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Trivia Hunt: We Can Do It!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this Hunt celebrating famous women.

Congratulations to the fastest three teams – winning $527.02 each:
Slumdoge Millionaires –
54 minutes, 23 seconds
Exotic Fruit Basket – 54 minutes, 46 seconds
Taked Baby. Meet at later bar. Night or day sometime. – 61 minutes, 43 seconds

Our Recap

203 teams did some real work on Saturday night as we celebrated famous women, past and present. One player called it a “Surgical Google Search,” another called it a “Mind Explosion in the Best Way,” and another said, “Wow, that was intense!” In the end, 41 teams ended with a perfect score. Every team that went perfect before 11PM, which was 37 of those 41 teams, split $1,000 evenly. That’s $27.02 per team. Our fastest three teams (listed above) also get $500 added to their prize amounts!

Average Completion Time: 160 minutes
Average Score: 22.6
Team Winning Cash – 37


The next hunt is called Trivia Hunt: Spring Clash. It’s on Saturday, April 17th at 8 PM Eastern. We’ll be quizzing you about anything and everything, so polish your trivia swords for battle. The prize pool for this event is $2500 and if you get 25/25 before 11 PM Eastern, you win some cash.

Also, you can buy a combo ticket for Spring Clash and our hunt on May 15th called Oh Snap! (A 90s themed hunt). You save $5 when you buy a combo ticket!

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A quick note about the questions and how we go about them: when we write each question, we test it in a small group, re-write them, and try again. A different group does a test run 2-3 days before the hunt, and again, we revise. Even with all that, we sometimes don’t discover an additional answer or a possible wording issue. We certainly do our best, and our intent is never to trick you. We want you to get them right, but we also want them to be a challenge. With that said, there are a couple of questions where there were multiple accepted answers.

Question #1:

Welcome to Trivia Hunt: We Can Do It. We’ll be celebrating famous women throughout the duration of our hunt. Our first question is about a few women’s firsts, and who better to ask it than some of Sporcle’s female employees. Six of our employees will introduce themselves in this video and give you the initials of a woman who accomplished a famous first. We’ll also show you a picture of them. Please tell us of these six famous women, which two were born the closest to each other?

Clarifiers: The women’s initials are based on the names they are best known by. For example, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson would be displayed at M.O. as she is best know as Michelle Obama.

A: Well that depends on if you took “closest together” as birthdate or geographical. It’s Smith and Palin if you go by birthdate and Smith and Barra by geography. We gave this one as a freebie to each team, but this was the only one where that was the case.
Most Common Wrong Answer: N/A
Correct Percentage: 100%

Question #2:

The youngest First Lady of the United States to be married to her corresponding U.S. President shares her first name with an actress who, in the 1990s, played characters named Julie, Marge, and Molly, among others. If you arrange this actress’s films in alphabetical order, which one comes last?

A: Wonder Boys
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Frances Cleveland, Frances McDormand, Wonder Boys, was the route you needed here.

Question #3:

We’re certain that if Gerty Cori, Marie Curie, or Rosalind Franklin were on your team, they’d help you solve this next one quicker. What actress played 54-11, 74-18-r-53-8-r 59-53-7-58-16-16 for the first time in 1995?

A: Lucy Lawless
Most Common Wrong Answer: Xena Warrior Princess
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: We noted in the welcome email that we’d be sticklers (minus some spelling). The question was asking which actress played Xena, so we only accepted Lawless. Those numbers are atomic numbers, which those chemists could have helped you with.

Question #4:

A famous woman born in 2003 who played a guitarist named Paige in a TV comedy series and a musical theater enthusiast in another series recently released one of the most popular songs of the year. Of the colors mentioned in this song, two of them can be found on the country’s flag in which the first woman to win or share two Nobel prizes was born. The remaining color from the song lyrics is found in the title of a 1998 one-hit-wonder. What artist/group released that song?

Clarifiers: We are not considering “blonde” a color in this question.

A: Eifel 65, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, or Lysette
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: That’s right, we took three different answers here. Lysette’s song came out in 1997, however, we allowed it as it became a one-hit-wonder in 1998.

Question #5:

The National Women’s Hall of Fame has honored hundreds of women whose efforts have shaped the world for the better. Of all the inductees that have been born in one of the 50 US States, which one was born the furthest east?

A: Dorothea Dix
Most Common Wrong Answer: Abigail Adams
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: There are four women who were born in Maine. Dorothea Dix was born in a coastal town and thus the furthest east.

