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Trivia Hunt: Double or Nothing – 2/13/21

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our second hunt! Below you’ll find all the answers, some stats, and some color behind each question. To view the leaderboard click here.


Congratulations to the winning team – Neutral MILF Hotel & Friends!
33 minutes and 47 seconds – $1,000 Prize

Our Recap

176 entrants battled it out for $1,000 and one came out victorious. Our winner was Neutral MILF Hotel & Friends. They finished the hunt in just over 33 minutes. They were the 5th team to submit, but they were the first with the perfect 25/25. The win must feel good as they finished in 4th place in the inaugural hunt.

This hunt certainly played tougher than our first. We intentionally went with more of a challenge and more an escape room vibe. It took 123 minutes on average for you all to submit. This was a full 40 minutes longer than our first hunt.

Entrants That Went 25/25: Only 20 of the 176 entrants that came in went 25/25. 

Perfectly Average $100 Prize Winner: Team LizAndrew – There were 20 teams that went 25/25 and they averaged 111 minutes to finish the hunt. Team LizAndrew was the closest to the average of those teams with 108 minutes.

Average Completion Time: 123 minutes

The next hunt is called Trivia Hunt: POP! It’s an all pop culture trivia hunt and it is on Saturday, March 6th at 8 PM Eastern. The prize pool for this event is $2500 and if you get 25/25 within three hours, you win some cash.

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Question #1:

Welcome to Trivia Hunt: Double or Nothing! In the American version of the game show Cash Cab, contestants have a “double or nothing” option at the end of their ride with a video bonus question. The contestant that holds the record for most money won on a single ride answered their video bonus question correctly. What was the answer to their video bonus question?

A: Bonneville Salt Flats
Most Common Wrong Answer: Utah
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: In our first hunt, the first question was the hardest. Not this time…a near-perfect score by all teams out of the gate.

Question #2:

This is the story about the third ever woman to go into outer space. In 2013, a female solo artist released a song with that space pioneer’s name in its title. There is only one word in the lyrics to that song that contains the letter’ X.” That word that includes an ‘X’ is also the name of a song title from a British musician whose last name begins with the letter N. That song was that musician’s second single in the UK. The first single of their career was on the same album, and it has a four-letter title. What is the four-letter title of that debut single?

A: Cars
Most Common Wrong Answer: N/A
Correct Percentage: 100%
Quick Note: An all play! Well done, hunters.

Question #3:

Exactly two days after the photo in the link below was taken, an alternative-rock band released their fifth studio album. That band has also made at least one appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. What is the most recent song that the band has played on an SNL episode? (Meaning if they played more than one song in that episode, it would’ve been the last one played) Image Link: 

A: Times Like These
Most Common Wrong Answer: All I Have to Give
Correct Percentage: 88%
Quick Note: It looks some of you went the Backstreet Boys route, but our alternative rock band in question was the Foo Fighters. They played SNL at the end of last year and closed with a great version of Times Like These.

Question #4:

While there is more than one NHL team that has won exactly four Stanley Cups, only one of those teams shares its name with a school that fields a men’s Division I basketball team in the NCAA. Let’s say you’re a student at that university. Let’s also say you live at the Land’s End Apartments, which is about a 15-mile drive from campus (give or take). On your way home from class one day, you’re feeling “historic.” You realize your commute each day brings you past a World War II aircraft carrier, so you stop to check it out. As you tour the ship, one of the first things you learn is that it had a very colorful nickname. What is the colorful nickname of that ship?

A: The Blue Ghost
Most Common Wrong Answer: Gray Lady
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: The Islanders are at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Just over the bridge from campus, you’d find the Land’s End apartments and the USS Lexington – aka The Blue Ghost

Question #5:

There is only one US state flag to have the word “Battle” written on it somewhere. What is the least populous state to border that “battle” state?

A: Idaho
Most Common Wrong Answer: Wyoming
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: Nevada is the flag we were looking for here. Idaho is the least populous state to border Nevada. Wyoming is less populous than Idaho, but it doesn’t touch Nevada.

