Trivia Hunt Express II: October 5th, 2021

Congrats to our fastest perfect-scoring team, taking home the 100$ bonus!
1st – Trivial Fursuit

Our Recap

Thank you for taking part in the Trivia Hunt Express II! As you may have realized, we really mean the ‘express’ part of it, so it’s more about quickness than skill. The questions were fairly easy and many teams got them all right, within the 1 hour given to grab a slice of the prize.

However, to get into the top three, you had to be super quick. The winners needed only 17 minutes to climb onto the podium! Six teams managed to submit a perfect sheet within the first 30 minutes, so it was as close as possible. Great job!

The fastest three will be invited to take part in the end-of-year Trivia Hunt special:

  1. Trivial Fursuit
  2. Return of the Meat Truck Pizza
  3. MC Gandalf The Fresh and His Hip-Hobbits

As always, we hope you all enjoyed solving our trivia puzzles. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

Average Completion Time: 50 mins (all), 43 mins (perfect scores)
Average Score:
Winning Cash:
36 teams, winning $13.89 each (bonuses excluded)


Trivia Hunt XI is on October 23rd, 2021 at 8 PM Eastern. We’ll be quizzing you about anything and everything! There is no specific theme in this hunt. The prize pool for this event is $2000 and if you get 20/20 before 10 PM Eastern, you win some cash! 

Tickets here!

Don’t forget: you can save some $$ by buying multiple Hunts at once! Also, prices will go up by $5 on the day of the Hunt, so it’s best to sign up early (and often)!

A quick note about the questions and how we go about them: when we write each question, we test it in a small group, re-write them, and try again. A different group does a test run 2-3 days before the hunt, and again, we revise. Even with all that, we sometimes don’t discover an additional answer or a possible wording issue. We certainly do our best, and our intent is never to trick you. We want you to get them right, but we also want them to be a challenge. With that said, there are sometimes questions where there were multiple accepted answers.

Question #1: A world city has a name that matches the current date at that location. The name of the city commemorates the start of a military conflict. That military conflict was launched on an important religious holiday. On what date did that holiday begin in 2019?

Clarifier: While multiple religious holidays may have been ongoing, this campaign was launched on the exact day one of them started.

A: October 8
Most Common Wrong Answer: October 6
Correct Percentage: 95.3%
Discovery Path: 6th of October → Yom Kippur War → October 8 2019

Question #2: This is the TV schedule from a specific day. Unfortunately, it’s covered up by the Trivia Hunt logo. What program aired on NBC at 9 PM this day?

A: 3rd Rock from the Sun
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 96.9%

Question #3: Two companies have been placed at the exact same positions on Fortune 500 lists in 1955 and in 2005. Of the two, which one is now defunct?

A: United Technologies
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 96.9%
Quick Note: The other company was Exxon Mobil

Question #4: If you enter a Starbucks store in the United States and order the two drinks of a Hot Coffee variety that have the most calories, as currently available on the Starbucks online menu, how many total calories will you be consuming (based on the standard recipes)? Let’s assume that you’re ordering one 16-ounce cup of each drink, with no customizations.

A: 820 cal
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 95.3%
Quick Note: As we did not specify that the drinks need to be different, we’ve also accepted 860 calories as the alternative correct answer.

Question #5: What Canadian city is pictured in this image?

A: Ottawa – Gatineau
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 95.3%
Quick Note: Either of the cities shown on the map was accepted.

Question #6: The year Fidel Castro first became the prime minister of Cuba, an author was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America. His well-known character, who was born in Montenegro, shares a name with a Roman emperor. Give that name.

A: Nero
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 98.4%
Discovery Path: 1959 → Rex Stout → Nero Wolfe → Nero

Question #7: One of the locations that hosted the annual men’s US Open golf tournament only once shares its name with the full stage name (first and last) of a movie actor. That actor appears in a music video by one of his close friends, in which he lip-syncs most of the lyrics. A number of musical instruments are featured in that video. What is the only instrument appearing in the video that this actor’s friend does not pretend to play?

Clarifier: The name of the location and the name of the actor are an exact match.

A: Trumpet
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 90.6%
Discovery Path: Chevy Chase → You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon) → Trumpet

Question #8: The actress from this video clip has played a number of characters with four-letter first names in her movie career (credited roles only). One of those roles was in the movie whose screenplay was ranked in the top five of Hollywood’s Black List for a certain year. The director of that movie shares his name with a former TV broadcaster. That broadcaster appeared as himself in an episode of The Simpsons. What word is repeated in the title of that episode?

A: Sunday
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 93.8%
Discovery Path: Gugu Mbatha-Raw → Miss Sloane (Esme) → John Madden → Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

Question #9: Only two combinations of a US state name and that state’s capital city name use more than half of the English alphabet, if you count unique letters in each such combination. What is the most frequently used letter in English that neither of those two combos contains?

A: D
Most Common Wrong Answer: U
Correct Percentage: 78.1%
Discovery Path: Charleston, West Virginia & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -> ETAOINSHRDLU -> D

Question #10: A famous movie franchise will have its latest sequel released this year. In United States, it will be released on the same date as the answer to Question 1. Some of the previous sequels were shot at a certain location. That location is in the closest foreign country to a four-letter city. The first letter of that city’s name is the third letter of Question 8’s answer. The second letter of that city’s name is the third letter of Question 3’s answer. The third letter of that city’s name is the third letter of the second word of Question 2’s answer. The fourth and final letter of that city’s name is the second letter of Question 6’s answer. Of the movies that were shot in that location, only one has a one-word title. Who performed the theme song for that movie?

A: Tina Turner
Most Common Wrong Answer: Shirley Bassey
Correct Percentage: 67.2%
Discovery Path: James Bond -> N,I,C,E -> Monaco -> GoldenEye -> Tina Turner

As always, we sincerely appreciate your support of our humble Trivia Hunt! We hope to see you again on October 23rd!

The Next Hunt – Trivia Hunt XI October 23rd, 2021 –
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