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Sep 23rd
VI@BLE Word Pairs
NJSB 112
Sep 22nd
20 ways to not 'Eat'
timmylemoine1 631
Sep 21st
Find the Italian Food
Rackie 1,623
Sep 20th
Even More Words in French and German
hscer 1,340
Sep 19th
'The Little Prince' in 60 languages
kfastic 646
Sep 18th
Bird's the Verb
plujan 483
Sep 17th
Assembled 'AS-'s
mrsmith 653
Sep 16th
Quick Pick: Fossil Words
smac17 551
Sep 15th
Country by Multilingual Sign
Scuadrado 861
Sep 14th
Pasta--Meaning Matchup
triviahappy 891
Sep 13th
Numbers per European Language 7-to-1
samc67 1,029
Sep 12th
Starts with 'A _ A'
El_Dandy 577
Sep 11th
The definition of 'Cali'
DesertSpartan 485
Sep 10th
European Cities by Serbian name
gazzso 1,109
Sep 9th
Toponymical Whimsical II
nabean 855
Sep 8th
Common Sayings: Missing 'I' Words
beforever 1,408
Sep 7th
Foreign Loanwords A to Z
bonhomme 533
Sep 6th
Words You Can Make With 'AKPRS'
nateeverett 1,082
Sep 5th
E's Time to Shine
pdigoe 758
Sep 4th
3 + 3 = 5
sproutcm 820
Sep 3rd
POP Quiz
Qaqaq 846
Sep 2nd
Words Within Words 'E' Blitz
Scuadrado 1,759
Aug 31st
Foreign Languages: English Regions
tidal93341 705
Aug 30th
Condiments in Six Languages
Cutthroat 1,277
Aug 29th
Picture Click: Spanish Professions
KStericker 1,961
Aug 28th
Vegetables in Portuguese
PrincessMartell 591
Aug 27th
4-Letter 'G' Words with Double Letters
teedslaststand 2,329
Aug 26th
Fill in the vowels
poco 521
Aug 25th
French Words Borrowed By English
Tootsnsuch 1,095
Aug 24th
Quick Pick: Tom Swifties III
bowsntoys 1,046
Aug 23rd
-ude Definitions
NO_r_WAY 1,169
Aug 22nd
Green Day's Vocabulary
lolshortee 1,183
Aug 20th
Official Language 7-to-1 Sorting Gallery
hscer 1,798
Aug 19th
12 ways not to cut the 'Grass'
timmylemoine1 1,860
Aug 18th
Children's Books en Español
Pushcake 1,479
Aug 17th
Word Wheels 3
hockeystix3 1,459
Aug 16th
Find the Food in Spanish
Rackie 3,231
Aug 15th
Absent 'AB'-s
mrsmith 1,071
Aug 14th
Map Consonant Pattern Puzzle: Europe
Alcas 679
Aug 11th
Odd Language Out (Multiple Choice)
eon 1,129
Aug 10th
Doesn't Begin, or End in RED
seanpat0 1,071
Aug 9th
Words Containing the Letters 'get'
DesertSpartan 1,986
Aug 8th
6-Letter to 7-Letter (A-Z)
Purple_Parrot 861
Aug 6th
Picture Click: German Family
gravity_warrior 997
Aug 5th
3-Letter Words Ending in 'Y'
minshkins 1,564
Aug 4th
Rhymes with 'Meme'
Scuadrado 1,835
Aug 3rd
Merriam-Webster’s Favourite British Words
slipkid 458
Jul 31st
The 3rd thing you need to know: French Loanwords
MrWhiplash 1,440
Jul 30th
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language
teedslaststand 9,750
Jul 28th
Latin 6x6
gazzso 866