissy 1,163
Jan 1st
Where Is That College?
31415926535 1,817
Dec 31st
Fruits and Vegetables by Emoji
geronimostilton 1,718
Dec 30th
'Big' Things
babymonkee 1,859
Dec 29th
LitMuS Test: A Tri-Category Hybrid πŸ“˜πŸŽ»πŸ”­
NewYorker 859
Dec 28th
USA territory flag Picture click
briannawelz 505
Dec 27th
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Time Lord Football
Caltac 2,476
Dec 26th
Parts of a Lamp
Pilgab 895
Dec 25th
Question the Answers A-Z
esmeyny 1,486
Dec 24th
British Royal Family Members
Lord_Voldememe 1,229
Dec 23rd
Click-in-the-Blank: Beer Slogans
KStericker 1,179
Dec 22nd
The Band's On Tour
caseyw690 570
Dec 20th
General knowledge: Microwave oven
Pilgab 1,272
Dec 19th
Longest Isogram Blitz
caramba 454
Dec 18th
Vehicles by Lego
Pilgab 1,474
Dec 5th
Harry Potter Curses or Latin Phrases?
nabean 3,791
Dec 4th
Frocks From the Sears Catalog
hatefulmissy 1,301
Dec 2nd
Superman Opponents or Famous Historical Figures?
nabean 982
Dec 1st
Rock, Pop, Jazz or Blues?
gazzso 1,148
Nov 29th
Know Your Hobo Signs
caramba 707
Nov 28th
On Red Alert!
nabean 844
Nov 27th
Fashion Graphics: Collar Styles
KStericker 513
Nov 26th
Christmas Peep Shapes
gingerlover 606
Nov 22nd
Fruits and Vegetables by Socks
JackDots 1,090
Nov 21st
Same Name as a South Park Kid
hscer 726
Nov 20th
Food and Drink By Socks
JackDots 1,249
Nov 19th
Average Faces Around the World
bhenderson79 2,146
Nov 17th
Company Founders: Who Died First?
strokes_static 367
Nov 13th
Batman Opponents or Famous Works of Art?
nabean 1,436
Nov 12th
'ie' Girl Names (By Decade)
triplet_3 10,459
Nov 10th
Odd Color Out: Corporate Logos
JeluPotter25 1,301
Nov 9th
Peep Flavors
gingerlover 443
Nov 8th
McDonalds Character Click
pdigoe 1,584
Nov 5th
Glaciation Terms or Philosophers?
nabean 831
Nov 4th
Improbable-Looking Names
iglew 679
Nov 2nd
NO_r_WAY 2,100
Oct 31st
Office Supplies
PrincessMartell 3,144
Oct 30th
Correctly Spelled Dog Breeds
sproutcm 892
Oct 28th
Light Fixtures
PrincessMartell 2,475