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Nov 19th
Biographical Musicals
midnight_dreary MoMosMoProblems Biography
Nov 18th
Top 10 Highest Grossing Animated Movies by Decade
devinkeithley Purple_Parrot Decade
Nov 17th
Paintings of People Knitting or Crocheting
Holly62092 beisaa Art
Nov 15th
Welcome to the White House
Thebiguglyalien jar514 US Presidents
Nov 13th
World Leaders: Who Died First?
strokes_static william2 World Leaders
Nov 13th
Logos Through The Ages: Sporcle
Darzlat hockeystix3 Year
Nov 12th
Trump Anniversary Election Photo
sproutcm TheCleverone Politics
Nov 12th
3x Word Ladder: Author's Bio
jyrops MoMosMoProblems Biography
Nov 10th
Countries by Fountain
Pilgab beisaa Art
Nov 9th
5 by 5 Scientists by Century
lolshortee Cutthroat Century
Nov 7th
1841: The Year Of Three Presidents
WhoFan1979 jar514 US Presidents
Nov 6th
Overshadowed Events
FilipinoBreloom hockeystix3 Year
Nov 5th
Ronald or Donald
NO_r_WAY MoMosMoProblems Biography
Nov 3rd
Art Installations by City
spookylane beisaa Art
Nov 2nd
20th Century History: July
HCTristesse Cutthroat Century
Nov 2nd
Famous People In 30 Seconds Or Less
DIEGO1000 MoMosMoProblems Biography
Oct 31st
U.S. Military vs. the U.S.
petenge Scout_Number_4 Nation
Oct 31st
Once You Eliminate the Impossible... V
PenguinsMeercats jar514 US Presidents
Oct 31st
12 to 1 Decades
ceciliacarlid Purple_Parrot Decade
Oct 30th
Halloween Events: October 31
Tootsnsuch hockeystix3 Year
Oct 29th
Great discoveries by Art
Pilgab BeerHound Discovery
Oct 26th
Kennedy Assassination: Progressively Harder
biggs364 jar514 US Presidents
Oct 25th
What Presidents do on Halloween
scole9179 MoMosMoProblems Biography
Oct 25th
British Political Parties by Picture of an MP
durhamfan TheCleverone Politics
Oct 24th
Actual European Discoveries
Alcas BeerHound Discovery
Oct 23rd
Russian History (clickable)
Pedroia15 hockeystix3 Year
Oct 19th
Artists by Biography Title
Pushcake MoMosMoProblems Biography
Oct 19th
U.S. Presidents: Who Died First?
strokes_static jar514 US Presidents
Oct 17th
Parties Represented in the Hellenic Parliament
UserHandle TheCleverone Politics
Oct 16th
TIME Cover Stories - World Historical Figures
hatefulmissy william2 World Leaders
Oct 16th
2017 World Leaders
knight_of_ni hockeystix3 Year
Oct 15th
UK Prime Minister by Achievement or Event
joclenderyou191 TheCleverone Politics
Oct 13th
Politicians Deaths III: 1960-1979
Flick Purple_Parrot Decade
Oct 13th
TIME Cover Stories - Musicians
hatefulmissy MoMosMoProblems Biography
Oct 12th
Flags No More (Africa)
pecheneg Cutthroat Century
Oct 10th
Not Again, Mr. President
pdigoe jar514 US Presidents
Oct 9th
American History by the Year (1900-1949)
bsumemrs93 hockeystix3 Year
Oct 7th
A Guide to the Names of the American Revolution
QuizKnight MoMosMoProblems Biography
Oct 4th
Royal Navy quiz
Cortez Scuba_Steve War
Oct 2nd
15 Minutes of Fame (2003 edition)
robtkoch hockeystix3 Year
Oct 1st
UK Labour Party leadership election candidates
PLH TheCleverone Politics
Oct 1st
True or False Blitz: the 18th Century
Smeddlesboy Cutthroat Century
Oct 1st
Born in October: GIF Calendar Pick - 2017
big8dog88 MoMosMoProblems Biography
Sep 30th
Decide the Decade: Science
BanjoZebra Purple_Parrot Decade
Sep 28th
Things We Take For Granted
gazzso BeerHound Discovery
Sep 28th
'I Am Malala': A Biography Quiz
Magnavox MoMosMoProblems Biography
Sep 27th
U.S. President by Three Places
Hejman jar514 US Presidents
Sep 26th
Vietnam War Era Match-Up
senordingdong Scuba_Steve War
Sep 26th
Famous Painting by Original Title
Nacchi beisaa Art
Sep 25th
Word Ladder: 2004
geshmonkey hockeystix3 Year