Editor Picks: Geography

Quiz picks made by beforever
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Feb 25th
United Geography
DesertSpartan 1,098
Feb 25th
World Capital Length Match
BillyJoelRulez 775
Feb 24th
Click Which European Microstate
tim_parr 3,079
Feb 23rd
African Independence from Belgium
benwc97 2,126
Feb 22nd
Countries by Aerial View
khands 4,315
Feb 21st
Find the Countries of Southeast Asia (Minefield)
tim_parr 13,274
Feb 20th
Google maps - 25 largest African cities
unicornglitter 1,575
Feb 19th
Asian Countries Venn Diagram
Darzlat 3,812
Feb 19th
Countries of the World: 1500
Thebiguglyalien 3,746
Feb 18th
Cities According to Wikipedia
hockeystix3 2,728
Feb 18th
Pixel Art - European Flag #1
goc3 3,771
Feb 17th
Paint the U.S. Map
bhenderson79 15,629
Feb 16th
Let's find the Asian borders
kfastic 9,500
Feb 13th
Click 30 Closest Capitals to London
xyz_ 4,983
Feb 12th
Italy or not? (Slideshow)
avis28 2,657
Feb 12th
Counties of England Redux
Dunja 6,252
Feb 11th
Geography 'A' Game
nspyred 6,640
Feb 10th
'M' Countries by Continent
emilymarie07 3,756
Feb 9th
Bordering 'S' Countries - Africa
Sergey7890 2,897
Feb 8th
Colorful Geography!
teedslaststand 4,393
Feb 7th
'N' Cities by Picture (Slideshow)
william2 6,047
Feb 6th
Slice the Map: World Capitals
bhenderson79 11,492
Feb 5th
The Afghanistan Quiz
Darzlat 952
Feb 5th
USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle
gazzso 4,119
Feb 4th
Find the Tectonic Plate Boundaries!
petenge 1,495
Feb 4th
African Country Venn Diagram
CaseyCase 2,476
Feb 3rd
US States: 'A' Endings
manonthemoon 8,916
Feb 3rd
Italian Region Picture Click
El_Dandy 3,986
Feb 2nd
Build a Mosaic of France
timmylemoine1 4,958
Jan 31st
North American Capitals (Multiple Choice)
amarkham 2,197
Jan 30th
Latitude Odd-One-Out
Suffron_SD 539
Jan 29th
Circled UK Cities (Slideshow)
Rackie 5,885
Jan 29th
Hidden Neighbors of Ukraine
markassonne 10,342
Jan 28th
Countries of Asia Containing 'R' (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 4,259
Jan 28th
Countries by Sunsets (A-Z)
awesomeness365 1,809
Jan 26th
Asian Countries by Capitals' Letters 7-1
awesomeness365 2,626
Jan 25th
Antipodal Countries on a Map
Azazello 1,703
Jan 24th
Japanese Main Islands Feature Match
hatefulmissy 1,121
Jan 23rd
Country Capital Match: Swapped First Letter
joelorr 3,630
Jan 22nd
Shades of Red Flags
goc3 3,181
Jan 21st
Countries of the World: 1600
Thebiguglyalien 4,168
Jan 21st
Click 30 Closest Capitals to Bishkek
xyz_ 1,867
Jan 20th
Correctly spelled States
Sssophie 5,278
Jan 19th
Rhine or Danube?
samc67 2,768
Jan 18th
Backwards Countries of Asia
emilymarie07 1,774
Jan 17th
Find the Countries of South America by Capital
bhenderson79 10,194
Jan 16th
Reversed Capital Trip
filipad 2,407
Jan 15th
50 places beginning with 'A'
Cortez 5,212
Jan 15th
Geography 'A' Blitz
nspyred 4,853
Jan 14th
Offbeat Demonyms 7-to-1
Perry5555 3,700