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Quiz picks made by Hejman
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Jul 23rd
Crossword: Build a Dish
Purple_Parrot 888
Jul 22nd
Four in Order
MSUKent 207
Jul 21st
9x9 Diagramless Crossword 4
The_Professor 81
Jul 20th
Occupation by Socks
JackDots 426
Jul 19th
Food a la Lego
Pilgab 1,154
Jul 18th
For Example
BanjoZebra 515
Jul 17th
Womens Hats From the Sears Catalog
hatefulmissy 365
Jul 15th
Picture Click: Klondike Bar Varities
scole9179 907
Jul 14th
'B' Celebrity Snippets
Puzzgal 540
Jul 13th
Vowel-less Fortune 500 Companies
WalshyMusic 1,445
Jul 12th
2x2x2x2 Word Hypercube 1
The_Professor 995
Jul 11th
Picture Click: Coffee Drinks
jmak2015 1,317
Jul 10th
The Real X-Men (and Women)
DesertSpartan 597
Jul 9th
Fast Food Chains Logos by Color Scheme
pitchorneirda 1,386
Jul 8th
A Big Mac Delight!
sgeoghegan2002 1,953
Jul 7th
Crossword: Gesundheit!
lkalliance 950
Jul 4th
Patriotic Quotes
QuizMiss 493
Jul 3rd
Trivia or Con
DesertSpartan 767
Jul 2nd
Pick a Dozen
puckett86 907
Jul 1st
Crossword: Marks The Spot
geshmonkey 853
Jun 30th
Things Made of Sushi
BookishGirl98 963
Jun 29th
Overlapping Word Chain
PenguinsMeercats 736
Jun 28th
Crossword: Celebrities in Vehicles
Purple_Parrot 2,408
Jun 27th
'J' Logos Close-Up
BoggelTeam 1,216
Jun 25th
Animals by Cupcake
BookishGirl98 1,158
Jun 24th
Fine Wine or Castle?
nabean 466
Jun 23rd
Sunday Crossword: Weather Expressions
strokes_static 1,003
Jun 22nd
Crossword: The Great Vowel Shift
Purple_Parrot 2,016
Jun 20th
Ice Cream!
senordingdong 2,283
Jun 19th
Crossword: Say My Name, Say My Name
Purple_Parrot 2,503
Jun 17th
Fruit by Variety
millibabe16 593
Jun 16th
A Dad in Every Category
jakethegoldfish 329
Jun 15th
Las Vegas (15 Categories)
DesertSpartan 795
Jun 14th
Old School Recipe Cards
hatefulmissy 729
Jun 13th
French Desserts
ReinoehlBooks 1,311
Jun 9th
World Leader or Actress?
penelopelumley89 958
Jun 8th
Connect the Siblings
MSUKent 703
Jun 6th
Who Won?
KingPhoebus 1,151
Jun 5th
'Noun' Baby Names: Boy or Girl?
pitchorneirda 1,578
Jun 4th
Bathroom Blitz
Pilgab 676
Jun 3rd
Cryptic crossword: Complementary colours
Q_Pheevr 496
May 31st
Which of the Four, 1-15
Tasi 1,025
May 30th
Crossword: It All Adds Up
bhenderson79 2,521
May 28th
Boring Cars of the MCU
shorlin 1,691
May 27th
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog by Logos
seanpat0 762
May 26th
Crossword: Family Matters
Purple_Parrot 2,679
May 25th
Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj
DesertSpartan 722
May 24th
Which Logo is Accurate?
ninja-friend 2,319
May 22nd
Harry Potter Baby Names (2018)
sunshine32 2,617
May 21st
Who Am I? Famous Mascots
DIEGO1000 6,531

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