1) The Cat in the Hat says that there are three consecutive cats in his column who ordered milk.  This means that either Simba, Eek and Mooch ordered milk, or Eek, Mooch and Hello Kitty did.  Either way, Eek and Mooch had to have ordered milk.

2) Mooch’s clue tells you that Sylvester ordered a beer.

3) Eek’s clue tells us that each of the four corners ordered a different drink, meaning that each of the four drinks in this quiz (gin, vodka, beer and milk) was ordered by a different corner.  Hello Kitty and Heathcliff share a column and a row with the Cat in the Hat, respectively, so neither of them could have ordered a beer according to Sylvester’s clue.  Therefore, Bucky Katt must have ordered a beer.

4) There are two remaining corners; Hello Kitty and Heathcliff.  We know that one of them ordered milk and one of them ordered vodka (thanks to Eek’s clue).  Bucky tells us that all of tonight’s designated drivers (milk drinkers) were male.  Hello Kitty is female, so she had to have ordered vodka instead, meaning that Heathcliff ordered milk.

Now that we know Hello Kitty’s status, we can tell that Simba ordered milk (thanks to the Cat in the Hat’s clue).

5) Hello Kitty ordered vodka, and she’s diagonally adjacent to only one space; Puss in Boots.  According to Heathcliff’s clue, Puss in Boots ordered vodka.

6) Hobbes can’t have ordered vodka according to Puss in Boots’ clue.  Nor could he have ordered beer, since he shares a diagonal with The Cat in The Hat (Sylvester’s clue).  And since he’s adjacent to The Cat in the Hat, he can’t have ordered gin (Hello Kitty’s clue).  By process of elimination, Hobbes had to have ordered milk.

7) Hobbes’ clue tells us that Tigger couldn’t have ordered milk or gin.  Since he’s adjacent to Bucky, he couldn’t have ordered beer either (Hello Kitty’s clue).  So Tigger ordered vodka.

8) Grumpy Cat can’t have ordered beer (Sylvester’s clue) or milk (Bucky’s clue).  This means she either ordered gin or vodka.  But there are at least two vodka drinkers in the first row (Tigger’s clue), so if she ordered vodka, she would have to be next to at least one other cat who did the same.  But Simba told us that no two horizontally adjacent cats ordered the same drink (outside the second row), so she can’t have ordered vodka.  Grumpy Cat ordered gin, meaning that both Garfield and the Cheshire Cat had to have ordered vodka.

9) Tigger’s clue said that each row includes at least two vodka drinkers EXCEPT the second row.  This means that there was either one vodka drinker in the second row or none at all.

But look at Heathcliff’s clue.  Both Garfield and the Cheshire Cat must be diagonally adjacent to at least one other vodka drinker, so there HAS to be one in the row below them.  However, according to Tigger’s clue, there’s ONLY one, so it has to be the one that they’re both diagonally adjacent to.  Luna is the only one who is diagonally adjacent to both, so she ordered vodka.

10) Luna’s clue helps us figure out Gumball’s status.  He’s adjacent to Bucky (who ordered beer) and Tigger (who ordered vodka), so he can’t have ordered either of those drinks.  That means he either ordered gin or milk.

Consider Hobbes’ clue.  We already know that Hobbes ordered milk and Tigger ordered vodka, so of the two remaining tigers (Tony the Tiger and Shere Khan), one ordered gin and one ordered beer.  Gumball is adjacent to both Tony and Shere Khan, and we know that one of them ordered gin, so Gumball can’t have ordered gin according to Luna’s clue.  Instead, he ordered milk.

Luna’s status also helps us figure out Snarf and Felix.  There’s only one vodka drinker in the second row (Tigger’s clue), so neither of them ordered vodka.  According to the Cheshire Cat’s clue, they can’t have ordered gin, either.  And they’re both adjacent to Heathcliff, so they can’t have ordered milk (Hello Kitty’s clue).  This means that both Snarf and Felix ordered beer.

11) At this point, you have already identified all six cats who ordered milk (Simba, Eek, Mooch, Hobbes, Heathcliff and Gumball), so you can safely assume that nobody else did according to Felix’s clue.

Now we can safely say that Tom didn’t order milk, nor did he order vodka (Tigger’s clue) or gin (the Cheshire Cat’s clue).  So he ordered beer.

