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May 13th
1880's U.S. Match Up
DIEGO1000 4,108
May 12th
Quick Pick: Accidental Inventions
Pigeonface 227
May 12th
Self Portrait or Not?
BorezU 501
May 11th
US President by Cabinet Members
SporcleEXP 1,175
May 10th
Historical 'C' Figures in Movies
mucciniale 8,029
May 9th
All the President's Moms
Hejman 929
May 8th
Get the Picture: Commonwealth Prime Ministers by Flag
jimbaz 745
May 7th
The Lives of the Samurai - Part I (before Sengoku)
Berrigan 326
May 7th
Little People, Big Dreams 2
hellofromUK 852
May 6th
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
NJSB 410
May 6th
4 People, 1 Thing in Common
babymonkee 3,072
May 5th
Spring Scenes - Famous Paintings
hazelnuts 1,723
May 4th
Profile: Joe Biden
LyndonG 1,547
May 4th
Star Wars Day Historical Events
map27 982
May 3rd
The TIME of the Americas
MoMosMoProblems 1,319
May 2nd
1789: Heads of States & Heads of Government
LisaSimpsonOH 1,391
May 1st
Ten Group Blitz: Ancient Rome
petenge 2,586
May 1st
When the White Man Comes: Know Your History
knightlancer 1,687
Apr 30th
4x4 Grid Match: History
Slinenfest 1,359
Apr 30th
Hidden History Word Ladder III
jyrops 920
Apr 29th
Politics I
Aleksx000 1,301
Apr 29th
Men in Wigs
thilia 1,451
Apr 28th
Edgar Degas: Multiple Choice Profile
finallymadeanacc 690
Apr 27th
Three-Headed Presidents
biggs364 1,502
Apr 25th
Get the Picture: Which Trudeau?
aaditya08-08-05 1,712
Apr 24th
History of London II
ZYX 4,066
Apr 24th
Famous Czechs
Tasi 840
Apr 23rd
American Battle or Not?
GeoEarthling 2,479
Apr 23rd
History by Radio News Bulletin (audio)
Hejman 985
Apr 22nd
Biographics: Joan of Arc
rajachola 1,162
Apr 21st
The Evolution of an Artist: Frida Kahlo
bucoholico2 668
Apr 21st
Historical Figures Grid: Elizabeth II
aglick 3,033
Apr 20th
One Night in Miami Foursome
DesertSpartan 690
Apr 20th
States by Closest President Alphabetically
MSUKent 1,299
Apr 19th
Who Am I? Famous People XXII
DIEGO1000 9,666
Apr 18th
In the 13 Original Colonies?
bobinwilder1 748
Apr 17th
European countries by Air Force/ Air Police insignia
zackdfmojo 637
Apr 17th
Super-Powered Historical Figures 6
dumby321 1,615
Apr 16th
Ancient World Artifacts
Extinctanimals22 1,805
Apr 15th
Early Works of Painters
lehks 1,062
Apr 14th
Titanic First Class Dinner Menu
Charnsea 2,933
Apr 14th
Facts About: Famous Shipwrecks
KnightOwl 1,233
Apr 13th
Common Experience of US Presidents
metatron 1,560
Apr 12th
Famous Italians in Movies
mucciniale 5,645
Apr 11th
BMW Cars Over Time
alvir28 2,599
Apr 10th
Missing Word: Leaders of Color: The U.S. Senate
Zipcity 550
Apr 10th
All the News That's Fit to Paint
beisaa 767
Apr 9th
Wars by Decade
kevinmattsson200 1,360
Apr 9th
Famous People From... Russia
Darkhelven 1,243
Apr 7th
Crowned Before Cromwell
BookishGirl98 2,224

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