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Trivia Hunt: Pop! – 3/6/21

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our pop culture hunt! 

Congratulations to the winning team – Timmy’s Saxomophone!
42 minutes and 8 seconds

Our Recap

261 teams entered our pop culture event all in search of the elusive perfect score. In the end, 65 teams went 25 for 25 and won some cash. Our fastest three teams each took home $520! Congrats to Timmy’s Saxomophone, The Once and Future Defending Champs, and, Slumdoge Millionaires on being the fastest three with perfect scores. They were the 4th, 5th, and 7th overall teams to submit their answers.

Based on average time, this was our hardest hunt yet. We continue to try and find a balance between difficulty, challenge, and fun with these questions. The average submission time was 2 hours and 15 minutes.

While we explained on the Trivia Hunt and Eventbrite pages that to be prize eligible you had to finish in three hours, we did not explicitly say you had to start at 8pm. We also weren’t super clear on this in our welcome email. A couple teams reached out about this mid-hunt. Therefore, in interest of doing the right thing, we’ve expanded the prize pool and awarded any perfect scores as of this 2pm Sunday a cash prize. The rules on this will be amended for our next hunt.
The 50 teams that finished before 11pm will be awarded $20 each.
The 14 teams that finished after 11pm (with a perfect score) will be awarded $15.38 each

Entrants That Went Perfect: 65 of the teams wound up with a perfect score. They all won a share of the prize pool!

Average Completion Time: 175 minutes

The next hunt is called Trivia Hunt: We Can Do It. It’s on Saturday, March 27th at 8 PM Eastern. We’ll be quizzing you about famous women during this hunt. The prize pool for this event is $2500 and if you get 25/25 before 11 PM Eastern, you win some cash.

Tickets here!

Question #1:

Welcome to our POP Trivia Hunt! This is How We Do It! We have a guest speaker to kick things off for you –

A: Baywatch
Most Common Wrong Answer: Lego Batman
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: Hopefully, you found this question a fun way to start. Thank you to Montell Jordan for the big assist with getting us kicked off!

Question #2:

(Perhaps you can use the answer to this question as a clue for another question that appears a little later in this hunt!?) Time for some Pop Culture Multiplication. Solve w*x*y*z. W is the number of people who have a four-letter last name that have won an EGOT. X is the most Oscars won by a single film. Y is the most Grammys won by an artist in a single night. Z is the total number of Primetime Emmy Awards ceremonies that have taken place to date. We’ll come back to that number. The Lego company assigns each Lego set a number. That number is printed on the box. What year was the Lego set with the same number as our math problem produced?

A: 1995
Most Common Wrong Answer: 1998
Correct Percentage: 78%
Quick Note: We ruined a lot of perfect scores with this one. The common mistake here was to assume that the 73rd Emmy Awards have taken place, which they have not. Those typically happen in the fall. The answer to the math question is 6336, and that Lego set came out in 1995. Also, 1995 happens to be the year that Gangsta’s Paradise came out (see later).

Question #3:

The image linked below is a snippet of a Wikipedia page. What specific award’s page are these snippets from? Image Link:

A: MTV Movie Award for Best Fight
Most Common Wrong Answer: MTV Movie Awards
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: We noted in the welcome email that we’d be sticklers (minus some spelling). If you didn’t include Best Fight you were not given credit.

Question #4:

Congratulations! You’ve been commissioned to write the next James Bond theme, and you have a musical masterpiece ready to go. However, you’re struggling to come up with the right song title. You decide that Bond music has really only been good since the 70s. So, you take every official Eon Productions James Bond theme since 1970 and decide to see which words that are at least three letters long repeat themselves in the song titles. Five such words of at least three letters appear in the name of song titles multiple times. You put those five words in alphabetical order and now have your song title. What is the name of your musical masterpiece?

A: Another Die Kill The Time
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: Looks like some of you looked at music pre-1970 and some missed the part about the words needing to be at least three letters. Also, in this case, Golden and GoldenEye are different words since GoldenEye is presented as one word.

Question #5:

It’s your 21st birthday today! Let’s head to Vegas, baby! When you arrive, you decide to head to the place affectionately known as pHoF. You’re always up for a good game. You decide to play the only game there that was released in the same year you were born. What’s the name of that game?

A: Monopoly
Most Common Wrong Answer: Royal Rumble
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: The pHOF is the Pinball Hall of Fame. Using their website’s game list, which has a chronological listing, we see the game Monopoly from 2000.

Question #6:

The following quote struck you from a woman in November of 2020: “I’m a very proud girl today to know I had anything at all to do with something that’s going to help us through this crazy pandemic.” You look into her discography and notice that she has three studio albums with the color of Wendy’s (of the fast food chain) hair ties. Which of those three albums came out most recently?

A: Blue Smoke
Most Common Wrong Answer: Holly Dolly Christmas
Correct Percentage: 88%
Quick Note: The great Dolly Parton was our artist. Wendy’s hair ties are blue. Parton’s most recent album with blue in the title is Blue Smoke.

