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Quiz picks made by khands
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Jun 2nd
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Literature
Chenchilla 7,424
May 23rd
Literary Title Drops
msk105 2,345
May 22nd
Shakespearean Colors
timschurz 1,342
May 21st
Shakespeare Body Parts
HPGirl 993
May 20th
Epic Poems and Authors (Easy)
alanjalowitz 1,192
May 10th
Compressed Authors
LTH 1,276
May 5th
Authors by First Names
Noldeh 4,871
May 2nd
First Name Basis
NJSB 2,544
Apr 30th
Authors: Same First Name
Scott 1,222
Apr 29th
Literary Characters as Saints
Tom_the_Terrible 2,599
Apr 20th
Dukedoms, Earldoms, etc. of Shakespeare
fergryan16 583
Apr 16th
Those 12 Flags: Poets
Flick 2,104
Apr 8th
Tolkien Character or Antidepressant?
jr637 4,395
Mar 31st
Authors on Reading 2
Exodiafinder687 1,255
Mar 30th
Author by Second Book II
Flick 3,371
Mar 29th
Literary Works By Aprons
alinrotundu 2,168
Mar 28th
London Literature
Bysshe 1,475
Mar 26th
Anything but Shakespeare Plays
ChargingTiger 6,238
Mar 18th
Quick Pick: Female Literature Nobel Laureates
gazzso 2,165
Mar 15th
Nobel Literature Laureates by ANY 3 Letters
tomschmo 2,272
Mar 13th
American Nobel Literature Winners by Works
El_Dandy 2,766
Mar 13th
Deaths in Dickens
spanachan 2,250
Mar 12th
Missing Word: Nordic Literature
javaso 2,220
Mar 10th
Literary Animals By Species 7-to-1
samc67 5,879
Mar 3rd
Literary Animals and their Sources
emberly13 2,254
Mar 2nd
One of These Fantasy Books Doesn't Belong
SapphireStage 1,723
Mar 1st
Young Adult Series Match Up
cinnabun 2,111
Feb 28th
What animal is this Literary Character?
QuizKnight 3,113
Feb 27th
Six Famous 'B' Poets
Flick 2,651
Feb 22nd
How did I get in this story? (YA Fantasy Books)
philly_phan 2,010
Feb 18th
Brontë Books Character Sort
RLG226 1,708
Feb 16th
Missing Word: Ursula Le Guin Works
gazzso 724
Feb 15th
Literature by Meme
NJSB 4,147
Feb 14th
Missing Word: Elena Ferrante Books
gazzso 685
Feb 13th
ASOIAF: Do I need a boat?
Pilgab 2,660
Feb 11th
Shakespeare by Paper Doll
hatefulmissy 1,519
Feb 10th
Quick Pick: Literary Queens
PrincessMartell 2,914
Feb 8th
Percy Jackson Characters A-Z
JeluPotter25 3,175
Feb 3rd
Rick Riordan Book: Any Word A-Z
Flick 1,400
Feb 1st
10-to-1: YA Books with Female Protagonists
aseligstein 2,608
Jan 31st
Author by Necklace
KStericker 3,382
Jan 30th
The Hunger Games Venn Diagram
chaosBEE 10,438
Jan 29th
Young Adult Novels by Protagonist
beletbon 2,389
Jan 25th
19th Century Literary Characters 8-1
jar514 4,244
Jan 24th
Ten Missing Adjectives: Ozymandias
KStericker 1,356
Jan 23rd
Newbery Award or Caldecott Medal?
senordingdong 899
Jan 22nd
10 to 1: Jane Austen
marcustullius 3,441
Jan 21st
Toni Morrison Book: Any Word A-Z
Flick 675
Jan 20th
Literary Teddy Bears II
PrincessMartell 7,667
Jan 19th
Symbol Cryptogram: Authors III
goc3 2,149

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