Editor Picks: Miscellaneous

Quiz picks made by Hejman
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Apr 27th
Bodily Secretions or Roman Place Names?
nabean 110
Apr 26th
Pictorial Choice: Amazing Austria
pecheneg 51
Apr 24th
Single Letter Ticker Symbols
mvs 166
Apr 23rd
Random Trivia
Joshie_the_great 561
Apr 22nd
Top 4-Letter Boys' Names
longboard 1,850
Apr 21st
Upset Cupsets
gazzso 264
Apr 19th
American Roller Coasters: Real or Fake
WhyAmIDoingThis 328
Apr 17th
Search Engine Logos
geronimostilton 604
Apr 16th
International Newspaper Country Match
IrishBear09 324
Apr 14th
Stapler or Hole Puncher?
zachtseng 1,315
Apr 13th
The Gourmet's Handbook
nabean 827
Apr 12th
20 ways to make soup
ZYX 960
Apr 8th
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: SNL Celebrity Jeopardy!
bhenderson79 14,794
Apr 7th
Country by Cuisine
awesomeness365 2,934
Apr 6th
British Prime Ministers or Shakespearean Characters?
nabean 710
Apr 5th
Odd One Out
slandp 1,110
Apr 3rd
Italian Americans by One Hint
DesertSpartan 868
Apr 2nd
Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb and Other Questions
sproutcm 763
Apr 1st
Missing Time Multiple Choice
El_Dandy 1,014
Mar 31st
Can't Get Away From the IRS
Propellerhead 194
Mar 30th
Companies by Nail Art
PrincessMartell 975
Mar 29th
College by Socks Click
JackDots 1,501
Mar 28th
Missing Directions Multiple Choice
El_Dandy 946
Mar 27th
Famous Horses, or Operatic Characters?
nabean 569
Mar 26th
Jobs by Teddy Bears II
PrincessMartell 1,638
Mar 25th
Shakespeare Slogans
christopherjulia 1,339
Mar 23rd
Fields of Gold
pecheneg 859
Mar 22nd
The Weakest Quiz
gazzso 1,049
Mar 21st
Harry Potter or Confectionery?
nabean 1,141
Mar 20th
25 Answers Wrong I
slandp 660
Mar 19th
A-Z Images Ending in 'I'
sproutcm 2,810
Mar 17th
Quick Pick: Real Car Brands
freesquirrel 1,082
Mar 16th
Sporcled Company Slogans
xant_spectro 667
Mar 14th
Find the UK Political Parties
eon 982
Mar 13th
Clickable Credit Score Factors
Magnavox 547
Mar 12th
Extreme Closeups
kagomeshuko 625
Mar 11th
The Oldest ...
Chameleon 530
Mar 9th
Car by Hood Ornament
Pushcake 833
Mar 8th
Presidential Baby Book
BetterThanKate 1,357
Mar 7th
Food 7-to-1
samc67 8,459
Mar 6th
Table etiquette
pnkast 1,679
Mar 5th
Professor Who?
Chameleon 779
Mar 4th
Words in Titles
gazzso 673
Mar 3rd
10 to 1: CANDY!
senordingdong 4,098
Mar 1st
Cereal Mascot Blitz
Thebiguglyalien 4,177
Feb 28th
Famous Basils
pecheneg 461
Feb 27th
Missing Classical Elements Multiple Choice
El_Dandy 1,344
Feb 24th
Where is that Work of Art?
MrSaturn64 769
Feb 23rd
Company Owners Who Have Appeared in Their Own Ads
tallonator 444
Feb 22nd
Logos Missing Colors
gazzso 3,220