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Quiz picks made by El_Dandy
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
Oct 15th
45 in 45
RobPro 12,021
Oct 14th
Deleted Wikipedia Articles IV
MoMosMoProblems 745
Oct 13th
Logically Positioned Primes
alocalnomad 3,165
Oct 12th
Clickable Missing Colors
BanjoZebra 1,680
Oct 11th
Typing Challenge: Quick Brown Fox
Scott 3,161
Oct 10th
The Adder Ladder
bhenderson79 823
Oct 9th
How Many Vowels Was That?!
Bolafssonify 3,942
Oct 8th
Click That Clock!
geshmonkey 388
Oct 7th
Stupid Music Jokes II
lolshortee 1,412
Oct 6th
Bridges (Large) - 8
jyrops 3,340
Oct 5th
Ultimate Minefield Blitz VIII
Thebiguglyalien 11,323
Oct 4th
Sea Puns
alinrotundu 3,703
Oct 3rd
⑦⑦⑦Slot Machine Word Ladder⑦⑦⑦
Stanford0008 3,576
Oct 2nd
Basic Logic Grid Puzzle 2: Soft Toys
Smeddlesboy 1,740
Oct 1st
Test Your Memory: Colors
MSUKent 3,007
Sep 30th
Pieces of Art (Krøyer's Hip Hip Hurrah!)
AuroraIllumina 894
Sep 29th
Mini Sudoku VIII
31415926535 2,679
Sep 28th
Unusual Wikipedia Articles V
flibbidy 1,160
Sep 27th
Terrible Jokes 4
ZYX 2,715
Sep 25th
5-by-5 Logic Puzzle #3
The_Professor 1,564
Sep 23rd
Colorful Crossword
123Four 1,917
Sep 22nd
Quick Pick: Autumn Things
strokes_static 1,231
Sep 21st
Jumble #2
mg10 3,285
Sep 20th
L-L Match
Flick 2,726
Sep 18th
Flashing Colors!
FilipinoBreloom 793
Sep 17th
Sporcle Categories Oops-abetically!
mikenew 187
Sep 16th
Quick Pick: Two Vowels
Purple_Parrot 1,415
Sep 15th
Starbucks Logo Parodies
aglick 1,433
Sep 14th
Code Cracker! 20
hockeystix3 10,417
Sep 13th
5-Letter to 6-Letter (A-Z)
shirleyalpha 837
Sep 11th
This, But Not That: Foursomes
biggs364 2,551
Sep 10th
Unique Words on the Keyboard 1 (Slideshow)
Quiztopia 875
Sep 9th
Game of Presidents
christopherjulia 1,512
Sep 8th
Missing Word: Q&A Songs
gazzso 776
Sep 7th
Typing Challenge: Confidence
geshmonkey 1,541
Sep 6th
Slideshow Puzzler: Con-fronted
Arnott 514
Sep 4th
Bridges (Small) - 7
jyrops 2,274
Sep 3rd
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XXVI
Thebiguglyalien 3,503
Sep 2nd
Subword Surgery
esmeyny 566
Sep 1st
Basic Logic Grid Puzzle 1: Test Marks
Smeddlesboy 2,354
Aug 30th
Quick Pick - Proverbial Opposites!
nabean 2,247
Aug 28th
QWERTY Keyboard Blitz (Level 2 - Don't Make Typos!)
AuroraIllumina 2,092
Aug 26th
Walked Into A Bar Jokes 2
ZYX 1,878
Aug 25th
Color Puns
alinrotundu 6,018
Aug 23rd
Characters on Starbucks Sleeves
Zipcity 1,734
Aug 22nd
Word Ladder: Word Tetrahedron
eon 1,068
Aug 20th
Foods: Before and After
hempick 1,901
Aug 19th
Picture Click: Funny Beetle Cars
alvir28 1,942
Aug 18th
Don't Blink in 15 Categories!
FilipinoBreloom 1,648
Aug 17th
Waldo’s Day Off
matthijsbp 3,026

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