Previously, Sporcle’s policy was to archive questions after we hosted a night of themed trivia. Those beautiful, hand-crafted questions were sent into a vault to collect cobwebs. Maybe they were brought back out and dusted off years later when they’d been forgotten by most, but more often than not they were left there to rot. What a shame!

Now, we’ve come up with a way to extend the lifetime of each question. They deserve a second chance! After we host a night of themed trivia, we’ll bundle that question set together into a quiz and bring it back every once in a while as a rerun. This will allow more people to have more fun with each and every question that we write!

What does it mean when a theme night says it’s “Quiz # of ##”?

That means that the 15 or so questions in that game have been asked at a previous theme night. We combined those questions into one “quiz” and assigned them a number. It is displayed by thatquiz number, out of the total amount of question sets we currently have for that theme.

Do I need to play the quizzes in order, starting with #1?

Not at all! You do not need to play the games in numerical order; you can play them as they are scheduled, in any order you like.

How do I know I have played a particular themed question set before?

The dropdown description will display the previous dates that a given question set has been asked. In case you don’t want to scroll back in your calendar or search deep into your inbox, an error message will be displayed if you use the same email to register for a quiz you’ve signed up for previously. (If you use a different email address, this error message will not display.)

What if, after all that, I end up in a game with questions I’ve played before?

It may happen. If you’re a few questions in and realize you’ve played this quiz before, you’re welcome to stay and crush the competition! However, if you’re not interested in continuing, let the host know you’re leaving and send an email to We’ll be able to refund your ticket or transfer it to a future event.

Won’t this just allow people to cheat and get perfect scores?

Yes, which is why these reruns will never be used in games that offer a prize. We hope you’ll agree that an hour’s worth of fun with friends about a shared love of the topic is just as worthwhile as a prize, if not more-so.

I’ve played all of the themes in the series! Will you still write and host new quizzes of each topic?

Yes, absolutely! We’ll still write new quizzes of every theme topic at a regular interval. Look for the theme description’s dropdown to say, “This quiz has never been played before!”