Language Quizzes

Quiz picks made by Flick
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Nov 22nd
'Switzerland' In Swiss Languages
geronimostilton 132
Nov 21st
Sporcling Around the World III
sanders590 230
Nov 20th
Quick Pick: European Cities in German
Pilgab 732
Nov 19th
Starts with 'I _ I'
El_Dandy 609
Nov 18th
Replace the 'B' A-Z
Chenchilla 1,887
Nov 17th
What's in a Pixar Name?
pdigoe 1,048
Nov 16th
Which Language Family?
Darzlat 1,340
Nov 15th
The Big Board: Language
bhenderson79 1,146
Nov 14th
Languages without Grammatical Gender
gazzso 595
Nov 13th
Does It Anagram? (5 Letters)
Alcas 630
Nov 12th
Stuck in the Middle with 'S'
MrChewypoo 1,496
Nov 11th
Quick Pick: Days of the Week in Icelandic
geronimostilton 495
Nov 10th
Language by 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Cover
kfastic 655
Nov 9th
4-Letter 'R' Words with Double Letters
teedslaststand 2,190
Nov 8th
Clickable Homonyms
bobinwilder1 878
Nov 7th
Common Sayings: Missing 'Q' Words
beforever 1,412
Nov 6th
German Compound Words: Multiple Choice
Dalek_Harkness 1,011
Nov 5th
Word Wheels 4
hockeystix3 1,216
Nov 4th
Horror Movies by Definition
forest5934 680
Nov 3rd
-lar Definitions
NO_r_WAY 967
Nov 2nd
Missing Three Consecutive Letters
KevinStu 570
Nov 1st
Foreign Language By Movie Poster
johnnytaken 1,455
Oct 31st
Oddly enough...
Stegglosaur 484
Oct 30th
Trilingual Animals: Matching
slipkid 1,081
Oct 29th
Languages of the World
Thebiguglyalien 1,636
Oct 28th
This or That Language: Russian or Klingon
WillieG 700
Oct 27th
Unique Official Languages on a Map
timschurz 938
Oct 26th
23 ways not to plant a 'Seed'
timmylemoine1 1,184
Oct 25th
Beyoncé's Vocabulary
lolshortee 924
Oct 24th
Albums in Latin
Soirenios 968
Oct 23rd
Police Jargon
Tootsnsuch 1,155
Oct 22nd
Numbers: What comes next?
Sssophie 371
Oct 20th
Starts with 3 Consonants
caramba 964
Oct 19th
Starts with 'E _ E'
El_Dandy 1,071
Oct 18th
Language Sixes
NJSB 2,043
Oct 17th
Words Within Words 'J' Blitz
Scuadrado 2,281
Oct 16th
Light My Fire
shirleyalpha 861
Oct 15th
Animal Phrases in English Click
JackDots 1,633
Oct 14th
Ruined By A Letter: Proverbs
samc67 2,452
Oct 13th
Quick Pick: Misspelled Words
gazzso 1,230
Oct 11th
Native American Pictographs.
CGMFan1 852
Oct 10th
4-Letter 'F' Words with Double Letters
teedslaststand 3,188
Oct 9th
Common Sayings: Missing 'O' Words
beforever 1,746
Oct 8th
Words within words A to Z
filmstudy 1,064
Oct 7th
Clickable French Summer
PrincessMartell 1,496
Oct 5th
Add a Word - Put+
kenneycan 784
Oct 4th
Words of Unknown Origin
DarkPhalanx 870
Oct 2nd
Spanish Sayings In Plain English
MoMosMoProblems 1,821
Oct 1st
Quick Pick: Classic Novels en Français
morley518 1,570
Sep 30th
Haiku Multiple Choice: Languages
bhenderson79 1,716