Trivia Hunt XV: June 11, 2022

We are happy to have hosted another exciting event for the all of you who like to Hunt for knowledge, incredible facts and obscure information. Remember days when your internet searches gave no results? Well it’s not the case any more – it’s quite the opposite! Your answer is on the web, but it’s buried, buried deep. It takes a special virtual pickaxe to dig it out and take the treasure!

So many teams have reached out to say they had fun, regardless of their score or quickness, so the Hunt is as exciting as ever! You might have learned what a ‘vocaloid’ is, squinted to spot a river otter on a special Alabama license plate, played the first Venn diagram game in ages, or learned about Sporcle collaboration with Austin Rogers.

In fact, we are again partnering with 12-time Jeopardy! champion Austin Rogers to put together a 3-week virtual tournament!! Learn more about this fun event.

But back to this Saturday. We are either making this too easy for you, or you’ve honed your hunting skills, as for the second consecutive time, the average score increased. Teams submitted 17.7 correct answers on average. Twelve teams were perfect within the prize time limit and will share the prize. Congratulations to the fastest team – ProgChamps – who finished the Trivia Hunt XV in the fastest time!

The next Trivia Hunt is Trivia Hunt Express IV! It’ll be held on August 4th at 9PM Eastern. Unlike this one, it will have only 10 questions, with a one-hour prize time limit. Tickets can be purchased here.

It will be followed by the major event of the year, the in-person Trivia Hunt Hits Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. – learn more about it at the SporcleCon 2022 page.

Read on for stats, full list of winners and the answers to all the questions.

Average Submission Time: 107 minutes (all teams); 95 minutes (winning teams)
Average Score: 17.7/20
Teams Winning Cash – 12

Easiest Question: Question 7 (Answer: 01, 100%)
Hardest Question: Question 12 (Answer: Kurt Busch, 74%)


A quick note about the questions and how we go about them: when we write each question, we test it in a small group, re-write them, and try again. A different group does a test run 2-3 days before the hunt, and again, we revise. Even with all that, we sometimes don’t discover an additional answer or a possible wording issue. We certainly do our best, and our intent is never to trick you. We want you to get them right, but we also want them to be a challenge. With that said, there are sometimes questions where there were multiple accepted answers. If your team answered a question differently than shown below, please email us to explain it before we do the scoring on Monday.  Slight misspellings are accepted. Thank you!

Question 1

This print depicts an event that happened on this date (June 11th). According to the title of this print (per to the Library of Congress), the event happened in a smaller body of water bordered by three U.S. states. What is the river with the easternmost river mouth that discharges into this body of water?

Discovery Path: Terrible collision between the steamboats Stonington and Narragansett: at 11.30 p.m., of Friday, June 11th, 1880, off Cornfield Light, Long Island Sound → Long Island Sound → Pawcatuck River

Answer: Pawcatuck River

Most Common Wrong Answer: Thames River
Correct Percentage: 82%

Question 2

Find the U.S. states that have neither a Dunkin’ location nor a Krispy Kreme location. Among those states, which state has the most Chipotle locations?

Clarifier: Dunkin’ was formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts

Discovery Path: No Dunkin’ in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Washington → Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington have a Kristy Kreme → North Dakota (3) and South Dakota (1) → North Dakota

Answer: North Dakota

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 96%

Question 3

This image shows an early version of a motor vehicle license plate. The state that issued it currently offers several Special Interest versions of license plates for personal use, including one to support preservation of a body of water and its ecosystem. The newest version of that license plate features a plant and a mammal. Name both.

Discovery Path: Alabama → Save the Cahaba → Cahaba lily and river otter

Answer: Cahaba lily and river otter

Most Common Wrong Answer: White-tailed deer and cattail
Correct Percentage: 84%

Question 4

R.I.P. Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou, better known as Vangelis.

What is the worldwide highest-grossing feature-length movie in which Vangelis is credited as the composer?

Clarifier: As long as he’s credited as the composer of a movie, it doesn’t matter what name he’s credited with.

Answer: Alexander

Most Common Wrong Answer: Chariots of Fire
Correct Percentage: 82%

Question 5

Congrats to AleXa for winning the inaugural American Song Contest!

What state or territory was represented by the song with the largest number of unique letters in its title?

Clarifier: The word “SporcleCon” has eight unique letters in it. Capitalization of the letters does not make them unique.

Discovery Path: I Don’t Take Pictures Anymore (15 unique letters) → New Jersey

Answer: New Jersey

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 96%

Question 6

This image shows a list of fees for what location where you shouldn’t be walking barefoot? This location is featured in the video game Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

Answer: Tsingy de Bemaraha

Most Common Wrong Answer: Antananarivo
Correct Percentage: 92%

Question 7

What two-digit number appears as a shoulder tattoo on a Vocaloid who appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and who was featured in Pharrell remix?

Discovery Path: Hatsune Miku → 01

Answer: 01

Most Common Wrong Answer:
Correct Percentage: 100%

Question 8

We’ve scrambled the letters in the logo of a company that was voted among the top five gasoline providers in a 2020 USA Today poll. Find the state that has the least number of gas stations owned by this company (states without a station are disregarded). Next, find the northernmost station in that state, and locate the closest city or town to that station that has a population of over 50,000 people. According to the official website of this city or town, they believe in four things. What is the thing they believe in that is listed last (at the bottom of the list)?

