Language Quizzes

Quiz picks made by Flick
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Jul 28th
Latin 6x6
gazzso 69
Jul 27th
Ancient works of Greek or Latin
pecheneg 587
Jul 26th
Drop 'OUT'
El_Dandy 328
Jul 25th
Bilingual Word Ladder II (Spanish-English)
Alcas 522
Jul 23rd
Ends with 'OA' to 'OZ'
Chenchilla 909
Jul 22nd
Taylor Swift's Vocabulary
lolshortee 1,712
Jul 21st
Micro Words
JackDots 550
Jul 20th
🐌 French 'Qu' things
xyz_ 566
Jul 19th
Fruits in Portuguese
PrincessMartell 587
Jul 18th
Word Wheels 2
hockeystix3 1,051
Jul 17th
NATO Alphabet Letter By Hint
otcpsychedelics 576
Jul 16th
Lower Africa by Any Shortest Word
jyrops 730
Jul 15th
Translate the Canadian Words
nateeverett 2,403
Jul 14th
Word Echoes
bareodin2 574
Jul 13th
10 Words 20 Definitions XI
DesertSpartan 2,947
Jul 12th
Quick Pick: Count to 20 in Yiddish
timmylemoine1 597
Jul 11th
Scrabble or Canada?
mrsmith 1,117
Jul 10th
Pushcake 526
Jul 9th
Replace the 'G' A-Z
Chenchilla 1,021
Jul 8th
-ism Definitions
NO_r_WAY 917
Jul 7th
Idiom by Emoji
chaosBEE 1,650
Jul 6th
The Happy Quiz - ☺ A to Z ☺
MrChewypoo 683
Jul 4th
What's in a DC Name?
pdigoe 1,350
Jul 3rd
Word Pyramids: Add a Letter
ryry97 630
Jul 2nd
Common Sayings: Missing 'H' Words
beforever 5,864
Jul 1st
Word Combine A to Z Level 1
filmstudy 478
Jun 30th
The I's Have It
slipkid 635
Jun 29th
Which Homophone Is It?
BillyJoelRulez 1,427
Jun 28th
Resisting May Quiz
gazzso 791
Jun 27th
Find the Spanish Animals
Rackie 1,660
Jun 25th
More Words in French and German
hscer 1,329
Jun 23rd
Fictional Languages by Phrases
Hejman 426
Jun 22nd
Michael Jackson's Vocabulary
lolshortee 1,776
Jun 20th
Bruce Springsteen Songs in Spanish
hatefulmissy 1,025
Jun 19th
Word Search: Interrogatives
Cutthroat 741
Jun 18th
Countries in Old English
DeanMT94 1,252
Jun 17th
Words Within Words 'N' Blitz
Scuadrado 1,005
Jun 16th
Two 5-Letter Words That Fit - Part II
suspence 1,029
Jun 15th
4-Letter 'J' Words with Double Letters
teedslaststand 1,652
Jun 15th
Greek Letters in other words
Chameleon 332
Jun 14th
20 ways not to eat 'Corn'
timmylemoine1 6,594
Jun 13th
Heteronyms - 1 word 2 pronunciations
tnksdaddy 628
Jun 12th
The Germans Have a Word for That
MrWhiplash 1,653
Jun 11th
Al by Definition
DesertSpartan 752
Jun 9th
Begins and Ends: Same 2 Letters
Purple_Parrot 1,295
Jun 8th
Chop 'PER' Again
El_Dandy 402
Jun 7th
Foreign Language Oscar Titles
tim_parr 1,461
Jun 6th
Italian: Nouns (Clickable)
beforever 2,295
Jun 5th
Words That Are Nouns And Verbs (Clickable)
ngearhart1981 1,530
Jun 3rd
Find the French Food
Rackie 3,414