Question #6:

In a certain 2019 movie, SJ played NR (aka BW), BL played CD (aka CM), and GP played PP. Additionally, KG played N, DG played O, ZS played G, EO played WM, PK played M, LW played S, CS played MH, EL played HVD, TT played V, RR played F, TS played the AO, HA played PC, and MT played MP. In a deleted scene, who played an older version of MS? Please provide the actresses full name, not her initials.

A: Katherine Langford
Most Common Wrong Answer: “No Idea”
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: The film was Avengers: Endgame and the initials were actors/actresses who played roles.

Question #7:

We’re thinking of a history-making transgender woman. Five of the letters in this woman’s full name, together, are presented as a red herring in the first Sherlock Holmes novel. Four letters (though not necessarily different letters) are together the title of a lifestyle magazine founded in 1945. Six letters (though not necessarily different letters) are together the hometown of volleyball medalist Alisha Glass. Six letters (though not necessarily different letters) are the last name of a 1998 Newbery Honor Book author. According to Billboard magazine, what song was most played by disc jockeys the day this woman was born?

A: Wake Up Little Susie
Most Common Wrong Answer: Jailhouse Rock
Correct Percentage: 80%
Quick Note: Our first real low answer rate with this one. The woman is Rachel Leland Levine. The key in the question is what song was most played by disc jockeys and that answer is Wake Up Little Susie.

Question #8:

The woman in this picture shares several letters in her last name with a pop-rock band. Both the pictured woman and band have released singles with the same title. This band’s original name includes a female first name that is also the name of a Korean pop group that was active until 2016. Now, if you remove from the KPOP band’s name all the common letters shared with the first name of the woman from the first picture, you’d be left with a single letter. What is the most populous city in the Americas whose name begins with this letter?

A: Rio de Janeiro
Most Common Wrong Answer: Raleigh
Correct Percentage: 71%
Quick Note: Remember, “The Americas” are both North and South America. Rio de Janeiro is more populous than Raleigh.

Question #9:

Take the first name of the actress nominated for an Oscar for portraying an actress previously portrayed by Kirsten Dunst and Virginia Madsen. Take the last name of the Massachusetts-born artist whose paintings grace the walls of Claire Underwood’s office and replace that name’s first letter with the letter located one key to the right on a QWERTY keyboard. Combine that first and last name and think about her performance 46 days before her 23rd birthday. If you arrange all of the words of what she performed in alphabetical order, which word comes last?

A: Yet or We (see below)
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: We knew we wanted to feature the amazing Amanda Gorman in this hunt, and here she was. The last word in the title is “we” and the last word in the transcript was “yet.” We took both as it wasn’t clear which we were referring to.

Question #10:

Two of the 12 current WNBA teams share their team name with an American Gladiator’s stage name (the original show, all seasons, but not the sequels). The elder of these two teams is owned by an LLC comprised of multiple women, one of whom being a former Olympic athlete. She won a silver medal for a team event in what sport?

A: Rowing / Quadruple Sculls
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: Only two teams missed this one.

Question #11:

Written in US Braille Grade 1 system, this dedication to a book has two typos:






Take the two letters that were swapped in – they make up the initials of a woman who had a memorial service after she passed away in 2014. The memorial service was held on the campus pictured here. The woman in question spoke at a Presidential Inauguration within the last 40 years. When she spoke, what were the final two words she spoke on the microphone?

A: Good Morning
Most Common Wrong Answer: In Time
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: We love when we can feature Anne Frank, Braille, and Maya Angelou all in the same question.

Question #12:

The woman appearing in this video participated in a ceremony in 2006 where she carried an object with seven other famous women. Of the women who walked with her, one is an alumnus of an Oregon school that an American author also attended. What adjective precedes ‘purple’ in one of the books by that author?

A: Bright
Most Common Wrong Answer: Bold
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: Here’s the path: Wangari Mathai → Olympics Opening Ceremony →Maria Mutola → Springfield High School → Melody Carlson → Bright Purple.

Question #13:

In 2011, a very famous woman passed away. Her funeral was held the next day; by her request, the ceremony began 15 minutes behind schedule. One of this woman’s film roles is in a movie whose poster, somewhat strangely, has both the first and second letter in its first word capitalized. These letters are also the initials of an Ivy League school. In a 2018 speech, this school’s president gave its graduates a “hopefully memorable” four-word piece of advice. What are those four words?

A: Do What You Love
Most Common Wrong Answer: Be Bold and Courageous 
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: Some of you went a different route with a different speech, but the one delivered by the school’s president was the one needed. She said she was going to give some “memorable advice” in that speech, followed by “Do What You Love.”

