Trivia Hunt Express: August 18th, 2021

Congrats to our fastest perfect-scoring team, taking home $107.24:
1st – The Quick Wits – 29 minutes, 19 seconds

Our Recap

Hey, folks. This is Remy, Sporcle Live trivia host and co-writer of the Trivia Hunt questions. We received a whopping 223 submissions for our inaugural Trivia Hunt Express! Thank you so much for taking part in this!

As it would turn out, this was one of the most dramatic Hunts yet (for mostly good reasons)! Only FOUR SECONDS separated our first and third-fastest 10/10 teams this time around. 110 teams managed to score 10/10, but only 69 managed to do so within the hour time limit! Congrats to The Quick Wits for very truly edging out the competition! T.J. Has No Hope in Hell and TSC also made the top three, making them eligible for our year-end Trivia Hunt game!

As always, we hope you all enjoyed solving our trivia puzzles. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

Average Completion Time: 189 minutes
Average Score: 8.96 Teams
Winning Cash – 69


Trivia Hunt X is on September 18th, 2021 at 8 PM Eastern. We’ll be quizzing you about anything and everything! There is no specific theme in this hunt. The prize pool for this event is $2000 and if you get 20/20 before 10 PM Eastern, you win some cash! 

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A quick note about the questions and how we go about them: when we write each question, we test it in a small group, re-write them, and try again. A different group does a test run 2-3 days before the hunt, and again, we revise. Even with all that, we sometimes don’t discover an additional answer or a possible wording issue. We certainly do our best, and our intent is never to trick you. We want you to get them right, but we also want them to be a challenge. With that said, there are sometimes questions where there were multiple accepted answers.

Question #1: Welcome to Trivia Hunt Express! Of the women currently serving as U.S. state governors (not as a delegate, for example), two pairs of governors share a birth year. Between these two birth years, find the one closest to the year in which The Flintstones aired its series finale. At the Academy Awards held in that birth year, one of the films that received multiple nominations was based on a novel by an author whose pen name is his first and middle initials followed by his last name. These first and middle initials are the same as the first and last initials of a 1960-born actress who won an MTV Movie Award and a Saturn Award. For what specific film did she win both of those awards?

A: Kill Bill: Volume 2
Most Common Wrong Answer: Splash
Correct Percentage: 83%
Quick Note: It broke my heart to mark a few teams down as wrong because they didn’t clarify the (correct) film.

Question #2: The person sometimes referred to as DJ Big Driis posted a short promotional video on their Twitter feed on the first day of a month in this year (i.e., February 1, 2021, but not necessarily February). In that video, they have a shirt on with two words on it. One of those words appears in the title of a film in which they have appeared. What is the country of origin of this film?

A: Jamaica
Most Common Wrong Answer: United Kingdom
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: I still can’t believe he’s going to play Knuckles the Echidna. (Good job on this one!)

Question #3: The most mentioned name in the Bible (KJV) with less than five letters is also the name of a member of a group of Marvel Comics antagonists. In that group, what intangible concept does that character represent?

A: Patience
Most Common Wrong Answer: Regenerative Healing
Correct Percentage: 88%
Quick Note: I wonder what phase of the MCU will feature The Externals. I saulppose I’ll just have to be patient and find out.

Question #4: According to Guinness World Records, the person with the longest full name has one name for each letter in the English alphabet. Between these 26 names, which name was the most commonly given name to newborn boys in the US in the year 2000?

A: William
Most Common Wrong Answer: John
Correct Percentage: 89%
Quick Note: Some teams may have accidentally used a list of most common boy names from the entire decade of the 2000’s here!

Question #5: The dog featured and heard in this clip belongs to a breed that shares the last word in its name with many places around the world. Two of these places are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Of the two cities that lie closest to each of these historic places, the city with the higher population was named after a person born in a European city. Before this European city had its current name, it was spelled the same as the surname of a certain actor. This actor has provided his voice for one animated English-language role. The first line spoken by his character in this role includes a noun that both appears in the title of (and is prominently depicted in) a famous 19th-century painting. What landmark is also depicted in this same painting, with a flag flying from it?

