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Quiz picks made by khands
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Oct 4th
Poetry Map: Emily Dickinson - 'Yesterday is History'
Droxnar 578
Oct 2nd
Moby Dick Character Map
gingerlover 975
Sep 30th
Beowulf Character Map
gingerlover 522
Sep 29th
Odd One Out: Hamlet Soliloquies
jyrops 593
Sep 25th
🚨Just Be CLOSE!! Literature Edition🚨
senordingdong 1,511
Sep 21st
Criteria Authors
eon 5,043
Sep 20th
ASOIAF: Did they meet Cersei?
PrincessMartell 2,123
Sep 19th
Shakespeare Comedy Couples 4-to1-to-4
FretfulP 764
Sep 17th
American Novels by Foreign-Language Cover
Noldeh 2,019
Sep 16th
Badly Translated Literary Opening Lines
samurottgirl778 1,025
Sep 15th
Book Titles: What's the Thing?
MSUKent 1,386
Aug 31st
Shakespeare Families 6-to-1
FretfulP 1,168
Aug 30th
Cover Click: Hugo Awards
MissDianaP 628
Aug 28th
'A' Agatha Christie
Pilgab 1,768
Aug 26th
Author by Sixth Book
Flick 1,860
Aug 23rd
50 YA contemporary Novels
dodokid 705
Aug 20th
Agatha Christie Book: Any Word A-Z
Flick 2,561
Aug 16th
Shakespearean relatives
FretfulP 444
Aug 13th
True Crime Books Missing a Word
Year_of_Glad 1,624
Aug 8th
Authors of Multiple Hugo-Winning Novels
El_Dandy 473
Aug 7th
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Shakespeare
MrWhiplash 1,982
Jul 30th
'Macbeth' Coroner's Report
giveupyet 1,293
Jul 26th
Who Died?
Qaqaq 2,754
Jul 23rd
Literature Subcategory 'A'
NO_r_WAY 1,865
Jul 21st
Three-Word Shakespeare Phrases
Qaqaq 1,045
Jul 19th
Harry Potter Top 40 Spells
bhenderson79 7,620
Jul 18th
Six Famous 'P' Playwrights
Flick 1,039
Jul 16th
Either/Or in 30: Authors
MSUKent 3,137
Jul 15th
Every Harry Potter Spell
SporcleAdmin 659
Jul 14th
Shakespeare Plays by Vowels
Qaqaq 987
Jul 13th
One Subcategory in 15 Categories - Novel
MrWhiplash 2,587
Jul 12th
Quick Pick: Rainbow Books
Flick 1,629
Jul 11th
Poetry is for the Birds
NJSB 1,573
Jul 10th
Foods in Dr. Seuss Books
JackDots 1,404
Jul 8th
Playwright - 4 Plays
tallonator 588
Jul 7th
I Survived Books by Cover
MoMosMoProblems 2,030
Jul 4th
Click in the Blank: 2017 YA Titles
KStericker 910
Jul 3rd
Willa Cather's Books
connieknonnie 226
Jul 2nd
Shakespeare's Love Quotes
coussinsjoel 765
Jun 2nd
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature
Chenchilla 16,174
May 22nd
Shakespearean Colors
timschurz 1,697
May 21st
Shakespeare Body Parts
HPGirl 1,389
May 20th
Epic Poems and Authors (Easy)
alanjalowitz 1,539
May 10th
Compressed Authors
LTH 1,402
May 5th
Authors by First Names
Noldeh 7,823
May 2nd
First Name Basis
NJSB 3,114
Apr 30th
Authors: Same First Name
Scott 1,323
Apr 29th
Literary Characters as Saints
Tom_the_Terrible 2,961
Apr 20th
Dukedoms, Earldoms, etc. of Shakespeare
fergryan16 642
Apr 16th
Those 12 Flags: Poets
Flick 2,389

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