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Quiz picks made by Purple_Parrot
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
May 15th
Elemental DC Comics
Pilgab 166
May 14th
Same Name as a Superhero
BorezU 625
May 13th
Great Eight: Bald Celebrities
johncenafan612 1,302
May 12th
It's Strange
DesertSpartan 682
May 11th
Picture Quick Pick: Famous Alabamians
jlamp104 348
May 10th
Cryptogram: Marvel Characters
AwesumJuan 1,002
May 9th
Animated Enemies
DIEGO1000 1,496
May 8th
Marvel Mashers Slideshow
MitchellGoosen 569
May 7th
Tony-Winning Musical by Title of Academic Text
KStericker 970
May 6th
Famous T-listers
biggs364 890
May 5th
Missing Word: MCU (A-Z)
eoinsmith 1,063
May 4th
Star Wars Musical Parodies
I-Am-Batman 826
May 3rd
Hamilton Characters by Funko Pop! Figures
Nietos 822
May 2nd
Somewhere in the Middle (Cartoons)
pdigoe 2,104
Apr 30th
Musical Theatre Pangram
WhoFan1979 835
Apr 29th
15 Degrees of Alec Baldwin
buckwyldd 643
Apr 28th
Rubik's Cubed Celebrities
C22zm 767
Apr 27th
African American Artists with Multiple Tonys
Zipcity 387
Apr 26th
Fictional Characters with the Rinnegan
potterpal 603
Apr 25th
Get the Picture: Tom and Jerry Celebrities
garolo 1,591
Apr 24th
Cats Criteria
ceciliacarlid 2,366
Apr 23rd
Any Word A-Z: Best Musical Tony Winners
timschurz 476
Apr 22nd
Alien Character Performances
kvimperatore 585
Apr 21st
CharacterClick: Gunslingers
TimtheImpaler 457
Apr 20th
NHL Horror Logos
samduuude 881
Apr 19th
Click the Fictional Peter
Jovahkiin 2,240
Apr 18th
Pick the Flier
joemac307 994
Apr 17th
African Entertainers
durhamfan 580
Apr 16th
Let's Draw the Infinity Gauntlet!
GeoEarthling 675
Apr 15th
Birds in Comic Book Names
BorezU 1,658
Apr 14th
Marvel Female Characters
Akhilessh 949
Apr 13th
Famous Non-White Canadians
strokes_static 593
Apr 12th
Comedians by Fictional Portrayal
aglick 1,392
Apr 11th
Synonym or Antonym: Anime
GeoEarthling 991
Apr 10th
Celebs in Ripped Jeans
babymonkee 1,097
Apr 9th
Golden Globes Hosts on Sesame Street
captain_marvel 671
Apr 8th
The Flash Typing Challenge
I-Am-Batman 1,546
Apr 6th
Laconic Characters
cml103020 708
Apr 5th
Crossword: Intermissions
razorz 1,580
Apr 4th
Spongebob's Eyes on Fictional Characters
jackfrog10 1,941
Apr 3rd
TV & Movie Rivals By Image
TimtheImpaler 950
Apr 2nd
DeMille Award Winners by Fictional Portrayal
aglick 1,161
Apr 1st
Time Magazine Covers: Comedy
vinipereira 1,428
Mar 31st
Famous Names Image Match
jackaronson23 1,333
Mar 30th
Who's That With A Tony?
gamelord2007 882
Mar 29th
Group Clicking: Cartoons
Barbecue 6,214
Mar 28th
Fictional Propaganda
rajachola 870
Mar 27th
Find the Beatles at the Fantastic Four's Wedding
onethousandeight 1,931
Mar 26th
Movies! Bands! Mash-Up!
MSUKent 961
Mar 25th
Movie Stars with Music Albums
mister_pianoman 778

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