Discovery Path: Hy-Vee → Wisconsin → Eau Claire → Equity

Answer: Equity

Most Common Wrong Answer: Excellence
Correct Percentage: 98%

Question 9

Find the star system that is the location of the local planning department of the Galactic Hyperspace Planet Council that Earth belongs to, according to a book first released in 1979. That star system lends its name to a video game that features a number of conflicting political groups. From which two-word fictional country is the leader of the most eco-friendly group in this video game?

Discovery Path:  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy → Alpha Centauri → Gaia’s Stepdaughters → Lady Deirdre Skye → Free Scotland

Answer: Free Scotland

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 88%

Question 10

The person in this video clip shares their name with the creator of a TikTok video with over 33 million likes. What are the first two words of that TikTok post’s description?

Discovery Path: David Scott → @enbiggen → Spirited Away

Answer: Spirited Away

Most Common Wrong Answer: I may
Correct Percentage: 88%

Question 11

Find the people who have released at least one music studio album in their careers and who have appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in the 2020s, disregarding holiday editions. Name all the Scrabble-legal words from any of their studio albums’ titles that would score the most points in the game of Scrabble (TWL rules).

Discovery Path: Jennifer Lopez, Grimes, Dua Lipa, Sean Combs, Billie Eilish, Janelle Monáe → Happier (14) from Eilish’s Happier Than Ever, and Computer (14) from Monáe’s Dirty Computer → Happier Computer

Answer: Happier Computer

Most Common Wrong Answer: Champion
Correct Percentage: 74%

Question 12

Find a list of the Daytona 500 winners since 1959. Eliminate all the winners who shared their first name, their last name, or their car number with another winner. Among the remaining winners, who is the winner who won driving exactly 200 laps in the race and finished in the slowest time?

Answer: Kurt Busch

Most Common Wrong Answer: Bill Elliott
Correct Percentage: 74%

Question 13

These three “cops” co-starred in a different movie than the one pictured in this image. Name any woman cast member who appeared in both movies.

Discovery Path: Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Zeljko Ivanek → Seven Psychopaths → Abbie Cornish or Sandy Martin or Amanda Warren

Answer: Abbie Cornish or Sandy Martin or Amanda Warren

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 96%

Question 14

According to the 2020 FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) classification, what is the only large hub airport with an IATA code that contains both letters from its corresponding state postal code?

Clarification: It’s not a large hub, but Joe Foss Field airport’s IATA code is FSD, and it’s located in South Dakota (postal code SD); therefore, it contains both letters from its corresponding state code.

Answer: Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International (FLL)

Most Common Wrong Answer: Atlanta
Correct Percentage: 98%

Question 15

This photograph from 1880s shows the members of a music ensemble who performed at the Taj Mahal late in that decade. Among the singers in that particular troupe, one had a double letter in both their first name and last name. An Australian author shares this name. On the date this author published their first paperback book, what was the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

Discovery Path: Fisk Jubilee SingersBelle GibbonsNovember 13, 2013Royals by Lorde

Answer: Royals

Most Common Wrong Answer: Truth Hurts
Correct Percentage: 76%

Question 16

The title of the song in this audio clip is also the name of a former monarchy. This monarchy ended with an exile of its rulers, commemorated by a bronze sculpture at the point of departure. Name the person who unveiled this sculpture.

Discovery Path: Tyrone by Erykah Badu → Tyrone Empire → Flight of the Earls → Rathmullan bronze statue → Mary McAleese

Answer: Mary McAleese

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 94%

Question 17

Using the U.S. states on the 47th parallel north, fill this Venn diagram. Which three states are placed in the shaded areas of the diagram?

Clarifier: Venn diagrams are filled so that each answer takes a unique position within three circles, intersections of the circles, or outside the circles.

Answer: Washington, North Dakota and Idaho

Most Common Wrong Answer: Washington, North Dakota and Maine
Correct Percentage: 88%

Question 18

Most common flare gun type was named after a man who shares his last name with an educator born in the 1820s. That educator created a verse version of a popular folk tale. An animal appears on the cover of the first edition of that book. That animal has a two-word Latin name with initials C. L. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, what is the only Asian country where this animal is extinct?

Discovery Path: Very → Lydia Louisa Anna Very → Red Riding Hood → Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus) → Japan

Answer: Japan

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 94%

Question 19

Five mobile video games have been recognized as Best Indie in the Google Play Editors’ Choice 2021 (US). One of those five is the third game made by a developer whose first game’s title contains the word “Little”. The title of the third-shortest song in the original soundtrack for that video game contains a memory storage unit. How many decimal numbers can be stored in a unit of that size?

Discovery Path: 7 Billion Humans → Tomorrow Corporation → Little Inferno → 8 Bit Inferno → 256

Answer: 256

We’ve also accepted ‘2’ as the correct answer here, as a number of teams used a bit and not 8 bits, due to slightly confusing wording.

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 82%

Question 20

On Star Wars Day 2022, Sporcle sponsored an event in a Santa Monica bar, hosted by Austin Rogers. Find the most-watched music video on YouTube by the featured music duo that performed at that event. A city police department building is shown in this video. On what street is that building located?

Discovery Path: May 4th 2022 → Blackillac →  Black on Black → Austin PD → 8th Street

Answer: 8th Street

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 88%