Question #6:

Solve this gaming math problem the way your elementary teacher taught you. The number of pieces in the game Perfection + The number of cards with a “7” on it in a standard Uno deck + the number of playable “Destination Ticket” cards (see note) in the original US Ticket to Ride game * The age of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion (Age at the time they won) Note: Playable ticket cards have two cities on them along with a potential point value – we are asking how many of these cards there are, NOT how many total cities there are)

A: 513
Most Common Wrong Answer: 79
Correct Percentage: 55%
Quick Note: We thought this one might be interesting and we were right. The key here is “how your teacher taught you,” meaning you need to follow order of operations. 25+8+(30*16)=513

Question #7:

The actress that appears on the phone in the movie clip below also appeared in various television series. In one of those series, she played a character that shared her first name with the first name of Minnesota’s “First Lady of Song.” If you watched that TV show during its regular time slot during its initial fall season and you decided to leave the same channel on for the show that came on after it, what show would you be watching next? Video Link:

A: Modern Family (also accepted Suburgatory)
Most Common Wrong Answer: Nashville
Correct Percentage: 60%
Quick Note: Two rough ones back to back. The show in question is The Neighbors. Remember, we asked about it’s initial run during it’s FALL season. During it’s first episode, Suburgatory aired after it. During the rest of it’s fall run, it was followed by Modern Family. Nashville aired after it later the following year. As did Shark Tank for those that answered that.

Question #8:

“Around Odd Egg” is an anagram of the make and model of an American SUV. The name of the plant where this vehicle is currently produced shares its first word with the surname of a former US President. Take note of the month and day that that President passed away. What other former US President was born on that same month and day (but not year)?

A: Calvin Coolidge (John Calvin Coolidge)
Most Common Wrong Answer: James Madison
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Back on track! The Dodge Durango is produced at a plant with the name Jefferson in its name. Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, which was the day that Calvin Coolidge was born.

Question #9:

The picture linked below is from an author’s debut novel. In 2016, the New York Times printed one of this author’s poems on an entire page. Based on the number of letters, what is the longest word in that printed poem? (Not including any contractions) Image Link: 

A: Beautiful
Most Common Wrong Answer: Tomorrow
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: The longest word in that “beautiful” Langston Hughes poem is indeed “beautiful.”

Question #10:

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, two of her Prime Ministers had the same first and last initial as the President of the United States in office at the time. The younger of these two PMs was born exactly one day after the writer of an iconic song that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the 1980s. This chart-topper was covered by a singer who used an alliterative stage name. That singer’s actual last name is shared with the last name of a fictional teen character from a musical that won a Tony award for Best Musical. Name the musical.

A: Hairspray
Most Common Wrong Answer: Newsies
Correct Percentage: 88%
Quick Note: This one was challenging in that there is also a character named Larkin in Newsies. But Newsies did not win the Tony for Best Musical. Hairspray most certainly did.

Question #11:

In the picture linked below, you’ll find a portion of a theme park’s map. That theme park is right near the banks of a river. If you were to enter the river at that point and float south just short of 100 miles, you’d end up in a city that is one of the five largest cities in its state. What current morning show anchor for a national network program grew up in that city (though he/she was born in a completely different state)? Image Link: 

A: Hoda Kotb
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: We floated from Pittsburgh proper to Morgantown, WV, to find Hoda Kotb waiting for us.

Question #12:

Of the 12 Apollo astronauts that have set foot on the moon, one shares their last name with a 56-year-old woman who is the owner of a major zoo. That zoo publishes a magazine that you can subscribe to. What is the name of that magazine?

A: Crikey!
Most Common Wrong Answer: Zoo Friends
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: Our astronaut and zoo owner share the last name Irwin. The official magazine of the Australia Zoo is called Crikey!

Question #13:

You have a crucial business meeting today! You’re headed to the headquarters of the company that uses the music linked below in one of their games. And just because we wanted to, we sped up the tempo of the music considerably. You have a new game idea to pitch this company! Once you arrive, they suggest getting to know each other first over lunch. After all, the restaurant is just a short walk from the office. They suggest the “Sexy Fish,” but the “Tiger Tagliatelle” is calling your name. What restaurant, presumably with a Beatles inspired name, are you about to give your proposal at? Music Link:

A: Lucy in the Sky
Most Common Wrong Answer: Octopus’s Garden
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: The music is from Angry Birds, which is developed by Rovio. They are based in Finland, and their office is a short walk from Lucy in the Sky. Taking a look at their menu (translated in English, of course) shows the menu items Sexy Fish and Tiger Tagliatelle.

