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Sporcle Trivia Hunt – 1/23/21

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the inaugural hunt! Below you’ll find all the answers, some stats, and a leaderboard.


Congratulations to the winning team – Philip M – 25/25 in 18 minutes!

Our Recap

Well, that was intense! A server crash and a photo finish in the end. Thank you to all of you who put your faith in us to try something new and different. As we stated in the info email, our intent was for your enjoyment, whether you won or lost. We hope you had fun!

Here’s how things played out:

8:29 PM – The first answer sheet came in. That entrant was 24/25. Therefore, the game was still well alive.

8:35 PM – The second answer sheet came in. That entrant was 23/25. Therefore, the prize was still out there.

8:39 PM – The third answer sheet came in. That entrant was the team of Philip M, who went 25/25 and are now $500 richer. Congrats!

…12 seconds later, our runner up submitted their answers. It was that close! Congrats to Laura H and Jeff F on finishing in 2nd and 3rd. They have won an entry into our next hunt on February 13th.

A note about the questions: we were sticklers (as we mentioned ahead of time). Someone would often answer a part of the question correctly but failed to answer what the question was asking. The Wisconsin/American Water Spaniel question is a prime example. Our general rule with spelling was to give a one-letter variance usually. If it went beyond that, we marked them wrong. An example of that being answering Tom Carpenter instead of Tom Carper.

Easiest Question: Question number 21 was the only question each entrant got correct. This was the Ferdinand question.

Hardest Question: Question number 1. We stumbled out of the gate by missing the part about the elements needing to be alphabetized by their symbol and not by their name.

Entrants That Went 25/25: Only 42 of the 180+ entrants that came in went 25/25. 

Average Completion Time: 82 minutes

The next hunt is called Trivia Hunt: Double or Nothing and is on Saturday, February 13th at 8 PM Eastern. While the ticket price is the same, the prize has been doubled to $1,000!

Tickets here!

Question #1:

If you were to alphabetize the Periodic Table of Elements by chemical symbol, what is the sum of the Atomic Numbers of the elements that fall 2nd and 8th on that list?
A: 126
Most Common Wrong Answer: 69
Correct Percentage: 53%
Quick Note: The key here was to sort by chemical symbol and not by element name itself. Those of you that answered 69 did not sort by symbol.

Question #2:

There is only one song by Billy Joel in which he utters the lyric “space monkey.” In the music video for that song, what musical instrument is shown being played on the screen at the point that the “space monkey” lyric is sung?
A: Violin
Most Common Wrong Answer: Guitar
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: We also accepted the handful of you that answered viola.

Question #3:

If you head due north from the most populous city in the third most populous county in North Carolina, what is the 2nd state that you would enter if you continue heading due north?
A: West Virginia
Most Common Wrong Answer: Pennsylvania
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: This one played pretty straightforward. Great job, Hunters!

Question #4:

On August 20, 2016, a program subtitled “A National Celebration” aired commercial-free across the CBC’s television and radio outlets. The city in which that event emanated from shares its name with a different country’s capital city. Name the other country.
A: Jamaica
Most Common Wrong Answer: Seychelles
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: The Tragically Hip’s final concert took place in their hometown of Kingston. Kingston is also the name of Jamaica’s capital city.

Question #5:

An actor that appeared in more than 70 episodes of the show Schitt’s Creek has two daughters in his real life. One of those real-life daughters starred in a Bravo comedy series that lasted for three seasons. What was her character’s first name on that show?
A: Brooke
Most Common Wrong Answer: Abby Elliott
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: As we stated in the pre-game email, we were sticklers on answers. If you answered Abby Elliott, we marked it incorrect.

Question #6:

Of the three US states where the margin of victory was under 1% in the 2020 US Presidential Election, only one has designated an official state dog breed for their state. Name that state and dog breed. (Be careful as one of the states attempted to establish one and the vote failed)
A: Wisconsin / American Water Spaniel
Most Common Wrong Answer: Wisconsin (without the dog name)
Correct Percentage: 86%
Quick Note: Again, we had to be sticklers. Many of you knew it was Wisconsin, but failed to name the dog as the question asked.

