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Mar 23rd
What's in a King James Name?
pdigoe ZYX Definition
Mar 22nd
A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R
Flick ZYX Definition
Mar 22nd
Chinese Provinces With Most Borders
Bladselleri beforever Chinese
Mar 21st
Hobo Slang
gingerlover ZYX Definition
Mar 20th
Sanremo 2018 Translated (Spanish)
mlingua Scuadrado Translation
Mar 20th
Pair a' Paras
JetWolfDoyle ZYX Definition
Mar 19th
1 Word, 2 Meanings II
RobFitz ZYX Definition
Mar 18th
CrossWordSearch Puzzle! II
Purple_Parrot ZYX Definition
Mar 18th
Quick Pick: Latin Cary Grant
marcustullius ZYX Latin
Mar 18th
Germanic Animal Puzzle
Scuadrado Cryptus German
Mar 17th
Philosophers or French Départements?
nabean midge96 French
Mar 17th
Anti- Adjectives
kfastic ZYX Definition
Mar 17th
Ethnic Groups of Singapore (Picture Click)
mg10 beforever Chinese
Mar 16th
Devon-itions III: Another Girl
HappyWife ZYX Definition
Mar 15th
Literature by Definition: George R. R. Martin
Noldeh ZYX Definition
Mar 15th
In 6 Languages: Easter
markassonne Scuadrado Translation
Mar 14th
Ferrari Concept Cars - [Picture Click]
alvir28 michaeljgarman10 Italian
Mar 14th
Four-Vowel Vocabulary - E
smac17 ZYX Definition
Mar 13th
In 6 Languages: St. Patrick's Day
markassonne Scuadrado Translation
Mar 13th
Avast, Me Hearties!
nabean ZYX Definition
Mar 12th
Double Word Hourglass: Stars
stevenmiller61 ZYX Definition
Mar 12th
Chinese Cities in Europe
tidal93341 beforever Chinese
Mar 11th
Marvel Comic Characters in Latin
smurfshroom ZYX Latin
Mar 11th
One Word Bands by Definition
NO_r_WAY ZYX Definition
Mar 10th
5-Letter _ _ _ BY (A-Z) Blitz
shirleyalpha triviahappy Begins and Ends
Mar 10th
-mpy Definitions
NO_r_WAY triviahappy Begins and Ends
Mar 10th
Books Missing 'P' Words
kfastic triviahappy Begins and Ends
Mar 10th
Poke Your 'I's Out
sproutcm ZYX Definition
Mar 9th
The Hobbit Vocabulary
gingerlover KnightOwl Vocabulary
Mar 9th
Language by 'Haggadah' Cover
aglick Scuadrado Translation
Mar 9th
'Del' Words
DesertSpartan ZYX Definition
Mar 8th
Two-Word Hint Crossword 3
AuroraIllumina ZYX Definition
Mar 7th
Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls
gingerlover midge96 French
Mar 7th
Origins of Popular Scottish Surnames II
hatefulmissy ZYX Definition
Mar 7th
Sino-Tibetan Countries
zekeA beforever Chinese
Mar 7th
Bislama: the Language You Didn't Know You Already Spoke
hdh Scuadrado Translation
Mar 6th
Retranslated: Spanish Idioms
morley518 Scuadrado Translation
Mar 6th
One 4 All: Synonyms 2
jyrops ZYX Definition
Mar 6th
Hide Your Picasso Collection
timmylemoine1 slipkid Spanish
Mar 5th
Add 'PA'
Arnott ZYX Definition
Mar 4th
Which Italian Region Is That?
geronimostilton michaeljgarman10 Italian
Mar 4th
✏ Words from France #1
xyz_ ZYX Definition
Mar 4th
Latin Phrases: Missing 'S' Words
beforever ZYX Latin
Mar 3rd
Take this Quiz, STAT! ⏰
senordingdong KnightOwl Vocabulary
Mar 3rd
Weird Words I
Mar 2nd
9 Fictional Chinese characters
Pilgab beforever Chinese
Mar 2nd
Trans-Wacky Definitions
gazzso ZYX Definition
Mar 1st
'BH' Vocabulary
beforever ZYX Definition
Mar 1st
Blitz: Is it in Japan?
beforever jr637 Japanese
Feb 28th
Let's Draw the Italian Borders
lkgo30921 michaeljgarman10 Italian