Question #14:

Well, your business proposal in Question 13 didn’t go well. Time to update your resume and find a job. There’s no time to “Runaround.” You apply for a job at the following company:

  • The company shares its name with a collection of short stories (though they present their name slightly differently). Looking for “Evidence?”
  • Clean Lingo is an anagram of the company’s founder’s first and last name.
  • The company is headquartered in a state that has at least one Ivy League college.
  • You’re fascinated by the fact that one of the company’s products once searched the Great Pyramid in Egypt and managed to “Escape!”

What company did you apply for a job at?

A: iRobot
Most Common Wrong Answer: Roomba
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: We did not accept Roomba since that is simply a product made by iRobot. If it was a regular trivia show, we probably would take that, but not with $1,000 on the line. And if you missed the clues, “Runaround, “Evidence”, and “Escape” are the names of stories in Asimov’s I, Robot.

Question #15:

Let’s reminisce about the great road trip of 1993! You’re a huge Canadian Football League fan, and you decided to hit the road to see a game in person. You weren’t a fan of cold weather, so you headed to the most southern team’s home stadium in the league. You also aren’t a fan of long drives, so you opt to fly instead. When you arrived, you thought it was cool that the airport’s 3-letter IATA airport code was the same as the initials of an actor/actress who portrayed the title character in a mid-80s TV sitcom. Name that sitcom.

A: Punky Brewster
Most Common Wrong Answer: Soleil Moon Frye
Correct Percentage: 85%
Quick Note: The key here was the first sentence. In 1993, the team located furthest south was Sacramento. Their airport code is SMF, which are the initials of Soleil Moon Frye. She of course, starred in Punky Brewster.

Question #16:

Ouch! It’ll really hurt if you miss this one. This 2017 photo from the UK might appear to be a birthday party, but they’re actually celebrating the 10-year-anniversary of something that ended up making them a lot of money. What is the boy with the red arrow’s first name? Image Link:

A: Charlie
Most Common Wrong Answer: David
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: A little help at the start for some, maybe? “Ouch! “It’ll really hurt if you miss this one.” That picture is of Charlie from Charlie Bit My Finger fame.

Question #17:

GME, AMC, NOK, BB! Hold! To the Moon! Let’s start a new stock trend. We all need to buy stock in the following company:

  • Part of the company’s name is shared by a one-word-titled movie that received exactly 10 Oscar nominations
  • The company’s 2-letter NYSE ticker symbol is the same as the initials of a former US President.
  • Among the various products this company makes, one of them has an exclusive flavor at Olive Garden restaurants

What company are we all buying stock in?

A: Tootsie Roll Industries
Most Common Wrong Answer: GE
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: Our movie is Tootsie. The stock ticker of TR matches Teddy Roosevelt’s initials. And Tootsie Roll Industries also owns Andes Mints, which has an exclusive flavor/packaging at Olive Garden. Also, we left you all a little Easter Egg over on Instagram with the #TriviaHunt.

Question #18:

Interstate 80, the second-longest primary interstate in the U.S., directly serves the metro area of five U.S. capital cities. We’ll come back to those cities shortly. Let’s pretend you’re a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, and you’ve made it to the final bonus round. You’re given the usual five consonants and a vowel by Pat Sajak. You know you will then get to choose three more consonants and a vowel. You decide to honor the man who Barack Obama said this about: “He arrived in our lives as an alien—but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry.” You know that that man appeared in a movie with a four-letter name where he was the title character. And you know none of those four letters were given to you as a freebie by Sajak. Those four letters in that movie are the letters you choose on Wheel of Fortune to go along with the free letters you were already given. The bonus round answer is one of those five cities/states that we discovered at the start of this question (i.e., “Austin, Texas”). Which of those cities/state combos have you uncovered the least number of total letters on?

A: See the Note Below
Most Common Wrong Answer: Sacramento
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: This is where I talk about our editing process. We write these, edit them, test the questions on each other and then do one bigger playtest the day before the hunt. This allows us to do our best to take out any ambiguity. This one slipped through. We don’t believe we were clear enough on the final question. About half of you interpreted it as the least number of letters on the board in total, and about half of you interpreted it at as the least number of letters that you uncovered just with using J-A-C-K. Therefore, we accepted both Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Des Moines, Iowa.

Question #19:

If you started in the city with this flag and dug a hole straight through the center of the earth (let’s pretend you don’t melt), which country would you come up in on the other side? Image Link:

A: Botswana
Most Common Wrong Answer: Africa
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: This is a fun site to play around on.

