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Jul 20th
Significant African American Women
Tootsnsuch MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jul 20th
History of Singapore
mg10 Scout_Number_4 Nation
Jul 19th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Eponymic Presidents
MrWhiplash jar514 US Presidents
Jul 19th
European City by World War II Photo
tmhiggins422 Scuba_Steve War
Jul 16th
Top 10 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies by Decade
devinkeithley Purple_Parrot Decade
Jul 16th
Flag History: Mexico
Darzlat hockeystix3 Year
Jul 15th
Least Free Countries
hscer TheCleverone Politics
Jul 12th
Countries by U.S. Presidential Statements
pitchorneirda jar514 US Presidents
Jul 11th
Merkel's cabinet
SanouFR TheCleverone Politics
Jul 10th
2017 G20 Summit Leaders
geronimostilton william2 World Leaders
Jul 10th
7 to 1 Sorting- US Manned Space Program
biggs364 BeerHound Discovery
Jul 9th
The Adams Family
hscer MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jul 9th
True or False Blitz: the 19th Century
Smeddlesboy Cutthroat Century
Jul 8th
Australian History: Which Year?
hcd199 hockeystix3 Year
Jul 5th
Haiku Multiple Choice: Art
bhenderson79 beisaa Art
Jul 2nd
Born in July: GIF Calendar Pick - 2017
big8dog88 MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jul 1st
The Obama Years: Timeline
Alcas hockeystix3 Year
Jul 1st
Roman Wars A-Z
Soirenios Scuba_Steve War
Jun 30th
The 3rd thing you need to know: 20th Century History
MrWhiplash Cutthroat Century
Jun 30th
Illustrated Quotes about Feminism
KStericker TheCleverone Politics
Jun 29th
Explorers A-Z
Flick BeerHound Discovery
Jun 28th
🍁 Invented in Canada or by Canadians 🍁
DesertSpartan BeerHound Discovery
Jun 28th
Which 'J' President?
Hullabaloo jar514 US Presidents
Jun 28th
The 3rd thing you need to know: World Leaders
MrWhiplash william2 World Leaders
Jun 25th
Spanish Historical Portraits by Clue
Aztlan_Historian MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jun 25th
Historic Math
sanders590 hockeystix3 Year
Jun 24th
History of London up to 1900
derex Scout_Number_4 Nation
Jun 23rd
The Donald's Handshakes
chaosBEE jar514 US Presidents
Jun 22nd
America in the Nixon years
robtkoch Scout_Number_4 Nation
Jun 21st
8 to 1: 1980s Teen Pop Culture
hatefulmissy Purple_Parrot Decade
Jun 20th
Women in the US Senate
chemicalgenius TheCleverone Politics
Jun 20th
Name 'The Trimates' Scientists
tim_parr MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jun 19th
Self-effacing Explorers!
nabean BeerHound Discovery
Jun 19th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Painters
MrWhiplash beisaa Art
Jun 18th
Which Year? (1970s)
william2 hockeystix3 Year
Jun 17th
20th Century Artists Match-up
khands Cutthroat Century
Jun 15th
The 3rd thing you need to know: Writers
MrWhiplash MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jun 14th
You Sunk My Battleship (WWII edition)
Tom_the_Terrible Scuba_Steve War
Jun 13th
Tour the Milwaukee Art Museum (Picture Click)
Tobsodan beisaa Art
Jun 12th
2017 UK general election: changed seats
PLH TheCleverone Politics
Jun 12th
10 Directors, 3 Decades II
ghcgh Purple_Parrot Decade
Jun 10th
Historical Events by Year and Location Match-up
khands hockeystix3 Year
Jun 9th
Missing Word: Lord Buckethead's Manifesto
geshmonkey TheCleverone Politics
Jun 9th
Explorers or Racing Drivers?
nabean BeerHound Discovery
Jun 8th
American Revolution A-Z
demonmothball Scuba_Steve War
Jun 8th
Famous Helens
pecheneg MoMosMoProblems Biography
Jun 6th
🔥Quick False Historical Facts MC Quiz❤️
KidgiB BeerHound Discovery
Jun 6th
Vice Presidents Who Served Less Than One Year
El_Dandy jar514 US Presidents
Jun 5th
Profile: Tony Benn
Rablador TheCleverone Politics
Jun 5th
Historical Figures: Born First
Rackie Purple_Parrot Decade