What’s the most successful film in Oscar history? Three films have each won 11 Oscars , but many of those awards were in lesser categories. Is a Set Decoration award as significant as Best Actor? Is Sound Effect Editing as important as Best Direction?

Frankly, no. At least not to the general public.

That’s why the Oscars always save the “big” categories for the end of the show: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and finally Best Picture. People are more interested in these awards, so they are – to put it bluntly – worth more.

I’ve devised and calculated  a weighted ranking of every film ever nominated in every Oscar Category.

The films in this quiz were weighted using the following criteria:

  • Best Picture Winners: 100 Points
  • Best Director: 80 Points
  • Lead Actors (Male or Female): 70 Points
  • Writing: 60 Points
  • Supporting Actors: 45 Points
  • Animation: 30 points
  • Music: 25 Points
  • Other Categories: 20 Points

Nominations are worth 60% of winners in the same category.

The sum of those winner and nomination points is the weighted score for the film. To my knowledge, this is the first time anyone attempted anything like this.

The end results surprised me. I hope you too find them interesting.