Question #20:

What is the only bone in the human body where if you replaced the last two letters in its name, you’d have the name of a current NHL team?

A: Capitate
Most Common Wrong Answer: Femur
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: The capitate bone and the Washington Capitals were our subjects here.

Question #21:

Take the last name of the WNBA player who has played in the most career games. Take the last name of the National Security Advisor that served in that position for the same number of days as that WNBA player had games played. The National Security Advisor’s name appears in the name of an artist or group that recorded a song with the WNBA player’s last name in its title. The song was the opening track on a 2016 album of theirs. Name the artist/group AND song title.

A: Anderson Paak – The Bird
Most Common Wrong Answer: “Don’t Know”
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: Sue Bird and Dillon Anderson were the player and NSA in question.

Question #22:

The river in the following picture is an unofficial border between the MidWest and another portion of the US. The city where the orange arrow is pointing at shares its name with a different city on the east coast. That east coast city has a population over 20,000 people. In that east coast city, an actor was born who is known for playing different characters on TV named Harry. What was the first sitcom he appeared in where his character was named Harry? Image Link:

A: Cheers
Most Common Wrong Answer: Night Court
Correct Percentage: 74%
Quick Note: The picture is taken in Cincinnati, looking across the river at Kentucky. The arrow is pointing at Newport (sorry, not Covington). The only 20k plus east coast Newport is in Rhode Island. We were looking for Harry Anderson. He played Harry in a few shows (and sorry, SNL is not a sitcom), but the first one was Cheers.

Question #23:

The following picture is of a Lego set. In what 2018 film did the female character pictured in this set appear? Image Link: 

A: Ralph Breaks the Internet
Most Common Wrong Answer: Brave
Correct Percentage: 85%
Quick Note: Merida is in the Lego set picture. She later appeared with other Disney characters in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Question #24:

What a dud of a Super Bowl this year, eh? The image linked below contains logos (or portions of) that have been used by two different companies that ran a Super Bowl commercial this past Sunday. What movie did the respective stars of each of those commercials appear in together? Image Link:

A: Trainwreck
Most Common Wrong Answer: Daddy’s Home
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: Those are logos for Hellmann’s and Mountain Dew. Their Super Bowl commercials starred Amy Schumer and John Cena, respectively.

Question #25:

This is a love story. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, after all. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recently split up (not really, but let’s pretend), and Tom is on the lookout for love. Tom calls up the woman he appeared in two movies with, which were released around 3.5 years apart. Those movies were not a part of the same series and both movies were released after 2000. This woman is Person A in our question. That actress is happy to hear from Tom, but she’s not interested. She says, “Hey Tom, what about Person B? The first sequel I appeared in was with her, and you also appeared in a movie with her in the mid-2000s.” Tom agrees and gives Person B a call. She is happy to hear from Tom but isn’t interested. She says, “I should introduce you to my friend Person C. She sang at my wedding, but she’s better known for her 1983 chart-topping single.” Tom gives Person C a call. She’s happy to hear from Tom but isn’t interested. Person C tells Tom, “You know when I performed my hit single at the Grammy’s, I met Person D. He had just won the Grammy for Best Comedy Recording earlier that night. I learned he’s an excellent matchmaker. Give him a call!” Tom gives Person D a call and asks if he has any love leads. Person D tells Tom, “You know I don’t, but I know who might. I was in a movie in the 90s with Heather Graham and Person E. He’s a well-known matchmaker. Give him a ring.” Tom is feeling dejected, but he gives Person E a call. Person E says, “Tom! Yes, I know the perfect person for you. Let me set you up with Person F! I was in a movie where I played an architect, and Person F was in it with me. She played a character named Trisha. And even better news, I already texted her, and she’s interested in going on a date with you.” Tom and Person F go to an Al Green concert for their date. They go on several more dates and they fall in love. The End. Who is Person F?

A: Rita Wilson
Most Common Wrong Answer: Goldie Hawn
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: So continues the tradition of our final question being the most intensive. Person A is Julia Roberts. Person B is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Person C is Bonnie Tyler. Person D is Eddie Murphy. Person E is Steve Martin. Person F is Rita Wilson. I wonder if they heard “Let’s Stay Together” at that Al Green concert?

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