Editor Picks: History

Quiz picks made by needapausebutton
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Jan 22nd
Istanbul (or Constantinople?)
Tr4pD00r 380
Jan 21st
Famous 17th/18th Century Person Picture Click
Alibias 636
Jan 20th
Presidents by Inauguration
jar514 903
Jan 19th
A Highly-Ranked Seal
BGCollector 546
Jan 19th
Presidents from Behind (Slideshow)
Hejman 1,095
Jan 18th
J Pegs
NJSB 560
Jan 17th
Presidential Fight Club
HappyWife 1,598
Jan 16th
In Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Lifetime
hatefulmissy 299
Jan 16th
MLK: Letter from Birmingham Jail
chair 150
Jan 15th
Tour the National Gallery of Art (Washington)
Tobsodan 522
Jan 14th
Famous Italians (Multiple Choice)
spartaniain 1,162
Jan 13th
45-50% of Popular Vote
hscer 685
Jan 12th
Battle - War Match
gazzso 2,031
Jan 11th
21st Century African Leaders
Acntx 383
Jan 10th
States Voting Republican since 1980 (clickable)
lesnarj 1,296
Jan 9th
Paint by Trivia: Art History
bhenderson79 1,714
Jan 8th
Britsh Historical Elizabeths
Cortez 967
Jan 7th
Country Flags of Leadership
CGMFan1 1,028
Jan 6th
19th Century: First or Second Half I
kfastic 2,817
Jan 4th
Country by Role in World War I
PLH 2,238
Jan 3rd
Click a Republican Presidential Nominee
Noldeh 1,633
Jan 1st
20th Century World History: January
HCTristesse 1,195
Dec 31st
World Leaders New Year's Resolutions
scole9179 1,000
Dec 30th
Ancient History Match-up
khands 2,205
Dec 28th
Late December Back in '63
WillieG 666
Dec 27th
Presidential Term Lengths (Clickable)
Qaqaq 1,222
Dec 26th
Former Countries Locator Map (Europe)
Aztlan_Historian 3,586
Dec 25th
Italian Paintings [Pic Click]
timmylemoine1 2,293
Dec 24th
Fantasy Dinner Party: 18th Century Famous People
GunterFields 1,437
Dec 23rd
Clickable History of the Americas
durhamfan 1,024
Dec 22nd
Find Five: Battles
eyes355 5,479
Dec 21st
Country by Picture of Female Leader II
NO_r_WAY 889
Dec 18th
Find the Monet Paintings
PrincessMartell 2,098
Dec 17th
Haiti's History: Fill in the blanks
Vladimir_Lenin 239
Dec 16th
The UK in the 20th Century: 1935
Cryptus 842
Dec 15th
Famous Americans by Mural II
hatefulmissy 1,045
Dec 14th
Which Mount Rushmore President?
El_Dandy 1,457
Dec 13th
50's Timeline Picture Click
Hejman 3,169
Dec 12th
We Didn't Start the Fire: Historically Speaking Part 3
strunk09 2,265
Dec 11th
Windows in Art (Slideshow)
beisaa 780
Dec 10th
Border Conflicts since WWII
saucyintruder 1,778
Dec 9th
Animals on Coats of Arms (slideshow)
Aztlan_Historian 971
Dec 8th
World Leader's Surnames by Definition
DesertSpartan 1,097
Dec 7th
Former Countries of Africa
Vladimir_Lenin 1,303
Dec 5th
20th Century: '20s or '30s?
kfastic 4,117
Dec 4th
Which UK Country (History)
pecheneg 2,974
Dec 3rd
Famous Sieges (part 2)
Cortez 1,102
Dec 2nd
European History Figures by Century
khands 2,360
Nov 29th
A Million Times for Prime Minister
teedslaststand 1,117
Nov 28th
Click a Female Political Leader
Noldeh 1,292