Geography Quizzes

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Nov 23rd
Outnumbered on Thanksgiving in the USA
Alcas 376
Nov 22nd
Landmarks of Asia
Andre9741 1,121
Nov 21st
Hidden Neighbors of Kentucky
smac17 6,472
Nov 20th
☢ Armageddon! ☢ -- Populous Oceania
geshmonkey 2,902
Nov 19th
Europe or Asia Blitz
31415926535 3,707
Nov 19th
Country Chain with Recycled Letters
hazimuff 1,262
Nov 18th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Landmarks
MrWhiplash 3,648
Nov 18th
Criteria countries (Former Yugoslavia)
STJEP123 3,226
Nov 17th
Pixel Art - NA, SA, or Oc. Flag #1
goc3 3,743
Nov 16th
Europe Night Lights III
NO_r_WAY 3,539
Nov 15th
Islands Out of Context II (images)
Hejman 1,732
Nov 14th
Landmarks with the Canadian Flag
jwalsh101 1,670
Nov 13th
Closest Capitals II
phil_quiz 1,678
Nov 12th
Country by Hat
TheMonkeyKing 1,701
Nov 12th
Pan-African Colours Flag Countries of Africa
mabro 1,621
Nov 11th
Canada or Not?
Hejman 2,342
Nov 11th
Quick Pick: Tourist Attractions by Continent
NJSB 2,829
Nov 10th
'R' Cities by Picture (Slideshow)
william2 6,335
Nov 9th
Mount Kilimanjaro quiz
treessimontrees 699
Nov 8th
African Capitals (Redux)
Pastor_Maldonado 5,005
Nov 7th
Click the Countries of Oceania in Alphabetical Order
bhenderson79 2,567
Nov 6th
Country by Internet Domain Code (._a)
guilherme_4 1,474
Nov 5th
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Asia
kfastic 1,381
Nov 5th
Build a Mosaic of the Netherlands
timmylemoine1 3,863
Nov 4th
Order the Continents I
quizace 5,886
Nov 4th
Linguistically Well-Connected Countries
blahedo 4,450
Nov 3rd
Same River: Different City
Flick 1,451
Nov 2nd
Two Degrees of Separation - France
schnautza 2,852
Nov 1st
Click the 'M' Flags
mg10 3,660
Oct 31st
Flag History: Mexico
Darzlat 1,497
Oct 30th
Europe by 2nd City (Slideshow)
newmarcchan 2,993
Oct 29th
Furthest Apart Capitals: South America
DunyGITH 1,810
Oct 29th
Country Flag Nicknames
Rhinoceros_Rex 2,129
Oct 28th
One Syllable Capitals
Gadgetron 2,272
Oct 28th
State Capital Population Quest
Zippity 4,913
Oct 27th
Photoshopped Flags I
joeydeka 2,160
Oct 26th
Where in Asia?
ceciliacarlid 1,819
Oct 25th
Largest cities near Mount St. Helens
klausvancraen 1,975
Oct 24th
Geographic names ending in -au
trottoir 1,846
Oct 23rd
Find the South American Capitals - No Map
Charnsea 4,048
Oct 22nd
☢ Armageddon! ☢ -- Mapless European Capitals
geshmonkey 10,278
Oct 22nd
No State US Nicknames
mattmurdock 1,449
Oct 21st
US Cities Named for World Capitals
devinkeithley 3,990
Oct 21st
⟺ Capitals : Go West but not too far
xyz_ 1,953
Oct 20th
Hangman - North America
PenguinsMeercats 4,434
Oct 20th
American Eclipseography
Alcas 949
Oct 19th
Geography Partners
shirleyalpha 2,410
Oct 18th
Country by Nordic Cross-ified Flag II
NO_r_WAY 2,155
Oct 17th
Missing Word: South American Cities
william2 2,486
Oct 15th
Blind Secret Country I
goc3 18,684