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Jul 13th
M&M Words
gazzso 257
Jul 12th
Animal Phrases in English Click 2
JackDots 1,828
Jul 11th
Untranslatable German Words
NO_r_WAY 2,834
Jul 10th
The Other Anagram
Purple_Parrot 325
Jul 9th
Words in 'Nepal'
pecheneg 891
Jul 8th
Translate the French Recipe!
BookishGirl98 518
Jul 7th
Wonderful Proverbs from around the World
hellofromUK 450
Jul 6th
Restated Spanish Words
LTH 228
Jul 5th
Add ''OP''
Arnott 252
Jul 4th
I 'URGE' You to Play this Quiz
DesertSpartan 677
Jul 3rd
Animal Idioms
nabean 930
Jul 2nd
One Letter Out
Chameleon 506
Jul 1st
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
HappyWife 363
Jun 30th
Italian Crossword
mucciniale 915
Jun 29th
30 in 60: Anagrams
MSUKent 1,052
Jun 28th
Wealthy Words
bareodin2 1,456
Jun 27th
Sporcle in Italian
Thebiguglyalien 501
Jun 26th
Translated Latin American Towns
MoMosMoProblems 609
Jun 25th
Sure Things
spanachan 1,005
Jun 24th
Word Wheels 15
hockeystix3 782
Jun 22nd
Go Fish: Languages!
jackaronson23 5,044
Jun 21st
Language by 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' Logo
Noldeh 1,305
Jun 20th
Writing System by Handwriting
Scuadrado 2,361
Jun 19th
Criteria Missing Letters 3
AuroraIllumina 405
Jun 19th
The Only Combination: 1-10
GeoEarthling 1,480
Jun 17th
Alphabetize the Anagrams III
strokes_static 520
Jun 16th
Morse Code Palindrome Typing Challenge
El_Dandy 529
Jun 14th
Word By Edge Word Definition
jrage2009 600
Jun 13th
Sporcle WordStairs II
gazzso 431
Jun 12th
Military Homographs
whssox 1,130
Jun 11th
By Definiton
yorkesdad 779
Jun 10th
Get Connected!: Language Sequences
Purple_Parrot 2,444
Jun 9th
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Which UK Country (Language) πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
pecheneg 2,999
Jun 8th
South American Countries By Chinese Name
HmmYes 802
Jun 7th
Four Letter Words Ending in 'CT'
shirleyalpha 1,983
Jun 5th
Sea Creatures in French (Picture Click)
Woorsie 1,337
Jun 4th
'Pre', but not Before
DesertSpartan 1,088
Jun 3rd
Are You Smarter Than a Language Curator?
jackaronson23 2,544
Jun 1st
Clickable Counting in Twenty Languages
HappyWife 1,587
May 31st
Ends in '-AGE' Blitz
geshmonkey 824
May 30th
Russian Alphabet (Picture Click)
darkgreen_orange 10,253
May 29th
Is It a Word or Person? II
MSUKent 925
May 27th
Which Language? XII
Thebiguglyalien 3,134
May 26th
Find Countries with non-Latin Writing Systems
pablogarciafcb 1,906
May 24th
LogiCrossword: Parts of Speech
aaditya08-08-05 961
May 23rd
Common 'A' words
beforever 839
May 22nd
Odd Definition Out II
hockeystix3 652
May 21st
Literature by Definition: Ian Fleming
Noldeh 1,669
May 20th
Part-ing Words
spanachan 1,737
May 19th
Literal German Animals
Scuadrado 2,176

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