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May 18th
Books Over 1000 Pages
hazelnuts 960
May 18th
Book to Animation Match-Up
vinipereira 929
May 17th
Answer the Percy Jackson Prophecies
jackaronson23 460
May 17th
Guess 'Em in Fewer Words: Books
MSUKent 908
May 16th
Missing Image Profile: Toni Morrison
GeoEarthling 226
May 16th
Pic-a-Quote: Chamber of Secrets
Hejman 684
May 15th
Quick Pick: Fictional Literary Currencies
Doctor_Arzt 598
May 15th
Word Cloud Click: Authors II
C22zm 755
May 14th
Molière or Nolière
Pilgab 320
May 14th
Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover III
t_rev19 2,007
May 13th
Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Books
garolo 753
May 13th
Novels Beginning with Novels
Flick 864
May 12th
John Grisham or John le Carré?
I-Am-Batman 523
May 12th
Clickable Begins and Ends: Harry Potter Characters
SidharthSN 2,775
May 11th
Taylor Swift's Literary References
wickedsmileyify 709
May 11th
5 Literature Fivesomes III
timschurz 922
May 10th
Literature Subcategory 'O'
NO_r_WAY 1,233
May 10th
Shakespeare Quotes in Images
Chameleon 684
May 9th
Harry Potter : Horace Slughorn Bunker
scotia78 1,326
May 9th
ASOIAF: Mother's Day
PrincessMartell 2,746
May 8th
Click the Captain Underpants Books
johncenafan612 240
May 8th
Find Five: Literature Things
eyes355 1,556
May 7th
Fiction Disclaimer
JohnFran 446
May 7th
Author to Badly Drawn Book
MoMosMoProblems 2,796
May 6th
Which Is My Literary Sibling?
BorezU 1,139
May 5th
Harry Potter Objects That Speak
Pappycole 1,182
May 5th
Harry Potter: 4-way Marauder's Venn Diagram
jacana 962
May 4th
Criteria Austen Heroines
Dromera 1,413
May 4th
Complete The GREAT Works of Literature
DIEGO1000 1,704
May 3rd
Quick Pick: More Interesting Book Title?
hazelnuts 1,060
May 3rd
Pyra-Grid: Literature II
C22zm 1,004
May 2nd
Canadian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author-Cover Matchup 1
Chunklets 278
May 2nd
Is There Another? Harry Potter Chapters
GeoEarthling 1,164
May 1st
'Prophecy of Seven' Characters
Pigeonface 760
Apr 30th
Hidden Answers: Shakespeare
Pilgab 866
Apr 30th
Authors by First Name (A-G)
Tasi 1,136
Apr 29th
Quick Pick: Cause of Death - Lord of the Rings
knightlancer 1,232
Apr 29th
Literary Character by Three Iterations II
MooseRhino07 3,053
Apr 28th
Missing Word in Movies: Author
mucciniale 1,495
Apr 28th
Fill in the Blanks With Eggs - Harry Potter Quotes
ceciliacarlid 1,067
Apr 27th
Missing Words: Shakespeare Plays
Flick 1,343
Apr 27th
Books Published in January
heusie 546
Apr 26th
15 Shakespeare Plays by Image
CaiustheTall 1,246
Apr 25th
Quick Pick: A Nightcap and a Good Book
garolo 1,402
Apr 25th
Harry Potter vs. Voldemort: The Scoreboard
onethousandeight 917
Apr 24th
Scottish Writers by Famous Work
eyes355 751
Apr 24th
Same Name as an Author
BorezU 1,188
Apr 23rd
Reveal Mordor with Black Speech
alvir28 165
Apr 23rd
Hejman 1,562
Apr 22nd
Click the Cover: Penguin Vintage Minis Part 1
Schullerka 482

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