Holiday Quizzes

Quiz picks made by rer2121
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Jun 22nd
'P' Holiday Blitz
Flick 1,031
Jun 20th
Words Enigma
gazzso 461
Jun 19th
Juneteenth in Pictures
khake43 351
Jun 19th
Juneteenth Typing Challenge
El_Dandy 213
Jun 16th
Subcategory Acrostic 46
eyes355 906
Jun 14th
Painting with You're a Grand Old Flag
caseyw690 423
Jun 12th
Proposed British National Holidays
El_Dandy 410
Jun 10th
US Holidays in Order (with pics!)
aaditya08-08-05 2,958
Jun 7th
Only One: Holiday by Date or Month
GeoEarthling 526
Jun 5th
Holidays Without Santa's Reindeer
SidharthSN 1,500
Jun 3rd
► Celebrating Each Day: June
kfastic 1,489
May 31st
True or False: Memorial Day
dannycohen117 598
May 29th
Clueless Letter Lines: Jewish Holidays
esmeyny 1,468
May 27th
Holiday Datesearch Puzzle
rorriMgnizamA 693
May 24th
Holidays by Stamps
aglick 1,618
May 22nd
Leading Letter Grid Blitz: Holidays
Hejman 1,703
May 20th
Holidays Spelling Bee
Pilgab 7,330
May 18th
Fixed Federal Holidays
aaditya08-08-05 1,896
May 16th
Day of the Week by Holiday
Kit_Spades 3,241
May 14th
Group Clicking: Holidays
Barbecue 10,075
May 11th
Holiday by Zodiac
ryan14 1,826
May 9th
10 to 1: Mothers
marcustullius 5,274
May 7th
Subcategory Acrostic 129
eyes355 1,182
May 6th
Absent Letter Holidays
RobFitz 2,974
May 5th
Holidays with Family Guy
aglick 2,139
May 3rd
Quick Pick: Chinese Zodiac Emojis
Rackie 4,694
May 2nd
Carnivals in Europe
Pilgab 1,748
May 1st
Country Codes in Holidays
HmmYes 1,181
Apr 30th
Plant a Tree for Arbor Day
El_Dandy 769
Apr 29th
Clickable Begins and Ends: Holidays
SidharthSN 3,273
Apr 28th
One Gets the Lot: Holidays
Hejman 3,517
Apr 27th
Uncertain Holidays
Thebiguglyalien 1,635
Apr 26th
Anagrammed Answers: Holiday
Qaqaq 1,713
Apr 25th
Holidays by Floral Arrangements
BookishGirl98 1,693
Apr 24th
Typing Challenge: 100 Ramadan Words
beforever 2,313
Apr 23rd
Hidden Odd One Out: Holidays
khake43 3,160
Apr 22nd
Holidays Beginning with Holidays
Flick 1,267
Apr 1st
April Fools' Word Search
jackaronson23 2,785
Mar 27th
Quick Pick: Passover Seder Plate Items
ylime102 1,445
Mar 19th
7 to 1 Holiday Alcohol
Badger40 2,587
Mar 7th
Foods Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
Chenchilla 3,015
Mar 6th
Alphabetical Grid - Holiday
RobFitz 3,697
Mar 5th
Easter Card Matching
Qaqaq 2,014
Mar 4th
Holiday by Pancakes
GeoEarthling 3,664
Feb 14th
No 'Love' Valentine's Day
Oldtippecanoe9 1,261
Feb 12th
Valentines Day Definitions
NO_r_WAY 2,453
Feb 11th
Pick 5 in 15: Fake Candy Hearts
MSUKent 2,860
Feb 9th
Heart Invaders
Sheldon 2,010
Feb 1st
Grab Bag: Valentines Day
lucy5ive 1,233
Jan 26th
Valentine's Day Wordfind Puzzle
gazzso 1,695

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