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Jul 27th
Suffixes in Common
Scuadrado ZYX Latin
Jul 27th
Bingo you know the Lingo
DesertSpartan ZYX Definition
Jul 25th
Spanish from Latin
dancastro Scuadrado Translation
Jul 25th
Derived from Latin
magistrakunz ZYX Definition
Jul 25th
Scripps National Spelling Bee 2017 Final Words I
Zenithim ZYX Definition
Jul 24th
One word, many languages
CGMFan1 Scuadrado Translation
Jul 24th
Unruly Roman Emperors
nabean ZYX Latin
Jul 24th
KingPhoebus ZYX Definition
Jul 21st
French Cities Typing Challenge
Eobo midge96 French
Jul 21st
Classical Authors by Works
ari18 ZYX Latin
Jul 21st
10 'Que' Words
samc67 ZYX Definition
Jul 20th
Lost words and their definitions
daisychristabel ZYX Definition
Jul 19th
States that End in A per Letter Blitz
sproutcm triviahappy Begins and Ends
Jul 19th
A-Z Images Ending in 'H'
sproutcm triviahappy Begins and Ends
Jul 18th
Leek Gratin!
nabean ZYX Latin
Jul 18th
Scattergories by 'C' Answers
MTwhiz ZYX Definition
Jul 18th
Bilingual Word Ladder II (Spanish-English)
Alcas Scuadrado Translation
Jul 17th
Quick Pick: Count to 20 in Mandarin Chinese
timmylemoine1 beforever Chinese
Jul 16th
Sign Language Quiz.
CGMFan1 Scuadrado Translation
Jul 15th
Translate Dutch Harry Potter Books
Viktrodriguez Scuadrado Translation
Jul 14th
Quick Pick: Simpsons 1st Season Episodes in Russian
Pastor_Maldonado Scuadrado Translation
Jul 14th
-ism Definitions II
NO_r_WAY KnightOwl Vocabulary
Jul 14th
Let's Click Some Ass!
timmylemoine1 ZYX Definition
Jul 14th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Bastille Day
MrWhiplash midge96 French
Jul 13th
Philosopher's Stone Chapter Titles in Latin
beautyofdreaming ZYX Latin
Jul 13th
Horse Synonyms
DrCbus ZYX Definition
Jul 11th
🍁 'O' Canada 🍁
DesertSpartan triviahappy Begins and Ends
Jul 11th
🍁 'CAN-' and '-ADA' Words 🍁
jwalsh101 triviahappy Begins and Ends
Jul 10th
What does my Latin name mean?
PrincessMartell ZYX Definition
Jul 9th
Chinese-Japanese character meanings
dancastro beforever Chinese
Jul 7th
True and False German Friends
Ulkomaalainen Scuadrado Translation
Jul 7th
Abstract scientific visualization (picture click)
Pilgab ZYX Definition
Jul 7th
Latin Phrases: Missing 'P' Words
beforever ZYX Latin
Jul 6th
The Devil's Dictionary, Part 2
MrWhiplash ZYX Definition
Jul 6th
Mixed Word: French Soccer Players
javaso midge96 French
Jul 5th
Common phrases in Papiamento
DJ_Paul Scuadrado Translation
Jul 5th
A Sporting Chance - I
nabean ZYX Definition
Jul 5th
Latin World Cities II
LaGeographe ZYX Latin
Jul 3rd
Chinese: Months
lfrench30 beforever Chinese
Jul 2nd
Harry Potter Latin to English (Clickable)
anniexc ZYX Latin
Jul 2nd
Quick Pick: Starts With 'Fun' (By 3 Synonyms)
JeluPotter25 ZYX Definition
Jul 1st
On the road of Tour de France 2017
Schweinsteignah midge96 French
Jun 30th
Begins and Ends: US Cities
BanjoZebra triviahappy Begins and Ends
Jun 29th
Historical Name Chains
jakethegoldfish triviahappy Begins and Ends
Jun 29th
The Watchmaking Glossary
matavar KnightOwl Vocabulary
Jun 28th
Quick Pick: Tour de France Starts
PrincessMartell midge96 French
Jun 28th
Can you match the definition?
RobFitz ZYX Definition
Jun 27th
Literal German Animals
Scuadrado Cryptus German
Jun 26th
Countries of Europe in Latvian (Picture Click)
Gneath Scuadrado Translation
Jun 26th
Multi-Category Language Blitz
DarkPhalanx ZYX Latin