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Quiz picks made by Purple_Parrot
Picked Quiz CreatorPlays
May 27th
'B' Fictional Character Blitz
Flick 832
May 26th
Come On, Can I Have A Second Chance?
CGMFan1 318
May 25th
Marvel Characters by Definition
whssox 888
May 24th
Marvel Characters in Dice Masters IV
mkania83 324
May 23rd
Do They Come From The Land Down Under?
Doctor_Arzt 775
May 22nd
Sporcle's Easiest Monty Python
Flick 474
May 21st
A-Z Characters: Doctors
timschurz 807
May 19th
Musicals Acrostic
theobashau 2,090
May 18th
Titular Actors of Roald Dahl's Adaptations
alvir28 700
May 17th
Movies, TV and Actors
ZariiaGrint 671
May 16th
Celebrities with a Letter for Surname
teggers 540
May 15th
Flower Girls
HPGirl 704
May 14th
Vowel Cut Celebrities II
jrage2009 2,682
May 13th
Family Guy Characters by Lego
utkarshjha 984
May 12th
Pixar Character or Vice President?
Yankees2003 1,642
May 11th
Edible Celebrity Names
JackDots 1,756
May 10th
Celebrity - Mother Matching
Tootsnsuch 444
May 10th
Who is That with Mother?
mike2017 1,026
May 9th
Celebrity Couples Character Match Up
123Four 1,212
May 7th
TV/Movie Characters and Lent
CGMFan1 685
May 6th
Entertaining MM's
DesertSpartan 1,068
May 5th
Letter Bag - Tony Best Musicals
jrage2009 1,234
May 4th
Famous British people when young
ZYX 1,873
May 4th
Women of Star Wars
midnight_dreary 1,161
May 3rd
Missing Word: Fictional Joes
doodles417 505
May 2nd
Addresses of the Rich and Famous
pdigoe 1,286
May 1st
Let's Play Quidditch: Entertainment
Barbecue 3,019
Apr 30th
In Other Media: Star Trek
Exodiafinder687 433
Apr 29th
Nevertheless, She Persisted
JeluPotter25 1,392
Apr 28th
Find the Vowel-less Actresses
RaysRule2010 3,537
Apr 27th
Musical Keychains
strokes_static 1,560
Apr 26th
Palindromic Celebrities
BanjoZebra 1,522
Apr 25th
Missing Word: Alliterative Entertainment
Quizmaster91 781
Apr 24th
Get The Picture: Stephen Sondheim Musicals
Nietos 1,206
Apr 23rd
'SS' Characters
Pilgab 900
Apr 22nd
What Word Should Be Removed?
Yankees2003 1,499
Apr 20th
Missing Word: Terry Gilliam
Flick 366
Apr 19th
Missing Word - Ancient Wisdom
nabean 1,371
Apr 18th
Famous Names ending in L
shirleyalpha 2,035
Apr 17th
Answer Smash: Celebrities
Doctor_Arzt 826
Apr 16th
Actor Oscars of the 2010s
Joshie_the_great 1,490
Apr 15th
Cross-Words of Wisdom #11: John F. Kennedy
PatentExaminer 825
Apr 14th
Find the Vowel-less Actors
RaysRule2010 3,578
Apr 13th
Match the Musical Characters
KStericker 2,413
Apr 12th
'A' Fictional Character Blitz
Flick 1,789
Apr 11th
4x4 Image Crossword: Celebrities
bhenderson79 10,444
Apr 10th
DC's Bombshells Characters by Funko Pop Figure
Doctor_Arzt 712
Apr 9th
Celebrities Wearing Berets
jrage2009 937
Apr 7th
Heartwarming Dog Quotes
CGMFan1 1,158
Apr 6th
People of the Zodiac Rat
metashades 641

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