Get Your Friends Together on January 23, 2021 at 8 PM ET for Trivia Hunt by Sporcle.

You Could Win $500!


Win $500 in Sporcle’s newest game, combining pub quiz with scavenger hunt: answer 25 questions with a perfect score before anyone else and you take home the prize!

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1: Sign up to play. For a $25 team ticket, you can have any number of teammates you like. Tickets can be purchased here.

Step 2: Wait excitedly.

Step 3: At 8pm ET on Jan 23rd, we’ll post 25 trivia questions to a webpage on You’ll be sent the secret URL to that page approximately 60 minutes ahead of time, but the questions won’t be posted until 8pm. The page will also include a link to a Google Form to submit your answers. For your convenience, the questions will also be included on the Google Form itself. (If you haven’t received the email with the link by 7:30pm ET day-of, please email

Step 4: Try to answer all 25 questions correctly, as quickly as possible! Use any resources you want – your brain, your friends, your internet connection – because the questions are multi-layered and you’ll need all the help you can get. Expect text, audio, video, and image-based questions.

Step 5: Submit answers via the Google Form. Once you hit submit, there are no take-backs. You never know when others will submit, so send it in even if it’s 18 hours later!

Step 6: Hopefully, win $500 CASH! The team who gets all 25 questions correct in the quickest amount of time wins the prize. In the case no team gets a perfect score, the highest score out of all entries submitted within 24 hours will take the prize.


Example Questions:

1. What 7-letter word has appeared in the titles of movies starring Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Jack Black, Queen Latifah, and Audrey Hepburn?

2. The city that this picture was taken in is just 20 miles west of what Texas city that has over 120,000 residents?

3. Which Major League Baseball team scored the most runs on the day this speech was given?

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  1. Holiday
    (Holiday in the Sun, The Holiday, Last Holiday, Roman Holiday.)

  2. Waco
    (Jenna Bush, the daughter of George HW Bush, was married in Crawford, Texas. Crawford is 20 miles west of Waco.)

  3. Montreal Expos
    (Ronald Reagan gave his “Tear Down This Wall” speech on June 12, 1987. On that day, the Montreal Expos scored 13 runs against the Philadelphia Phillies, which was the most runs scored by any team that day.)