Question #7:

The following link contains a short clip of a cover song. This song’s original artist was honored by another music legend by naming a track after him/her on their 1974 album. On that album, there are two tracks that clock in at over 30 minutes. Name both of those tracks. Song link:
A: He Loved Him Madly and Calypso Frelimo
Most Common Wrong Answer: Eric Clapton
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Anytime we can ask about Billy Preston and Miles Davis, we always will…nice job on this one, Hunters!

Question #8:

The following clip is an 8-bit cover of a song that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in two non-consecutive weeks – The week of November 7th and November 21st of (year redacted). A song by what other artist sandwiched itself into the number one spot during the week of November 14th of that same redacted year? Song link:
A: Jason Derulo
Most Common Wrong Answer: Party in the USA
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: The song in question was Whatcha Say. If you included the song title and the artist name, we gave you credit.

Question #9:

The event in the following clip occurred exactly 90 years after the assassination of a president from another country. As of today, what is that country’s second-largest university based on the number of students enrolled? Clip:
A: University of Porto
Most Common Wrong Answer: University of Lisbon
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: A handful of you were thrown off by the date on the YouTube video itself, which was not the same date that the event took place.

Question #10:

The author who wrote the book pictured in the link below is famous for writing several other books. One of those books was turned into a film during the decade of the 1990s. That film starred an actor or actress from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The actor from that movie and It’s Always Sunny made a cameo in a single episode of the show Friends. What was the title of that Friends episode? Book Picture:
A: The One Where the Stripper Cries
Most Common Wrong Answer: The One Where Joey Needs a New Brain
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: For those of you that answered The One Where the Stripper Dies (instead of Cries), we marked that incorrect.

Question #11:

The southern US city’s flag pictured here ( is home to a large museum in its downtown area dedicated to the art of what surrealist artist? The museum holds the most extensive collection of his/her work outside of Europe. (Name the artist)
A: Salvador Dali
Most Common Wrong Answer: St. Petersburg
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Another straightforward question. Well done!

Question #12:

The last name of an inventor/scientist born in a village 3.7 miles northwest of Gospić can be anagrammed into a word that appeared in a New York Times crossword. That word was crossed with a word that had a clue listed as: ‘Manet’s workplace.’ What MLB player hit his 250th career home run on the date that New York Times crossword was published?
A: Ken Griffey Jr. and/or Matt Williams
Most Common Wrong Answer: Multiple
Correct Percentage: 96%
Quick Note: A few of you said this one was the hardest for you. For those of you that struggled, doing a search for “Manet’s Workplace Crossword Clue” would have led you to a crossword clue archive. Both Griffey Jr. and Williams hit their 250th homer on the same day!

Question #13:

Linked below is a 51-second clip from the movie Wayne’s World. The next word spoken by Wayne at the point the clip cuts off is the name of a US state. Which of that state’s two US Senators has been serving in the senate the longest? Video clip:
A: Tom Carper
Most Common Wrong Answer: Daniel Inouye
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: There were a handful of Tom Carpenter answers, which were marked incorrect.

Question #14:

Who is the oldest living person to have previously won a Time Magazine Person of the Year Award? (Note, this includes when it was called Man or Woman of the Year)
A: Henry Kissinger
Most Common Wrong Answer: Queen Elizabeth II
Correct Percentage: 72%
Quick Note: This one was a stumper for some. Queen Elizabeth II did win the award 20 years before Kissinger, but Kissinger has 3 years on her. 

Question #15:

Name the lake that is circled in the picture at the following link. Stumped? The number in its parallel north is the same number in the title of the TV show whose final episode was called “Last Lunch.” Also, a man nicknamed Cactus Jack shares his Vice President of the United States number with the lake’s meridian east number. Image of Lake:
A: Great Bitter Lake
Most Common Wrong Answer: Lake Timsah
Correct Percentage: 92%
Quick Note: For those who answered Lake Timsah, unfortunately, that’s the lake in the picture above the red circle. The red circled lake is indeed Great Bitter Lake.

Question #16:

What previous Ivor Novello Award winner passed away exactly three days before the Muppet in the link below debuted on Sesame Street (based on their first appearance date)? Image link:
A: Freddie Mercury
Most Common Wrong Answer: Rosita
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: In the info email, we mentioned to use the #TriviaHunt on social. We left an Easter Egg on Instagram for this question as a shortcut. Did you find it?