Question #7:

We’re fans of a band and we decided to hit the road in 2013 to see a few of their tour stops. Here was our itinerary Show 1) Sometime in March – SXSW Show 2) Sometime in April – the same festival where Chad Smith was on stage playing during the headliner’s set. Show 3) May 15th – we saw them in the city that the song “Dirty Water” is about. Show 4) Sometime in June – we saw them at another festival. This festival shares its name with a TV series that has characters named Mal, Zoe, and Kaylee. What band did we see on those 2013 tour stops?

A: Vampire Weekend
Most Common Wrong Answer: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: Vampire Weekend played SXSW, Coachella, and the Firefly Festival in 2013. They also played a show in Boston on May 15th. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs played Boston a few days earlier.

Question #8:

Wait! This is question 8? We could have sworn this was question 7. Looks like we’re off by one somehow. Oh well, hopefully you can still figure this out: Xibu gjmn xpo uif nptu sfdfou Ptdbs gps Cftu Qjduvsf? Please be sure to answer as if you’re off by one, the same way we are, so we can understand what you mean.

Quick Note: Blah! This was about 50/50 from you all on Parasite vs. Green Book. Because of the riddle-like nature in which the question was written, it’s fair to assume either answer could have been interpreted. We have credited everyone with this one and learned a valuable wording lesson for next time.

Question #9:

What title is shared among the following: 1) A song from Hamilton. 2) A book by an author that sells this t-shirt on his/her website: 3) A Billboard Hot 100 song by someone that has won the Billboard Woman of the Year Award within the last five years. D) A 15-minute film released in 2020 that is available for free on Amazon Prime Video.

A: One Last Time
Most Common Wrong Answer: My Shot
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Pretty straightforward here. Good work teams.

Question #10:

What day (Month, day, and year) was this a TV schedule for?

A: May 20, 2014
Most Common Wrong Answer: May 13, 2014
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: A few things of note on the photo that could’ve helped: The Heat scored 87 points in a playoff game, I Wanna Marry Harry debuted, and a part of the American Idol finale.

Question #11:

What surname is shared by all of the following: 1) A former Bachelorette (from the TV series). 2) An NFL Hall of Famer. 3) A female author who has a 2009 novel titled after a Federal Holiday in the US.

A: Maynard
Most Common Wrong Answer: Harris
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: Sorry Harris answering teams – that only meets 2 of the 3. The book is Labor Day by Joyce Maynard. The Bachelorette contestant is Emily Maynard. The NFL Hall of Famer is Don Maynard.

Question #12:

What actress that appeared on the cover of a regular issue* of Vanity Fair in the last five years has done voice work for a Pixar sequel, Family Guy, and a Netflix series that is a reboot/continuation of an original (the original did not initially air on Netflix)? *regular issue means it has month/year attached to it. i.e., March 2021. No special issues.

A: Kate McKinnon
Most Common Wrong Answer: Kaitlin Olson
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: Kate McKinnon was on the cover of the November 2017 issue. She was in Finding Dory, Family Guy, and Magic School Bus Rides Again.

Question #13:

Happy Ten-Year-Anniversary to the American version of The Voice! Of the 14 people that have been full-time judges on the show, they have released 65 songs collectively (as solo artists) that have reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. Only one of those songs has an alliterative title. Two types of animals appear in the music video for that song. We do not include humans as an animal in this case. There are two NFL teams with those animals in their team names, and they played against each other in a 2020 game. Which player (for either team) had the most rushing yards in that game?

A: Todd Gurley II (Accepted Todd Gurley)
Most Common Wrong Answer: Drew Lock
Correct Percentage: 88%
Quick Note: This one was a doozy. Our song is Wherever Whenever by Shakira. There is a Falcon and horses (Broncos) in the video. The Falcons and Broncos played in November of last year and in that game Todd Gurley (not Drew Lock) had the most rushing yards.

Question #14:

The image linked below includes four still shots from what song that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 at some point during the 1990s? Image –

A: Gangsta’s Paradise
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: Well done teams! We’d end up needing Michelle Pfeiffer a little later.

Question #15:

A certain horror film was released the day after the actress who played the character in the linked image below was born. This horror film was loosely adapted from a similarly-named short story, in which what type of animal (not a raven) is revealed as the “culprit”? Image link –

A: Orangutan (Ourang-outang)
Most Common Wrong Answer: Kangaroo
Correct Percentage: 87%
Quick Note: That Funko pop is Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy played by Sandra Oh. Murderers in the Rue Morgue was released the day after she was born. That is based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe (thus the raven reference).

Question #16:

Of all the previous Oscar Best Actress/Best Supporting Actress winners that have also appeared in a film based on a Marvel comic, two share their first name (spelled exactly the same way). One of them has appeared on screen in one live-action Marvel film and provided her voice in another. The other has appeared in four Marvel films (all as the same character). Of those two actresses, find the one that won their Oscar first. She starred in another film that was released in the same year as her first Marvel appearance. Of the words in that movie title that begin with a consonant, which of those words can be found in the titles of songs by Jimi Hendrix, Belinda Carlisle, Phish, and Dido?

