Editor Picks: Language

Quiz picks made by Flick
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Jan 22nd
10 'Tri' Words (Multiple Choice)
samc67 589
Jan 21st
5 Languages Per Continent
awesomeness365 895
Jan 20th
Starts with E, Ends With N
BillyJoelRulez 3,756
Jan 19th
Spanish In U.S. Hit Songs
JoeBeta 523
Jan 18th
Stop, Co-Operate and Listen
christopherjulia 1,042
Jan 17th
Word Play Quiz: Long
BeerHound 1,167
Jan 16th
Fill in the Middle: Four Consonants
Purple_Parrot 791
Jan 15th
Quick Pick: Count to 20 in Croatian
timmylemoine1 350
Jan 14th
Pixar Movies Through Google Translate
BoggelTeam 821
Jan 13th
Ends in 'OT'
Bolafssonify 786
Jan 12th
Make America _____ Again
flibbidy 820
Jan 11th
Literal Idioms Slideshow
LisaSimpsonOH 732
Jan 10th
Stuck in the Middle with 'N'
MrChewypoo 929
Jan 9th
FIFA World Cup finalists by main language
wallstreet29ers 749
Jan 8th
4-Letter 'E' Words with Double Letters
teedslaststand 1,128
Jan 7th
Common Sayings: Missing 'D' Words
beforever 3,324
Jan 6th
Love Your Body
shirleyalpha 837
Jan 5th
Eminem's Vocabulary
lolshortee 802
Jan 4th
Two-Word Terms Starting with A
MSUKent 817
Jan 3rd
US Capital Consonant Pattern Puzzle
Alcas 294
Jan 2nd
How Well Do You Know the English Alphabet?
bowsntoys 832
Jan 1st
Two 6-Letter Words That Fit
suspence 608
Dec 31st
Morse Code Picture Blitz
El_Dandy 145
Dec 29th
'C Rule' Abstainers
pdigoe 632
Dec 28th
I-O-U These Images
bhenderson79 503
Dec 27th
Attachable 'AT-'s
mrsmith 703
Dec 26th
Vegetables in Italian
PrincessMartell 1,250
Dec 25th
Letters Venn Diagram
Tr4pD00r 673
Dec 24th
Simple German Sentences
Pauker 3,549
Dec 23rd
Verbs that ought to aught
iglew 453
Dec 22nd
slipkid 398
Dec 20th
Quick Pick: Greek Numerical Prefixes
smac17 743
Dec 19th
Governing systems by definition
NO_r_WAY 1,092
Dec 17th
Famous Movie Lines in French
scole9179 593
Dec 17th
Quick Pick: -RR Ending Words
samc67 868
Dec 16th
Spring or Fall
DesertSpartan 782
Dec 14th
Stuck in the Middle with 'L'
MrChewypoo 918
Dec 13th
'JI' Words
bareodin2 505
Dec 12th
Quick Pick: Count to 20 in Norwegian
timmylemoine1 851
Dec 10th
Common Sayings: Missing 'C' Words
beforever 4,250
Dec 7th
Double 'P' Words
caramba 848
Dec 6th
Homographs A-Z
Scuadrado 554
Dec 5th
Language Throw Down
Thebiguglyalien 2,684
Dec 4th
Add an 'R' to the Beginning
savoyard1 457
Dec 3rd
Languages of South America
mg10 677
Nov 30th
Starts with H, Ends with N
BillyJoelRulez 1,949
Nov 29th
Quick Pick: Should I 'Stay' or Should I 'Go?'
El_Dandy 1,260
Nov 28th
First Languages of the Pacific
envelopeshat 488
Nov 26th
See or Sea?
NYYanks 2,428
Nov 26th
10 Ways Not to 'Chew'
bareodin2 1,487