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Nov 18th
Name my Borders - Gabon
harleydog Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 17th
Mexican Public Holidays Match-Up
Pastor_Maldonado rolftheoaf North America
Nov 17th
Countries without Railroads
Tobsodan geronimostilton Country
Nov 17th
Copa America Winners that played in the Premier League
Jigjag megamrbrutal United Kingdom
Nov 17th
How Many Monarchs?
geshmonkey megamrbrutal United Kingdom
Nov 17th
10 to 1: The Ashes
megamrbrutal megamrbrutal United Kingdom
Nov 16th
ABC Geography
BanjoZebra soljaris Topography
Nov 16th
💥 Spider Missoula
xyz_ mikenew State
Nov 15th
European 'M' Cities by Lonely Planet Image
LabinotHarbuzi kfastic Europe
Nov 14th
European cities with an English exonym
1516 petenge Population
Nov 14th
Quick Pick: Algeria top 10 cities
TheInfam0usThey Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 14th
African Countries with Atlantic Coastline
shirleyalpha Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 14th
Languages of Africa
mg10 Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 13th
Backwards US State Abbreviations
hamradiojames mikenew State
Nov 13th
Road Trip Typing Challenge: Trans-Canada
Alcas geronimostilton Canada
Nov 13th
Periodic Table of African Countries
wilycub geronimostilton Country
Nov 13th
Asia by Native Phonetics
Alcas Tr4pD00r Asia
Nov 13th
Those 12 Flags: Holiday Characters
Flick Tr4pD00r Flags
Nov 12th
Around the Perimeter of Belgium
mg10 kfastic Europe
Nov 11th
Furthest Apart Capitals: Oceania
DunyGITH guilherme_4 Oceania
Nov 11th
Anything but Equatorial Guinea
Bladselleri Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 11th
Flags No More (Americas)
pecheneg guilherme_4 South America
Nov 11th
10 Closest Capitals to Equatorial Guinea
WillSE1022 Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 11th
Equatorial Guinea quiz
WackyZacky Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 11th
Erase the World by Time Zone
goc3 milc World
Nov 11th
Hidden Neighbors of Kyrgyzstan
markassonne milc Border
Nov 11th
Criteria capitals
STJEP123 milc Capital
Nov 10th
European Metal Fans Minefield
Darzlat petenge Population
Nov 10th
A-Z Country by Capital
kfastic geronimostilton Country
Nov 10th
Texas Cities and Towns by Picture
RunningDeer gazzso City
Nov 10th
Separated Cities (Dominican Republic)
beforever rolftheoaf North America
Nov 9th
European Countries That Colonised the Americas
zeppelinoid kfastic Europe
Nov 9th
Hidden Neighbors of West Virginia
smac17 mikenew State
Nov 9th
Hidden Neighbors of Botswana
markassonne Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 8th
The Riskiest Countries in the World
lisacash petenge Population
Nov 7th
Update the Map: Turkey
pecheneg gazzso City
Nov 7th
African Players in the Russian Premier League
Eisenherz Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 7th
Interwar Period Year by Year - Africa
eugeniedaae86 Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 7th
Pixel Art - African Flag #22
goc3 Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 6th
Click the Adriatic Sea Countries
PrincessMartell kfastic Europe
Nov 6th
Quick Pick: Presidents Born in 'New' States
BetterThanKate mikenew State
Nov 6th
🌹 Between Detroit and Quebec City
xyz_ geronimostilton Canada
Nov 6th
No white flags on my border
Thryduulf Tr4pD00r Flags
Nov 6th
6 to 1: Asia
mg10 Tr4pD00r Asia
Nov 5th
Quick Pick: Madness or Ian Dury?
ZYX megamrbrutal United Kingdom
Nov 4th
What's My Sport? - British Athletes
MrWhiplash megamrbrutal United Kingdom
Nov 4th
Find the London Landmarks III
Cryptus megamrbrutal United Kingdom
Nov 4th
Braille Countries of Oceania
Tr4pD00r guilherme_4 Oceania
Nov 4th
Anything but São Tomé and Príncipe!
rolftheoaf Pastor_Maldonado Africa
Nov 4th
Closest Capitals: Sao Tome
RobPro Pastor_Maldonado Africa