Question #17:

This is a picture of Ursula Burns: Ms. Burns became the first African American Woman to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, doing so in 2009. Let’s say you want to buy some stock in the company where Ms. Burns accomplished that feat. You purchase that stock by searching for the company’s three-letter ticker symbol. Now that you have the three-letter symbol you try to play those three letters in a game of Scrabble. Your Scrabble opponent says: “Good try, but those three letters aren’t a real word. However, the sum of their point values is the same as the number retired by an NBA team for a player who was also on the 1992 Olympic Dream Team.” Name that NBA player your opponent is referencing.
A: Chris Mullin
Most Common Wrong Answer: Scottie Pippen
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: Well done on this one!

Question #18:

In the third-most-watched YouTube video of all time, there is one point in the video where a pair of dice can be seen. What color are those dice?
A: Green
Most Common Wrong Answer: White
Correct Percentage: 98%
Quick Note: The video is Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. The very green dice can be seen hanging from the mirror in the taxi at the 1:44 mark.

Question #19:

There has been only one book to win a Newbery Medal whose title begins with the punctuation “…” (i.e., “… Here for the Beer”). The title character in that book shares his/her first name with the current president of which country?
A: Cuba
Most Common Wrong Answer: Miguel Díaz-Canel
Correct Percentage: 97%
Quick Note: For those that answered Miguel Díaz-Canel we marked that as incorrect since the question asked for the country.

Question #20:

The inaugural Trivia Hunt would not be complete without a shout out to the GOAT – Alex Trebek. Which game show is Alex hosting in this clip:
A: Classic Concentration
Most Common Wrong Answer: High Rollers
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: RIP Mr. Trebek and thank you for all you’ve done.

Question #21:

What moon of Uranus shares its name with a film that was released nationally in the US on the same day as Star Wars: The Last Jedi?
A: Ferdinand
Most Common Wrong Answer: None
Correct Percentage: 100%
Quick Note: This was the only question in the hunt that every entrant got correct. Well done.

Question #22:

The company that at one time used the logo linked below owns the naming rights to two different arenas or stadiums where a team from one of the big four sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) plays their home games. Find the zip codes of those two buildings. Subtract the number of the smaller zip code from the zip code of the larger one. The result of this subtraction is 2 off of the capacity of a third stadium/arena (the 3rd stadium does not have that same sponsor), that is less than five miles away from one of the original stadiums/arenas. That stadium/arena is named after a person. That person shares his/her initials with the initials of a woman that has won at least two Oscars for Best Actress. Name the actress. Image link:
(Clarifier: For the people’s initials, we are assuming the initials are based on the name they were best known by. For example, Dick York’s initials would be “DY” even though his full name is Richard York)
A: Bette Davis
Most Common Wrong Answer: BD
Correct Percentage: 99%
Quick Note: This one was a doozy and was the last one we wrote before the hunt. Well done!

Question #23:

The year? 2017. Your goal? Head to the American city where you can see the original version of this painting: As you arrive at the building you pass two bronze statues that guard the entrance. Those statues are of what type of animal?
A: Lions
Most Common Wrong Answer: Rhinoceros
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: For those that answered rhino, the key in this question was the year 2017. Whistler’s Mother was in Chicago in 2017.

Question #24:

If we walked about 10-15 miles due west from the location where this photo ( was taken, we’d end up in what river?
A: Mississippi River
Most Common Wrong Answer: Missouri River
Correct Percentage: 95%
Quick Note: The landmark is just east of St. Louis. if you head due west, that’s the Mississippi River. If you head northwest, that’s the Missouri River.

Question #25:

Our final question is lengthy so stick with it. It tells the story of Person A and Person B. As of today, Person A has 64.1 million Twitter followers, while Person B has 6.4 million. Person B’s birthday is on December 30th.

Back on his birthday in 2019, Person B received a Happy Birthday message from Person A via a Twitter post. Let’s pretend that Person A and Person B were both in the city where they were born (respectively) on the day the tweet was sent. Now let’s pretend Person A had a change of heart that day and decided to walk to see Person B at his birthplace home to wish him that happy birthday in person.

It’s a long walk, but Person A will figure out the shortest route by looking at a map. Person A will walk through several states on their journey, but only one of those states does NOT have a National Park.

As Person A is looking over the list of that state’s fifteen most populous cities, they realize that one of those cities shares its name with a song they remember. The song was track two on a 1992 debut studio album by a band. Name that band.
A: Barenaked Ladies
Most Common Wrong Answer: Various
Correct Percentage: 93%
Quick Note: Because there were so many unique wrong answers, it’s hard to say where those players went wrong. One thing worth mentioning is that you should consider multiple sources when hunting. 

