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Quiz Design for Colorblindness

When creating quizzes for a general audience, you probably consider your data first and foremost. But as we’ve outlined before, color and formatting choices can drastically affect the player experience. Color can add thematic flavor, […]

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How to Make a Multiple Choice Quiz

Multiple Choice is the newest quiz format to Sporcle, and it’s already changing the quizmaking game. Not only is it a great way to style your bunkers and blitzes–the format also has extended quiz stats that can give insight […]

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Copy Published Quizzes

Easily create quizzes by copying and modifying published quizzes. Below is a list of quizzes that are pre-formatted and available for duplication. There are two veins of quizzes that we aimed to help with on […]

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How to Use Playlists

Have you seen playlists on Sporcle but aren’t sure where to start? There are plenty of ways to jump into the world of playlists, and the instructions below will help you do it. Creating a […]

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How to Create a Quiz

Create a quiz – for free. Have you always wanted to create a quiz on Sporcle, but weren’t sure how to get started? This guide is for you! Read through the instructions below, contribute a […]

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Wrong Answers on Slideshow Quizzes

Hey everyone, One of the top requests and something we planned from the beginning is to allow incorrect answers on Slideshow quizzes.  We’ve released the feature in an update today, and here’s a quick guide […]

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How to Make a Basic Slideshow Quiz

Create a Slideshow Quiz – it’s easier than you think. Note: For advanced tips check out our post ‘How to Make an Awesome Slideshow Quiz‘. So by now you’ve probably seen Slideshow quizzes all over the place on […]


Multi-Column Match Quizzes

A few months ago we introduced a variation of Clickable quizzes that we like to call ‘Matching’. While we were developing these Matching quizzes, we had some ideas about games where you could match more […]