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Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Jun 6th
Book Titles Missing What Kind of Things?
AuroraIllumina 225
Jun 6th
Literature Review: Lord of the Flies
El_Dandy 110
Jun 5th
Match Game: Comic Strip Characters
DIEGO1000 824
Jun 5th
Male Authors by Image A-Z
aglick 514
Jun 4th
The Chronicles of Narnia - Reversed
pdigoe 285
Jun 4th
Book Covers Through The Kaleidoscope
oliver1201 404
Jun 3rd
Frodo Baggins, This Is Your Life
Quintanarama 902
Jun 3rd
If Elon Musk Named Harry Potter Characters
GleekyOne 459
Jun 2nd
Find 4 Fantastical Castles and Cities
alvir28 319
Jun 2nd
First Half/Last Half: Literature
jrage2009 1,792
Jun 1st
Missing Word: Percy Jackson Novels By Image
I-Am-Batman 359
Jun 1st
Early LGBTQ Literature
dixitque 195
May 31st
Harry Potter Characters from 3 Hints
followthesp1ders 910
May 31st
Harry Potter Easy to Hardest
elrio 870
May 30th
Get The Picture: Families in Fiction
shirleyalpha 871
May 30th
Badly Drawn Hunger Games Characters
GeoEarthling 435
May 29th
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Children's Books
Thebiguglyalien 3,125
May 29th
Growing Grid: Authors
timschurz 943
May 28th
Lord of the Flies Typing Challenge
crazypaving 491
May 28th
Author by Alliteration
Propellerhead 1,392
May 27th
Wizarding Currency
pigeonface 763
May 27th
Get the Picture: Shakespeare's Tragedies
borogove 1,246
May 26th
Complete Robert Frost Poems by Picture
aaditya08-08-05 840
May 26th
Agatha Christie Alphabetized
kmeister16 508
May 25th
7 to 1: Shakespeare Characters
beesley__ 1,107
May 25th
Sporcle Jumble: The Hunger Games
Exodiafinder687 686
May 24th
Harry Potter: Magical Objects for Muggles
spottedleaf2007 1,471
May 24th
Same Century Books
BookishGirl98 584
May 23rd
Intersecting Trivia: Literature
bhenderson79 2,130
May 23rd
South American Authors
mmped 560
May 22nd
Dr. Seuss Characters Crossword
Holly62092 648
May 21st
Quick Pick: C.S. Lewis
pdigoe 1,204
May 21st
Comic Strip Duos
DIEGO1000 1,983
May 20th
Get The Picture: Verne or Wells
Nietos 1,212
May 19th
Typing Challenge: 50 Top Selling Authors Ever
treessimontrees 1,262
May 19th
Sci-Fi Authors
midnight_dreary 495
May 18th
Same Letter: Literature
jrage2009 1,602
May 18th
Lego Novels
Pilgab 1,094
May 17th
Harry Potter Incantations by Book
KingPhoebus 641
May 17th
Harry Potter Name Game II
LTH 2,076
May 16th
Clueless Letter Lines: Stephen King
esmeyny 1,318
May 16th
Missing Word: Poirot Novels By Image
I-Am-Batman 1,005
May 15th
LogiCrossword: Narnia Children
El_Dandy 1,245
May 15th
Author Match - 1950s Novels
Le_Badger 1,304
May 14th
Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, or Shakespeare?
ThyPenguin 1,058
May 13th
Quick Pick: Harry Potter Characters, Good or Evil?
DarkAppraiser44 2,246
May 13th
Letter Lines: Non-Human Harry Potter Characters
SPEWofficial 1,064
May 12th
spanachan 885
May 12th
Get the Picture: Tintin or Rin Tin Tin
megamrbrutal 1,070
May 11th
Young Adult Series Protagonists: At the Beginning
mister_pianoman 1,323

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