Geography Quizzes

Quiz picks made by beforever
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Jan 17th
Flags of The UK - Constituent Countries
Scuadrado 1,543
Jan 17th
Quick Pick: Danube River Countries
mg10 2,280
Jan 16th
Geographical O's
BanjoZebra 1,841
Jan 16th
Simple Asia 7-to-1
shirleyalpha 2,941
Jan 15th
'IN'-States (US) with 'IN'-Capitals
Tom_the_Terrible 1,437
Jan 15th
Quick Pick: Zambian Borders
teedslaststand 1,606
Jan 14th
Nigeria Letter Buddies
mikenew 1,324
Jan 14th
Countries of Europe: 1900
Thebiguglyalien 6,323
Jan 13th
Oceans Consonants
Flick 3,602
Jan 13th
'A' in Africa
mg10 1,359
Jan 12th
Famous Regions' Countries
longboard 2,939
Jan 12th
Let's find the South American borders
kfastic 6,346
Jan 11th
Country by Ugly Building
NO_r_WAY 3,669
Jan 11th
'O'-less Canadian Capitals
NJSB 1,418
Jan 10th
Conjoined Flags
Daandyy_Raandyy 1,582
Jan 10th
Erase Europe (Few Outlines)
goc3 124,081
Jan 9th
All The Places I Used to Be Queen
Hejman 2,747
Jan 9th
Geographic Centers of US States (Picture Click)
darkgreen_orange 2,001
Jan 8th
Hidden Neighbors of Tennessee
smac17 11,200
Jan 8th
Africa Minesweeper
joeydeka 14,795
Jan 7th
Badly Drawn Country Outlines II (Slideshow)
NarwhalNukeYT 5,136
Jan 7th
Mediterranean Countries Minefield
mvheald 5,596
Jan 6th
From Caracas to Cairo
mg10 1,746
Jan 6th
Borders a Six Letter State Minefield
El_Dandy 1,595
Jan 5th
Tropic of Capricorn Country Click
pdigoe 1,979
Jan 5th
America: Zero-country Borders
goc3 6,681
Jan 4th
Quick Pick: Cities S
babymonkee 3,159
Jan 4th
Tokyo Subway by ANY Three Letters
Alcas 1,739
Jan 3rd
States with Most Walmart Jobs (2017)
Exodiafinder687 2,841
Jan 3rd
10 to 1: Geography in 2017
marcustullius 6,976
Jan 2nd
Celebrating the New Year in Time
elzasezra 1,516
Jan 2nd
25 Happiest US Cities 2017
sproutcm 2,589
Jan 1st
New Year in Europe
ceciliacarlid 2,351
Jan 1st
New Year Countries in Order
PenguinsMeercats 1,513
Dec 31st
Date Switching Countries
Pastor_Maldonado 1,720
Dec 31st
City by December Weather
markassonne 1,439
Dec 30th
True or False: Cities with Subzero Temperatures
newenglander 1,721
Dec 30th
Capitals That Feel Chilly
timmylemoine1 2,092
Dec 29th
December Independence Day
wiskben 578
Dec 28th
Arctic Geography
Fledermaus 3,176
Dec 27th
Teddy Bears around the World
PrincessMartell 7,339
Dec 26th
Country By Christmas Letters
Bladselleri 1,636
Dec 25th
Country Christmas Tree *Merry Christmas*
manonthemoon 3,411
Dec 24th
World City by NORAD Santa Sightings
WillieG 1,839
Dec 24th
Countries With SANTA
Dec 23rd
The Christmas Island Quiz
NvjdsIsSmart 753
Dec 23rd
Trading partners of Christmas Island
pecheneg 1,182
Dec 22nd
Top Nutmeg Producing Countries
Yuccaman 1,817
Dec 21st
US City by Hallmark Christmas Ornament
WillieG 2,597
Dec 20th
5 to 1: Lakes
mg10 5,630