Wondering how to come up with these answers? Watch this video where Jason, our Content Strategist and resident Jeopardy! alum, shows you how to win Trivia Hunt and $1000.


Rank Timestamp Player Name Correct
1 8:38:01 PM Philip M 25
2 8:38:13 PM Laura H 25
3 8:40:46 PM Jeff F 25
4 8:40:54 PM Mykal D 25
5 8:41:42 PM Tyler F 25
6 8:47:40 PM Adam G 25
7 8:49:57 PM Alison L 25
8 8:54:54 PM Tom D 25
9 8:56:24 PM Mark P 25
10 8:58:24 PM Jaymie T 25
11 9:00:34 PM Joe B 25
12 9:01:38 PM Rhonda O 25
13 9:01:47 PM Lee D 25
14 9:07:13 PM Ajay B 25
15 9:07:48 PM Ryan P 25
16 9:10:13 PM Ford F 25
17 9:19:03 PM Garrett H 25
18 9:23:06 PM Kara N 25
19 9:24:17 PM Kallee F 25
20 9:24:51 PM Matt C 25
21 9:28:49 PM Jared E 25
22 9:31:24 PM Rebecca St 25
23 9:32:46 PM Kristin A 25
24 9:35:08 PM Samvardhini S 25
25 9:36:03 PM Bailey B 25
26 9:36:47 PM Erin B 25
27 9:43:09 PM Melissa R 25
28 9:44:31 PM Shaun C 25
29 9:53:26 PM Julia S 25
30 9:56:15 PM Alicia K 25
31 9:57:05 PM Nikki B 25
32 9:59:07 PM John R 25
33 10:00:15 PM Kim M 25
34 10:01:04 PM Lisa P 25
35 10:02:30 PM Mallory M 25
36 10:02:56 PM Brad C 25
37 10:13:08 PM Marina F 25
38 10:24:12 PM Austin T 25
39 10:41:05 PM Jessica H 25
40 12:42:34 AM Laura B 25
41 12:49:08 AM Chet F 25
42 1:51:19 AM Michael C 25
43 4:29:20 AM Jessica C 25
44 8:29:45 PM Sara H 24
45 8:38:56 PM Nicholas T 24
46 8:39:22 PM Ryan M 24
47 8:43:04 PM Ryane D 24
48 8:43:52 PM Jeff P 24
49 8:44:59 PM Christina D 24
50 8:45:46 PM Eric M 24
51 8:47:44 PM Mary B 24
52 8:52:01 PM Alyssa L 24
53 8:52:24 PM Daniel M 24
54 8:53:16 PM Tyler P 24
55 8:56:53 PM Lauren D 24
56 8:57:48 PM Conor H 24
57 9:01:38 PM Allie D 24
58 9:02:08 PM Adam M 24
59 9:02:46 PM Kristina K 24
60 9:04:00 PM Jordan A 24
61 9:08:45 PM Lindsey M 24
62 9:12:52 PM Donald A 24
63 9:13:06 PM Harold J 24
64 9:15:30 PM Roy M 24
65 9:16:58 PM Dana I 24
66 9:19:53 PM David 24
67 9:21:03 PM Chris S 24
68 9:21:43 PM Emily S 24
69 9:22:06 PM Alissa S 24
70 9:23:07 PM Pete S 24
71 9:23:43 PM Marcie S 24
72 9:25:30 PM Sarah W 24
73 9:25:39 PM Rachael V 24
74 9:26:55 PM Ethan T 24
75 9:30:21 PM Annie T 24
76 9:34:50 PM Dennis I 24
77 9:35:09 PM Jill K 24
78 9:36:32 PM Adam T 24
79 9:42:42 PM Christina S 24
80 9:42:44 PM Paul Sc 24
81 9:47:42 PM Ken H 24
82 9:54:34 PM Bertie L 24
83 9:55:36 PM Lexi K 24
84 9:56:12 PM Ashley A 24
85 10:00:04 PM Mike W 24
86 10:01:37 PM Steffan J 24
87 10:01:53 PM Sandra P 24
88 10:04:37 PM Amy S 24
89 10:17:19 PM Renee S 24
90 10:27:29 PM Stacey D 24
91 10:40:17 PM Ange K 24
92 10:51:30 PM Jennifer W 24
