Curator Picks: History

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Jan 21st
States by Year of Admission
nalaberong hockeystix3 Year
Jan 20th
On Inauguration Day
lolshortee jar514 US Presidents
Jan 20th
Presidents by Age at Inauguration
El_Dandy jar514 US Presidents
Jan 19th
Timeline of 20th century wars
arcer Cutthroat Century
Jan 19th
Art 7-to-1
samc67 Aprilli Art
Jan 18th
Pick the Birthday: Jan. 2017 GIF Calendar
big8dog88 MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jan 18th
Gary Johnson States
pachy92 TheCleverone Politics
Jan 17th
Inventors by Their Inventions
El_Dandy BeerHound Discovery
Jan 17th
The Art of War
ddavey1983 Scuba_Steve War
Jan 15th
Scientific Inventions and Discoveries Decade Match
Big_Mac Purple_Parrot Decade
Jan 15th
2016 Electoral Vote Getters
sproutcm TheCleverone Politics
Jan 14th
Years of Musicals vs UK Events: Find the Range!
Tom_the_Terrible hockeystix3 Year
Jan 14th
World War II Battles By Theater
KevinWill96 Scuba_Steve War
Jan 12th
Surreal Paintings II [Pic Click]
timmylemoine1 Aprilli Art
Jan 12th
Blair or Brown?
christopherjulia TheCleverone Politics
Jan 12th
Prime Presidents
Ubbiebubbie jar514 US Presidents
Jan 9th
Name a 21st Century Leader from...
hcd199 Cutthroat Century
Jan 7th
The 1700s
Cortez hockeystix3 Year
Jan 7th
Non-Politician Presidential Candidates
Hejman TheCleverone Politics
Jan 6th
Not Invented Yet
christopherjulia BeerHound Discovery
Jan 5th
Deadliest Battles in American History
johnspotter90 Scuba_Steve War
Jan 5th
Paint by Trivia: Art History
bhenderson79 Aprilli Art
Jan 5th
19th Century: First or Second Half II
kfastic Purple_Parrot Decade
Jan 4th
Who's that with Fidel Castro?
Acntx william2 World Leaders
Jan 4th
Scrambled US Presidents Matching
awesomeness365 jar514 US Presidents
Jan 3rd
Painters by Russian Doll
PrincessMartell Aprilli Art
Dec 31st
Another 25 Things We Learned in 2016
sufradley hockeystix3 Year
Dec 29th
21st Century South American Leaders
Acntx Cutthroat Century
Dec 28th
21st Century African Leaders
Acntx Scout_Number_4 Nation
Dec 26th
Famous Italians (Multiple Choice)
spartaniain Scout_Number_4 Nation
Dec 26th
Country by Role in World War I
PLH Scuba_Steve War
Dec 24th
On This Day: Christmas
movieboffin hockeystix3 Year
Dec 21st
1789 Electoral Votes
eon jar514 US Presidents
Dec 17th
20th Century World History: January
HCTristesse hockeystix3 Year
Dec 15th
Presidential Namesakes
jjf jar514 US Presidents
Dec 14th
Nationality of Cosmo/Astronauts
500cameron BeerHound Discovery
Dec 13th
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary
dalejr88a Scuba_Steve War
Dec 13th
Match the 20th Century world leader to the decade
DentalPlan Purple_Parrot Decade
Dec 13th
18th Century Rulers
ub13ster Cutthroat Century
Dec 11th
World Leaders New Year's Resolutions
scole9179 william2 World Leaders
Dec 10th
World's Most Powerful People 2015
Noldeh hockeystix3 Year
Dec 3rd
American Century Year-By-Year
ImpromptuJ hockeystix3 Year
Dec 2nd
1950s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
beisaa Purple_Parrot Decade
Nov 30th
Country by WWII battle field II
NO_r_WAY Scuba_Steve War
Nov 29th
Matchstick Sculptures
kfastic Aprilli Art
Nov 26th
The UK in the 20th Century: 1994
Cryptus hockeystix3 Year
Nov 20th
Nationalities of 20th Century Historical Figures
khands Cutthroat Century
Nov 19th
Years by Execution
khands hockeystix3 Year
Nov 16th
Former countries by continent (Clickable)
Aztlan_Historian Scout_Number_4 Nation
Nov 15th
Aerial Bombing (WWII slideshow)
ApolloCreed33 Scuba_Steve War