We can also say that Aslan didn’t order milk, nor could he have ordered beer (Gumball’s clue).  He also couldn’t have ordered vodka, since he’s next to someone who did (Simba’s clue).  So he ordered gin.

12) Now that we know Aslan’s status, we can say that Snagglepuss didn’t order gin.  He can’t have ordered beer, either, since he’s in Gumball’s row (Gumball’s clue), and as established before, none of the remaining cats ordered milk.  Snagglepuss ordered vodka. 

13) Think about what Aslan told you.  If Rum Tum Tugger didn’t order gin, then neither did Meowth.

This implies that if Meowth DID order gin, then Rum Tum Tugger had to have ordered it as well.  But Rum Tum Tugger and Meowth are next to each other, so they can’t have ordered the same thing (Simba’s clue).  

So Meowth didn’t order gin, and he didn’t order milk (Felix’s clue).  So he must have ordered either vodka or beer.

However, consider Snagglepuss’s clue.  There are nine vodka drinkers in total, and you’ve already found seven of them; two in row 1 (Garfield and the Cheshire Cat), one in row 2 (Luna), two in row 4 (Puss in Boots and Snagglepuss) and two in row 5 (Hello Kitty and Tigger).  Only two remain.

Those remaining two vodka drinkers BOTH have to be in row 3, since according to Tigger’s clue, at least two cats in row 3 ordered vodka.  Meowth is in row 5, so he can’t be one of the remaining vodka drinkers.  Meowth ordered beer.

Meowth’s status also helps us figure out Rum Tum Tugger’s.  He can’t have ordered beer (Simba’s clue), milk (Felix’s clue) or vodka (Puss in Boots’ clue), so he ordered gin.

14) At this point, we can also determine the two cats in row 3 who ordered vodka.  According to Heathcliff, they must both be diagonally adjacent to other vodka drinkers.  The only spots in row 3 that are diagonally adjacent to other vodka drinkers are Snowball II and The Pink Panther, so both of them ordered vodka.

15) Tom ordered beer, so according to the Pink Panther’s clue, Tony the Tiger ordered beer as well, which means that Shere Khan ordered gin (Hobbes’ clue).

16) At this point, you should have identified all 6 cats who ordered milk, all 7 cats who ordered beer, and all 9 cats who ordered vodka.  Go ahead and type in gin (g) for Nyan Cat, The Cowardly Lion and Thomas O’ Malley.

ADDENDUM: If there are any names in the above quiz that you don’t recognize, here’s a guide to all of them, organized by medium. (You don’t need to know any of this to complete the puzzle; it’s just if you’re curious.)


Luna – Sailor Moon (1991-1997)

Comic Strips:

Mooch – Mutts (1994-Present)

Hobbes – Calvin and Hobbes (1985-1995)

Garfield – Garfield (1978-Present)

Heathcliff – Heathcliff (1973-Present)

Bucky Katt – Get Fuzzy (1999-Present)


Simba – The Lion King (1994)

Felix the Cat – Feline Follies (1919)

Thomas O’ Malley – The Aristocats (1970)


The Cat in the Hat – The Cat in the Hat (1957)

Puss in Boots – Puss in Boots (c. 1697)

Aslan – The Chronicles of Narnia (1950-1957)

Shere Khan – The Jungle Book (1894)

The Cheshire Cat – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)

Tigger – Winnie the Pooh: The House at Pooh Corner (1928)

The Cowardly Lion – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1990)


Eek! – Eek! The Cat (1992-1997)

Sylvester – Looney Tunes (1930-1963)

Tom – Tom and Jerry (1940-1967)

Snowball II – The Simpsons (1989-Present)

Snagglepuss – The Quick Draw McGraw Show (1959-1962)

Snarf – ThunderCats (1985-1989)

The Pink Panther – The Pink Panther Show (1969-1980)

Gumball – The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-Present)


Rum Tum Tugger – Cats (1981-2000)

Video Games:

Meowth – Pokémon Series (1998-Present)


Hello Kitty – Japanese marketing mascot, dating back to 1974

Nyan Cat – Internet meme: viral video of an animated cat with a pop tart for a body

Grumpy Cat – Internet meme: A sour-looking cat whose face was popularly used in image macros

Tony the Tiger – Mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes