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Trivia Hunt XIII: February 26, 2022

After a long winter break, Trivia Hunt is back for a new season! It was everything we promised it to be – tricky, original, diverse and most of all – fun! You were able to walk on This Street and The Other Street, roam through the streets of Chicago and Leominster, ride along with Pot-8-os, do some ‘M’ calculations and discover fun movie trivia facts. We truly enjoyed putting this one together so we’re thrilled that so many of you emailed us to share their enjoyment, regardless of how they did in the Hunt. (We also enjoyed the one team who couldn’t find an answer to a question, and instead of leaving it blank, shared their love for the event. That answer was not accepted, but was embraced 🙂 ).

After hours of sprinting across the WWW, teams got the most answers right, averaging close to 16 correct answers. Six teams did a perfect round of 20/20 in the allotted time and will share the prize. Congratulations to the fastest team – ProgChamps – who did it in just 51 minutes! Way to start the new TH season, after multiple podium finishes in 2021. Additional eighteen teams cam close, getting tripped up on just one question – better luck next time!

The next Trivia Hunt is Trivia Hunt XIV! It’ll be held on April 30th at 8PM Eastern. Just like this one, it will have 20 questions, with a two-hour prize time limit. Tickets can be purchased here.

Read on for stats, full list of winners and the answers to all the questions.

Average Submission Time: 129 minutes (all teams); 97 minutes (winning teams)
Average Score: 16/20
Teams Winning Cash – 6

Easiest Question: Question 5 (Answer: Nothing, 97.5%)
Hardest Question: Question 12 (Answer: Paul Millsap, 41.2%)


A quick note about the questions and how we go about them: when we write each question, we test it in a small group, re-write them, and try again. A different group does a test run 2-3 days before the hunt, and again, we revise. Even with all that, we sometimes don’t discover an additional answer or a possible wording issue. We certainly do our best, and our intent is never to trick you. We want you to get them right, but we also want them to be a challenge. With that said, there are sometimes questions where there were multiple accepted answers. If your team answered a question differently than shown below, please email us to explain it before we do the scoring on Monday.  Slight misspellings are accepted. Thank you!

Question 1

In honor of February being National Hot Breakfast month, find the location of the mystery Denny’s diner. We’re looking for the U.S. city in which it’s located:

The mystery location has the same number of Denny’s locations in its state as where that state ranked in admission to the Union. (For example, Hawaii was the 50th state in the Union, so if they have 50 Denny’s locations, that’s the state you should look at.)

The city does not have two words in its name.

If you don’t care for the menu at this Denny’s, there is a Burger King and a Wendy’s across the street.

Discovery Path: Massachusetts → Holyoke, Leominster, Springfield, Worcester → Leominster

Answer: Leominster

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 92.1%

Question 2

An athlete whose first name and last name each contain only four letters won a Winter Olympic gold medal in Beijing 2022 after winning both silver and bronze medals in the previous Winter Olympic Games. Who was the first person from that athlete’s country to collect all three medals (gold, silver, and bronze) in the Winter Olympics in an individual competition?

Clarifier: The medals may have been won in different Winter Olympic events.

Discovery Path: Beat Feuz → Switzerland → Vreni Schneider

Answer: Vreni Schneider

Most Common Wrong Answer: Erich Scharer
Correct Percentage: 85.1%

Question 3

This image showing a dame singing comes from a 1975 performance of a show. A famous musician drunkenly wandered onto the stage during a live performance of that show. That musician is the only member of their band credited in writing what instrumental, which appeared on a studio album by that band?

Discovery Path: Dame Helen Mirren → Teeth ‘n’ Smiles→ Keith Moon → The Who → Cobwebs and Strange

Answer: Cobwebs and Strange

Most Common Wrong Answer: A Quick One
Correct Percentage: 81.6%

Question 4

Out of the three winners of the Academy Award for Best Director whose surnames come last alphabetically, one was born in the Western Hemisphere. If you combine this director’s first name with the title of the English-language Netflix original series that was nominated for the most Golden Globes at the 2022 ceremony, you get the anagram of a two-word media franchise that originated with a 1990s namesake video game. What is the full title of the most recent video game in this series that was released for the PlayStation 4?

Discovery Path: Zemeckis → Robert + Maid → Tomb Raider → Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Answer: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Most Common Wrong Answer: Tomb Raider Reloaded
Correct Percentage: 86.0%

Question 5

This audio clip is playing a part of a song by a 1980s band. After splitting, the band reunited a few times for touring purposes and also to release its last album. The title of that album is the same as a part of this song’s title. The title of the third song on the “A” side of that album is a Spanish word that has what meaning in English?

Discovery Path: Minimal Compact → Creation is Perfect (I Am a Camera) → Creation is Perfect → Nada → Nothing

Answer: Nothing

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 97.4%

Question 6

A thoroughbred horse that won an annual race held for 30 years in the 18th century had a name containing the following letters, sorted alphabetically: OOOOOOOOOPT. Among the other horses who won the same race, which one shared its name with a celestial object and a creature from Greek mythology?

Clarifier: The race was run for a total of 30 years, not for 30 years at the time the horse won it.

Discovery Path: Potoooooooo → 1200 Guineas Stakes → Charon

Answer: Charon
After an appeal, we’ve decided to also accept Antinous

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 92.1%

Question 7

The four cities whose locations are shown in this GIF contain the same letter sequence. Name that sequence.

Clarifier: Each location is shown for five seconds, after which the GIF loops.

Discovery Path: Fort Lauderdale, Fortaleza, Fort Portal, Fort Beaufort → Fort

Answer: Fort
We also accepted ‘ort’.

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 93.9%

Question 8

Take the NYSE ticker symbol for each of the three companies below, and combine them. You’ll have a total of six letters, if you’ve found the right companies. Two different Scrabble-accepted six-letter words can be formed when unscrambling those letters. Name both of those two six-letter words and provide the words in alphabetical order in your answer.

Company 1: This company’s headquarters building is located between Illinois Center and Michigan Avenue.

Company 2: The current CEO of this company became the first woman ever to head a major U.S. bank.

Company 3 – You can text a beauty advisor at this company at the number 1-646-846-1266.

Discovery Path: Old Republic International (ORI), Citigroup (C), Estée Lauder Companies (EL) → ORICEL → Coiler – Recoil

Answer: Coiler – Recoil
This question was unintentionally ambiguous, due to many teams using the One Illinois Center building, which is further away from the Michigan Avenue, so we decided to also accept ‘Calmed – Macled’ as a correct answer.

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 81.6%

Question 9

Join us in celebrating Black History Month with this question! The starting letters of the first names of the Black actors and actresses who were either nominated for or won an acting Oscar for the roles shown in this image, put together, form the name of another Black movie star. What is the title of the movie for which that person earned their own acting Oscar nomination?

Clarifiers: First names of their stage names, by which they are commonly known. Acting Oscars include all four categories, as follows: Academy Award for Best Actor, Academy Award for Best Actress, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Discovery Path:  (A)ndra Day, (L)akeith Stanfield (L), (F)orest Whitaker, (R)egina King, (E)thel Waters, (W)hoopi Goldberg, (O)ctavia Spencer, (O)prah Winfrey, (D)iahann Carroll, (A)dolph Caesar, (R)uth Negga, (D)aniel Kaluuya → Alfre Woodard → Cross Creek

Answer: Cross Creek

Most Common Wrong Answer: Sounder
Correct Percentage: 72.8%

Question 10

According to some reports from 2014 and 2015, a part of the plant shown in this image was planned to be used as a primary heating source for a new city/suburb near which major city in Turkey?

Discovery Path: Pistacchio → Gaziantep

Answer: Gaziantep

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 93.9%

Question 11

What is the first waterway you’d cross if you were to travel straight north from the location where a particular speech, a part of which can be seen in this video, was given?

Discovery Path: Robert F. Kennedy speech on the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. → Indianapolis, 17th and Broadway → Fall Creek

Answer: Fall Creek

Most Common Wrong Answer: Lake Michigan
Correct Percentage: 86.0%

Question 12

The only active NBA player who scored 60 or more points multiple times in different seasons in his career has been traded a few times in his career. What other player, who was involved in one of those trades, has scored the most career NBA points?

Clarifier: Picks that were later used to draft players do not count. 60+ points were scored in single regular-season games.

Discovery Path: James Harden → Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, Caris LeVert, Paul Millsap, Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond → Paul Millsap (14,516 career points)

Answer: Paul Millsap

Most Common Wrong Answer: Kevin Martin
Correct Percentage: 41.2%

Question 13

If you were at That Street’s junction with The Other Street and went down either that street or the other street, then turned right onto This Street and followed this street to its junction with a trunk highway, which Canadian province would you be in?

Discovery Path: This Street, That Street and The Other Street, Porters Lake → Nova Scotia

Answer: Nova Scotia

Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 96.5%

Question 14

Find the highest-grossing movie at the U.S. domestic box office with a number in its official title that has been released in 2022 thus far. Next, find the actress starring in this movie who has the most acting credits on IMDb (film or television). Also according to IMDb, what is the most common name among the characters this actress has played, excluding appearances as herself?

Discovery Path: The 355 → Penélope Cruz → Laura

Answer: Laura

Most Common Wrong Answer: Edina
Correct Percentage: 66.7%

Question 15

United States’ Age Discrimination in Employment Act contains a _ _OQ defense, where the two blanks stand for the initials of a common Latin phrase. The first word of that phrase is a part of the surname of three characters from the same play, which has been staged on Broadway three times: in the 1930s, the 1950s, and the 2010s. In the 2010s revival, the oldest of those three characters was played by a versatile actor who has appeared in many roles on the big screen, on television, and on stage. This actor plays a supporting role in a TV series that had its newest season premiere this month. What is that character’s field of occupation?

Discovery Path: BFOQ → Bona Fide → Frank, Joe, and Mr. Bonaparte → Golden Boy → Tony Shalhoub → The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel → Abe Weissman, mathematics professor

Answer: Mathematics or Theatre

Most Common Wrong Answer: Law/Lawyer
Correct Percentage: 71.1%

Question 16

On the date that the winning franchise of Super Bowl LVI previously won the league championship, the oldest artist who headlined the 2022 halftime show had one song on the Billboard Hot 100. For the final week that this song was on the chart, what was the title of the song that charted directly below it (in terms of popularity, not numerical value)?

Discovery Path: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, Kendrick Lamar → Dr. Dre (born Feb 17, 1965)  → Rams, Jan 30, 2000 → Forgot About Dre → Jun 3, 2000, #82 → I Don’t Wanna

Answer: I Don’t Wanna

Most Common Wrong Answer: Untitled (How does it Feel)
Correct Percentage: 62.3%

Question 17

This image shows the name of a North American city written using characters of a language that was a lingua franca in the Mediterranean around 800 BC. If you were to use corresponding Latin characters, what city name would you reveal?

Discovery Path: Phoenician alphabet → Tucson

Answer: Tucson

Most Common Wrong Answer: Chicago
Correct Percentage: 78.1%

Question 18

Marco from Malta is coming to North America on March 1 and is visiting a few “M” places. His cousin Monica asked him what local time he will arrive at Menominee, Michigan. What answer should he give, provided he has the itinerary below?

Marco’s flight from Malta is scheduled for 18:00. It’ll take 11 hours for him to reach his first destination, Milford Mill in Maryland. He’ll stay there for 16 hours.

From Maryland, Marco will fly over to Manitoba, Canada. The journey to the town of Morden will take five hours. He’ll stay just one hour there.

His next destination is the town of Meridian in Mississippi. The flight there will take four hours, and he’s going to visit the town for seven hours.

From there, Marco will catch a bus and then a cruise ship to the Caribbean island of Martinique. The trip will take 18 hours, and he’ll stay 15 hours in Martinique.

The penultimate stop, nine hours away, is Missoula, Montana. Marco will be there for just two hours.

Finally, he’ll take a train to Monica’s town in Michigan. It will take 17 hours to get there.

Discovery Path: Malta time all the way (UTC+1 on Mar 1): Start 18:00 ; Total trip time: 11h + 16h + 5h + 1h + 4h + 7h + 18h + 15h + 9h + 2h + 17h = 105h = 4 days and 9 hours → Arrival on Mar 6 at 3 am on Malta time → Menominee, Michigan (UTC -6 on Mar 5) → Time difference is -7 hours → Arrival is at 8 pm (on Mar 5).

Answer: 8 pm

Most Common Wrong Answer: 9pm
Correct Percentage: 75.4%

Question 19

Find the countries with horizontal triband flags that have exactly three colors (no coat of arms or other symbols), one of which is white. The white stripe also has to be the middle stripe. One of the bridges in the national capital of one of those countries was supposed to be named in accordance with a public vote, but after the name of an American TV personality won the popular vote, another name was chosen. What is the current name of that bridge?

Discovery Path: Hungary (Budapest), Sierra Leone (Freetown), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Yemen (Sana’a) → Budapest, Stephen Colbert → Megyeri Bridge

Answer: Megyeri Bridge

Most Common Wrong Answer: Freedom Cycling Bridge
Correct Percentage: 85.1%

Question 20

This image shows two bobbleheads: one of a famous TV character, and one of an MLB star. If you replace the last four letters of the TV character’s last name with “ultz” and the last letter of the MLB player’s first name with “hn,” you’ll get the names of two actors who voiced two of the primary antagonists throughout the original series of a Cartoon Network animated series. What is the title of the 32nd episode (overall) of that animated series?

Discovery Path: Dwight Schrute and Joe DiMaggio → Dwight Schultz and John DiMaggio → Ben 10 (2005), Dr. Animo and Vulkanus → Game Over

Answer: Game Over

Most Common Wrong Answer: Brain Grub
Correct Percentage: 47.7%