A: Sand
Most Common Wrong Answer: The
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: A real headache inducing question here! Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Connelly were our actresses. Emma Stone and Emma Watson are ruled out based on the number of films we referenced for each actress. Connelly was also in House of Sand of Fog (No The in that title). Sand appears in those song titles by the artists referenced.

Question #17:

One of the actresses referenced in Question 16 has also won the award referenced in the answer to Question 3. What movie did she win that award for?

A: The Hunger Games
Most Common Wrong Answer: Avengers Endgame 
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Well done here on connecting all the dots together.

Question #18:

Ah, 90s sitcoms. Who can forget that prolific one created by guys with rhyming first names. Season 2, episode 11 of that show, is one of only two episodes where that one guy doesn’t show up. Maybe he didn’t like the food? Take that character’s first name, add the third letter to the end, and you’ll get the first word in the title of a non-sitcom TV series from the 1980s. Who hosted that show?

A: Carl Sagan
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: Seinfeld was our show, but boy did this one open a debate at Sporcle HQ after the hunt. That debate? Do Jerry and Larry rhyme? Well, this Midwest question writer learned that they don’t rhyme to people in certain regions of the country and to some they do. We apologize if this one stumped you, but based on the answer rate, it appears all was good for most.

Question #19:

Did you catch the Golden Globes this past weekend? During his acceptance speech, a winner of an acting award (TV or movies) mentioned a book he reads to his son. The book has a certain number of questions in it. The author of that book has another book that is far and away his bestselling book. In the 1950s American version of the film adaptation of that bestselling book, take note of who the lead actress was. That actress was nominated for multiple Golden Globes herself. What is the only one-word titled film for which this actress has been nominated for a Golden Globe?

A: Charade
Most Common Wrong Answer: War and Peace
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: And this is how you combine Tolstoy, Jason Sudekis and Audrey Hepburn into the same trivia question.

Question #20:

My friend Tammy’s always dying to know: what was that one DCOM movie with that one title? You know, the one that shares its name with a song covered by the Rolling Stones, Bobby Vee, The Everly Brothers, and others? Yeah. That title. That movie. There’s an actress in that movie who plays Maggie? She’s a director, too, right? What film did she direct in 2019?

A: Tammy’s Always Dying
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Sometimes we even give you the answer right in the question.

Question #21:

The blonde woman pictured in the top right corner of Question 14 is currently married to a TV producer known for creating or co-creating several series. One series shares its name with a cartoon character voiced for over two years by a man whose last name is also the producer guy’s first name. What is the first name of the cartoon character’s main love interest?

A: Elisa (Maza)
Most Common Wrong Answer: Olive Oyl
Correct Percentage: 91%
Quick Note: Pfeiffer is married to David Kelly. Keith David is our voice actor and we head to the show Gargoyles.

Question #22:

The full title of what Johnny Depp film that was released sometime between Ed Wood and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is mentioned somewhere in this clip from one of television’s weirdest shows, Dinosaurs?

A: Blow
Most Common Wrong Answer: From Hell
Correct Percentage: 94%
Quick Note: Sorry for that torture. Mama says “Blow out your birthday candles” around the two minute mark.

Question #23:

What is the only comedy series to air on Nickelodeon to be set in the same city where this sound clip was recorded?

A: Marvin Marvin or Cousins for Life
Most Common Wrong Answer: Angry Beavers
Correct Percentage: 85%
Quick Note: We were looking for Marvin Marvin here, but three teams found the rabbit hole of Cousins for Life and it also being set in Portland. For those that answered Angry Beavers, that wasn’t in Portland. For those that answered Big Nate, that hasn’t aired yet.

Question #24:

I “mustache” you this next question. What film did these four actors appear in together? Image –

A: The Men Who Stare at Goats
Most Common Wrong Answer: Green Mile
Correct Percentage: 84%
Quick Note: Pictured are George Clooney, Stephen Root, Nick Offerman, and Ewan McGregor (see the lightsaber?)

Question #25:

Eliminate all the singers artistically depicted in the given image below that appear as a hint, decoy or an answer in either of the two quizzes linked in the QR codes (also in the image). What is the most watched Youtube video of a song by a remaining singer that was born closest to the date of the audition for “Larry Mullen’s Band” as advertised on the bulletin board of Mount Temple School in Dublin? Image Link –

A: Back to Black
Most Common Wrong Answer: Firestarter
Correct Percentage: 73%
Quick Note: So continues the tradition of our final question being the most intensive. You had quizzes within the question and multiple angles to go. Amy Winehouse and Keith Flint were the two remaining musicians. Winehouse was born slightly closer than Flint to the date of the audition for Larry Mullen’s Band (aka U2). Back to Black is her most viewed Youtube video.


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