Question #14:

There is only one US state whose two most recent governors were both women. A famous female artist called that state home until she passed away in the 1980s. When that artist passed away, she requested that her ashes be spread around the 20,000+ acre property she called home. What was the name of that property?

Clarifiers: Most recent includes active governors.

A: Ghost Ranch
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: Well done teams! 

Question #15:

Of the women who have won a season of American Idol, one has more unique letters in their first and last name than the rest. On that woman’s official Facebook page, she posted a video of her signing a holiday tune on Christmas Day last year. What other American Idol alum released a single of that same holiday song in 2011, which was several years after she sang the same song in a duet on an American Idol Holiday album?

Clarifiers: Going by the winners stage names.

A: Kimberley Locke
Most Common Wrong Answer: Kelly Clarkson
Correct Percentage: 91%
Quick Note: Sorry for making you listen to holiday music at the start of spring!

Question #16:

In this video clip, Ruth Bader Ginsburg mentions another Supreme Court Justice. What woman mentioned in this Forbes article along with RBG was born one day after the Justice RBG mentioned officially took their Supreme Court seat?

Clarifier: “officially took their seat” means the day they officially started, not the day they were confirmed by the Senate.

A: Serena Williams
Most Common Wrong Answer: Venus Williams
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: Sorry, we did not accept Venus Williams here. Rest in peace, RBG!

Question #17:

In the image linked here you’ll see multiple famous women. Those women’s initials will spell out a trivia question. We’d like the answer to the question that is spelled out. 

Clarifiers: There are a couple women where we are looking for letters other than their first and last name letters, so please look carefully. The question would read left to right, top to bottom. The women’s initials are based on the names they are best known by. For example, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson would be displayed at M.O. as she is best know as Michelle Obama. 

A: Betty Miller
Most Common Wrong Answer: Amelia Earhart
Correct Percentage: 66%
Quick Note: This one cost a lot of teams their perfect score (along with question 24). The question spells out “Who was the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean?” Earhart was the first to cross the Atlantic, but not the Pacific.

Question #18:

This next question has five things in play, so follow along closely.

  • Actress A
  • Actress B
  • Actress C
  • Movie 1
  • Movie 2

Take a look at the actress in the red dress in this image.  She’s Actress A and the picture you’re looking at is Movie 1. 

Actress B can be found in the image shown in Question 17. 

Actress A, Actress B, and Actress C all appeared together in Movie 2.

Actress C also appears in Movie 1.

Name Actress C.

A: Jessica Alba
Most Common Wrong Answer: Rosario Dawson
Correct Percentage: 84%
Quick Note: Actress A is Marley Shelton. Actress B is Octavia Spencer. Actress C is Jessica Alba. Movie 1 is Sin City. Movie 2 is Never Been Kissed. We heard from a few teams that this one might have been the hardest to solve.

Question #19:

The Head of Vaccine Research and Development at Pfizer was appointed as an American university adjunct professor in 2010. A Pulitzer Prize-winning female journalist who currently writes for the Washington Post (and previously for the New York Times) attended that same university. That journalist shares her last name with an actress born in 1964 known for her film, television, and theater roles. What film/show/theater production did that actress appear in where her character’s first name* was also the first name of the Pfizer employee at the start of this question?

Clarifiers: The first name of the Pfizer employee and character are spelled differently, but are phonetically the same.

A: Proof
Most Common Wrong Answer: “No Idea”
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: Here’s the path: Kathrin Jansen Penn Ashley Parker Mary Louise Parker Catherine in Proof.

Question #20:

On the same day that the #1 movie in America was about wealthy owners of a large English estate, a famous speech was given at the location in this picture. While many speeches were given that day, a 4.5 minute one is usually referenced for being the most notable. In that speech two words containing the letter “Q” were spoken. Name both of those words.

A: Equity and Consequences
Most Common Wrong Answer: Question and Equal
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: The map is showing the UN Headquarters where Great Thunberg gave her infamous “How dare you” speech. That speech was delivered the same day that Downton Abbey was the #1 movie in America.

Question #21:

What surname is shared by women in all of the following:

  • A current Fortune 500 CEO
  • A musician whose highest charting song was a duet that peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the late 1980s
  • A Presidential Medal of Freedom winner from the 1990s
  • A self-help author whose book hit the New York Times bestseller list in the early 2000s after being featured on Oprah

A: Ford
Most Common Wrong Answer: Olson
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: Beth Ford, Lita Ford, Betty Ford, and Debbie Ford, respectively.

