Trivia Hunt by Sporcle: Double or Nothing

Get Your Friends Together on February 13, 2021 at 8 PM ET for Trivia Hunt: Double or Nothing by Sporcle.

You Could Win $1,000!


Trivia Hunt is back! The second installment is titled Trivia Hunt: Double or Nothing! When you name something that, you have to double the prize, right? That means the top prize for this hunt is $1,000! And there are other ways to win as well!

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1: Sign up to play. For a $25 team ticket, you can have any number of teammates you like. Tickets can be purchased here. Ticket sales close at 7 PM Eastern the day of the event.

Step 2: Wait excitedly.

Step 3: At 8pm ET on Feb 13th, we’ll post 25 trivia questions to a webpage on You’ll be sent the secret URL to that page approximately 60 minutes ahead of time, but the questions won’t be posted until 8pm. The page will also include a link to a Google Form to submit your answers. For your convenience, the questions will also be included on the Google Form itself. (If you haven’t received the email with the link by 7:30pm ET day-of, please email

Step 4: Try to answer all 25 questions correctly, as quickly as possible! Use any resources you want – your brain, your friends, your internet connection – because the questions are multi-layered and you’ll need all the help you can get. Expect text, audio, video, and image-based questions. Be mindful that while Wikipedia is a great resource, it can be edited by the general public. Therefore, choose your resources carefully.

Step 5: Submit answers via the Google Form. Once you hit submit, there are no take-backs. You never know when others will submit, so send it in even if it’s hours later!

Step 6: Hopefully, win one of the following prizes:
Fastest Time with 25/25 correct – $1,000 Cash
Second Fastest Time with 25/25 correct – Free Entry in the Next Hunt
Third Fastest Time with 25/25 correct – Free Entry in the Next Hunt
Perfectly Average Prize – $100
(awarded to the submission that went 25/25 and was closest to the overall average time of all other 25/25 submissions)

Step 7: Check out the post event recap that will be released the following day. You’ll see each answer, some stats, and your rank.


What’s Changed Since the First Hunt?

1. We will be displaying the questions at 8PM on a different part of our website than the first Hunt. This will help us avoid any hiccups. An email with the link to the answer sheet and PDF of the questions will also be sent at 8PM as a back up.

2. We’ve added in the Perfectly Average Prize of $100! See Step 6 above.

3. The general feedback was that you liked the extremely multi-layered questions the best. Expect more of that.


Example Questions:

You can see every question asked at our first hunt by visiting the recap page here.