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Jun 20th
Group Clicking: Harry Potter
Barbecue JeluPotter25
Jun 20th
Kingkiller Chronicle: Kvothe's Rings
potterpal mister_pianoman
Jun 19th
5 in 30 - Wizards
nabean Caltac
Jun 19th
Fitzgerald's Main Characters
spotoneout BookishGirl98
Jun 19th
Time's Favorite Authors
468178 jackaronson23
Jun 17th
Children's Book Covers - Fathers
hazelnuts KingPhoebus
Jun 17th
Science Fiction by Women
jenelcc mister_pianoman
Jun 16th
Double Letter The Hunger Games
Pilgab Exodiafinder687
Jun 16th
'Phenomenal Woman' by Maya Angelou
Jun 16th
Sunday Crossword: Authors
shirleyalpha jackaronson23
Jun 15th
Get the Picture: Oz or Wonka?
Magnavox JeluPotter25
Jun 15th
Harry Potter Quote Grid
loesje11 HPGirl
Jun 15th
Which Shakespearean Villain?
eogle FretfulP
Jun 14th
Cryptogram: Discworld Novels
lozroxstripysox mister_pianoman
Jun 14th
16-in-60: Percy Jackson
Pigeonface hockeystix3
Jun 13th
Type the Portrait: George Orwell
Oldtippecanoe9 jackaronson23
Jun 12th
Weather In Literary Titles
Badger40 mister_pianoman
Jun 11th
'The Cat in the Hat' Trivia
johncenafan612 KingPhoebus
Jun 10th
Fictional Moms
SilentOne JeluPotter25
Jun 10th
Get the Picture: Irish Playwrights
MooseRhino07 Zipcity
Jun 10th
Mystery Crossword: 20th Century Novel I
MrCyganik mister_pianoman
Jun 10th
Missing Words: Meyer Books
Flick jackaronson23
Jun 9th
The Hunger Games in every category
mister_pianoman Exodiafinder687
Jun 8th
One Word Harry Potter Chapter Titles
FierceMustard HPGirl
Jun 8th
Male Poets Picture Click
jakethegoldfish CGMFan1
Jun 7th
Flip Flop: Harry Potter
GeoEarthling JeluPotter25
Jun 7th
Classic Children Books Logic Puzzle
dvsdab KingPhoebus
Jun 7th
Forging the Maester's Chain (ASOIAF)
Michiel beforever
Jun 7th
Missing Word: Rick Riordan Books
jackaronson23 jackaronson23
Jun 4th
Get the Picture: Carle or Ehlert?
xant_spectro jackaronson23
Jun 4th
Complete The Literary Quote - With A Film Title!
WhoFan1979 CGMFan1
Jun 3rd
House of the Dragon Characters
Nietos beforever
Jun 2nd
Characters With Most Lines in 'The Hunger Games'
Doctor_Arzt Exodiafinder687
Jun 1st
Ten Group Blitz: Novel Series
petenge KingPhoebus
Jun 1st
Fill in the Blank with the Author
MSUKent jackaronson23
Jun 1st
Books Published in June
heusie BookishGirl98
May 31st
Authors by 3 Children's Books
dwhewelluk jackaronson23
May 31st
Will or Not Will: That Is the Queston
LisaSimpsonOH FretfulP
May 31st
buzzpop7 beforever
May 31st
Subcategory Acrostic 119
eyes355 hockeystix3
May 30th
Get the Picture: Angelica, Eliza & Peggy
NJSB JeluPotter25
May 29th
Harry Potter Mind Reader
Barbecue HPGirl
May 28th
Three of a Kind, But...: Game of Thrones Characters
Doctor_Arzt beforever
May 28th
A-Z Books to A-Z Authors
Dumbledore999 jackaronson23
May 26th
Missing Word: The Hunger Games Definitions
Pigeonface Exodiafinder687
May 26th
Hamlet Deaths in Order
jackaronson23 Zipcity
May 26th
5 to 1: Literary Sisters
LTH gordon79677
May 25th
Click the Fictional Wendy
Jovahkiin JeluPotter25
May 25th
Mo Willems Character Map
ylime102 KingPhoebus
May 25th
Game of Thrones Visits Capital Cities
RobFitz beforever

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