A: Notre Dame Cathedral
Most Common Wrong Answer: Statue of Liberty
Correct Percentage: 67%
Quick Note: It may be a little tough to see, but the towers of Notre Dame are indeed there. Incidentally, the Eiffel Tower was constructed decades after this painting was made.

Question #6: The official logo of the pop group with the most YouTube subscribers (for a pop group) has two of the letters in their official logo reversed. Only one recurring DCEU actress has these letters, in alphabetical order, as their initials. What character does she play in the DCEU?

A: Queen Hippolyta
Most Common Wrong Answer: Connie Nielsen
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: We wanted the character, not the actress! This cost two teams a perfect 10/10 score!

Question #7: Which African country‘s shoreline is pictured here? Clarifier: This image is properly aligned north and was taken from Google Maps.

A: Gabon
Most Common Wrong Answer: South Africa
Correct Percentage: 91%
Quick Note: Not much to say here! Good job!

Question #8: It’s March 25, 2023, and you’re on a mission to discover the best recipe for Thousand Island salad dressing. The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink tells you that the dressing’s name comes from a region of islands in a particular river. You head to those islands and before too long travel east by boat on the river until you reach the city that once had a sports team with a mascot named Badaboum. You get off your boat and head to a famous museum that first opened to the public in December 1988. Once you walk through the museum doors, you realize you forgot to get the Thousand Island recipe, and you shout what two-word phrase? It’s the exact phrase as the name of an exhibit at the museum you’re standing in, and that exhibit’s run ends “tomorrow.”

A: Oh Shit!
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: I love how a lot of you gave us the answer in French.

Question #9: The world’s best-selling fiction writer of all time (according to Guinness World Records) had three novels published in the year 1934. One of these novels’ titles contains the full title of an American film released in the same year. This film was based on another book by a different author whose first and last names are the same as those of an actor. This actor has provided his voice for one video game: what is that specific game?

A: Red Dead Redemption II
Most Common Wrong Answer: Halo
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: I still haven’t played RDR. Should I add it to my backlog?

Question #10: If you thought Trivia Hunt VII’s road trip was wild, well guess what: this Hunt’s trip starts out in space! We don’t have the same kind of budget Bezos or Branson do, though, so this trip’s only going to take five stops.

Stop 1: Out of all of the confirmed moons of the planet with the “Bringer of Jollity” namesake, find the moon whose name anagrams to the first name of the main character in Akira Toriyama’s hit 1980-84 manga series. This is where our journey begins.

Stop 2: Of the letters in this moon’s name, find the letter that has the fewest number of tiles in a standard U.S. English game of Scrabble and head to the most populous city in the world that contains at least two of this letter in its common English name.

Stop 3: Find the tallest individual building in this city that contains an “x” in its name. Take this building’s number of floors and head to the city that hosted that number edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Stop 4: Of the 10 world capital cities closest to the city in Stop 3, find the one whose name, if you remove all instances of its first letter, is one letter changed from a different moon of the planet in Stop 1. Head to this city.

Stop 5: Take the spelling of Stop 4’s city in its native tongue and subtract the letters from its regular English name. Arrange the remaining two letters in alphabetical order, then head to the U.S. state that uses those two letters as its postal code and find the biggest city or town by land area that contains both of those two letters anywhere in its name. This is our final destination!

What is this city/town?

Clarifier: Here are some useful links we’d like for you to use for this trip!

A: Quartzsite / Virginia Beach
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 100*%
Quick Note: We didn’t expect one of the sites we wanted you to use to get DDOS’d. We also didn’t expect one of the steps to have a loophole in it, making another site all but unusable. It only makes sense to give everyone points for this one. On a personal note, I’d like to thank everyone for their support of Sporcle and our Trivia Hunts over the past few months. It’s been a genuine blast writing these questions and running the backend of the Hunts for all of you!  As always, we sincerely appreciate your support of our humble Trivia Hunt! We hope to see you again on September 18th!

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