Question #22:

In 1999, the American Film Institute released a list of the 50 greatest screen legends in American film history, including 25 men and 25 women. Of the 25 women, two of them starred in a film together in the 1960s. One of the actresses would pass away less than 8 years after the film was released. The other actress once appeared in a one-word-titled film named after a US city. That US city is the second-largest city in its state in population. Name the film that these two actresses were in together.

A: Judgement at Nuremberg
Most Common Wrong Answer: Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: Sorry folks, you had to give the movie title per the question. While Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich were the right actresses, you needed the movie title per the question. The other Dietrich film was Pittsburgh.

Question #23:

The collage linked here features five of the 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women as compiled by National Public Radio. The singers whose albums are featured in this collage all have one other album (separate from those in the collage) included in that same list. Among those other albums, take the one that is ranked the lowest on that NPR list. A song sharing the title with that album was sang at a festival about three years prior to release of that album. One album by an artist who appeared immediately after the one performing the song at the festival also appears on the same 150 Greatest Album list. What is the shortest song on that album (by run time)?

A: Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer
Most Common Wrong Answer: Mercedes Benz
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: Here’s the path: Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace Woodstock Arlo Guthrie Joan Baez Diamonds & Rust Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer.

Question #24:

We’re honored to have Muffy Marracco, one of the “Trivia Experts” on GSN’s Best Ever Trivia Show and appears currently on its successor Master Minds. She’s going to show you a game show clip featuring a game show legend. Tell us which show the clip is from. Here’s the clip.

A: You Don’t Say!
Most Common Wrong Answer: Green Mile
Correct Percentage: 61%
Quick Note: This one was extremely difficult. Password is a similar show as You Don’t Say, however, there are key differences (and sets). This Betty White performance comes from You Don’t Say! Thank you to Muffy Marracco for the assist!

Question #25:

We end our hunt with this poster called Nevertheless, She Persisted. We’re going to pretend all these women are fans of flag semaphore. They’re each going to give you the letter in the eleven-letter surname of another famous woman. That other famous woman may or may not also be on the poster. For each letter in that woman’s name, we’ll give you a starting point on the picture along with two other women that their flags are pointing at. Combine and unscramble all the letters and give us that mystery woman’s last name spelled correctly. To ensure you have the same mystery woman as us (and aren’t just making up a name), your mystery woman must be a Taurus born in a Year of the Dragon

Clarifiers: Assume you are directly facing the women when you see their flags. 

Letter 1: Gloria Steinem

Flag 1: Formed the idea of reforming the position of women in society when she was excluded from the World Anti-Slavery Convention held in London in 1840
Flag 2: As a direct result of her efforts, Egyptian women were granted the right to vote by the Egyptian constitution

Letter 2: Queen Elizabeth II

Flag 1: Founder of the American Red Cross
Flag 2: Winner of 39 tennis Grand Slam titles

Letter 3: Marie Curie

Flag 1: Known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine
Flag 2: French writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, and social theorist

Letter 4: Susan B. Anthony

Flag 1: Made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, using the Underground Railroad.
Flag 2: The founder of Girl Scouts of the USA/

Letter 5: Victoria C. Woodhull

Flag 1: Legendary figure credited as the first female midwife or physician in ancient Athens.
Flag 2: Her 1963 book The Feminine Mystique is often credited with sparking the second wave of American feminism in the 20th century

Letter 6 – Mary Anning:

Flag 1: American scientist and cytogeneticist who was awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in Physiology
Flag 2: The first elected female president of an African country

Letter 7: Indira Gandhi

Flag 1: American politician and 45th Governor of Texas
Flag 2: Human rights activist and founder of Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran

Letter 8: Indira Gandhi (again)

Flag 1: The main force behind the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, the first convention to be called for the sole purpose of discussing women’s rights
Flag 2: The longest-serving First Lady of the United States

Letter 9: Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Flag 1: Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate
Flag 2: Physicist who contributed to the discoveries of the element protactinium and nuclear fission

Letter 10: Bell Hook

Flag 1: Recent interviewer of Meghan Markle
Flag 2: She leads the group “Women Journalists Without Chains,” which she co-founded in 2005

Letter 11: Louisa May Alcott

Flag 1: The first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize
Flag 2: The first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

A: Nightingale (Florence)
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: We need a “mind blown” emoji or something to display here. We really enjoyed writing this one as it allowed us to feature so many influential women in one question.


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