93 10:53:55 PM David E 24
94 11:22:51 PM Chelsea J 24
95 1:08:14 AM Melissa K 24
96 8:35:43 PM Ken L 23
97 8:46:53 PM Andrew M 23
98 8:50:11 PM John E 23
99 8:53:57 PM Nancy B 23
100 8:54:20 PM Nathan H 23
101 8:55:35 PM Joseph S 23
102 8:55:54 PM Aniruddha G 23
103 8:56:08 PM Daniel B 23
104 8:59:07 PM David L 23
105 8:59:31 PM Kurt S 23
106 8:59:46 PM Brian S 23
107 8:59:46 PM Sarah T 23
108 9:02:26 PM Andrew N 23
109 9:03:08 PM Allen W 23
110 9:03:22 PM Lydia P 23
111 9:03:40 PM Colleen F 23
112 9:05:10 PM Rina M 23
113 9:08:48 PM Rory M 23
114 9:08:54 PM Rebecca Sa 23
115 9:10:01 PM Elizabeth F 23
116 9:18:18 PM Linda A 23
117 9:18:54 PM Sally H 23
118 9:19:09 PM Melissa R 23
119 9:19:48 PM Liz A 23
120 9:23:15 PM Andrea H 23
121 9:24:58 PM Molly C 23
122 9:26:05 PM Allison W 23
123 9:26:21 PM Dorothy W 23
124 9:29:16 PM Harlynn S 23
125 9:33:22 PM Rachel G 23
126 9:34:09 PM Kelly Ma 23
127 9:41:52 PM Jill H 23
128 9:43:12 PM Rachelle N 23
129 9:44:17 PM Amy O 23
130 9:59:41 PM Brenda D 23
131 10:00:26 PM Tom H 23
132 10:02:03 PM Aaron B 23
133 10:10:44 PM Mariel S 23
134 10:19:39 PM Kevin W 23
135 10:21:17 PM Fabian A 23
136 10:23:50 PM Kendra W 23
137 10:26:38 PM Aerial M 23
138 10:26:50 PM Justin S 23
139 10:29:38 PM Robin E 23
140 10:43:42 PM Chris M 23
141 12:58:33 AM Christa F 23
142 1:08:16 AM Kendra W 23
143 2:08:04 AM Keith E 23
144 10:16:28 AM Nate J 23
145 8:56:53 PM James M 22
146 8:58:34 PM Grace K 22
147 8:59:52 PM Kristin M 22
148 9:02:14 PM Chandi D 22
149 9:03:32 PM Sherry S 22
150 9:06:15 PM Kelsey S 22
151 9:09:04 PM Noah S 22
152 9:10:12 PM Katie A 22
153 9:10:54 PM Alexander G 22
154 9:11:01 PM Stephanie P 22
155 9:13:11 PM Casey H 22
156 9:13:59 PM Judith T 22
157 9:15:33 PM Joe K 22
158 9:16:10 PM Andrea L 22
159 9:24:09 PM Kees O 22
160 9:31:41 PM Kieran T 22
161 9:37:02 PM Elana A 22
162 9:39:28 PM Christiana O 22
163 9:39:47 PM Jill Y 22
164 9:41:01 PM Joe H 22
165 9:42:31 PM Paul Se 22
166 9:48:02 PM Leigh S 22
167 9:56:13 PM Kassidy F 22
168 10:22:25 PM James G 22
169 10:42:22 PM Mike H 22
170 8:47:57 PM Matthew F 21
171 8:52:46 PM Samantha L 21
172 9:00:28 PM Alyssa M 21
173 9:04:58 PM Ryan F 21
174 9:23:46 PM Laura P 21
175 9:52:46 PM Julia T 21
176 10:05:02 PM D Line 21
177 10:57:40 PM Elizabeth M 21
178 9:02:24 PM David M 20
179 9:12:20 PM Nicole D 20
180 9:14:26 PM Melanie L 20
181 9:37:16 PM Alexander T 20
182 9:45:41 PM Neil K 20
183 9:26:48 PM Hannah M 19
184 9:56:43 PM Vincent P 19
185 10:16:14 PM Kelly Mo 19
186 9:32:18 PM Heather L 17