Marina must be a yellow tulip, since she is in both main diagonals, and we know that one of the two main diagonals is all tulips (Jasper’s clue), and because the middle row is all yellow and white flowers (Rowan’s clue).

Nina must be a white daffodil. We know she is a yellow or white flower (Rowan’s clue). No identical flowers are adjacent (Marina’s clue), and she is already adjacent to the other three types of yellow or white flowers. 

Nina tells us that Oliver grew a tulip. Since he is in row three, we know it must be a yellow tulip (Rowan’s clue). 

Laurel must have grown a white daffodil, since we know from Oliver’s clue she did not grow irises, and she is adjacent to both a yellow daffodil and a yellow tulip.

Laurel tells us she is adjacent to two flowers in each color. We already can see that she’s adjacent to two yellow flowers, so Kai (who’s in row 3) must have grown a white flower. Since Laurel grew white daffodils, he must have grown white irises. 

Since Laurel is adjacent to two of each color, she must be adjacent to another white iris (since she is a white daffodil, she can’t be adjacent to any of those). This must be Hazel, since Brooke is the only person in her column to grow irises (Oliver’s clue), and Flora and Pearl are adjacent to Kai. 

Since Hazel is adjacent to Brooke, Brooke must therefore have grown purple irises. We know that Brooke and Wren grew different flowers in the same color (Kai’s clue), so Wren grew purple tulips. 

Quincy must have grown a red tulip. (Nina told us he grew a tulip, and he’s now adjacent to both yellow and purple tulips). This means Glenn grew a purple tulip (Nina’s clue). Flora must also have grown a red tulip in order for Laurel to be adjacent to two flowers in every color. 

We can now determine that the main diagonal that is entirely tulips must be the one going from Ursula to Eden. This is because April can not be a tulip, as she is adjacent to both a purple and red tulip, and no one in column 1 grew yellow flowers (Wren’s clue).

Therefore, Ursula must have grown a purple tulip (since she’s adjacent to a red tulip, and no one in column 1 grew a yellow flower). This means that Pearl – who we know from Laurel’s clue grew a purple flower – must have grown purple irises. 

Sylvia grew white irises, as she did not grow tulips (Ursula’s clue), or daffodils (adjacent to both colors), and since we know she did not grow purple flowers (Ursula’s clue).

Terra and Vern grew the same color flower – this must be yellow. (Terra is adjacent to both white flowers, Vern is adjacent to both purple flowers and the red flower). Vern grew a yellow tulip, and Terra grew a yellow daffodil (since they were each already adjacent to the other type)

Terra tells us that April and Zara grew identical flowers. This must be a white daffodil. (As previously deduced, April can’t be a tulip, and between them, April and Zara are already adjacent to both colors of irises and a yellow daffodil). 

Dale grew the only purple flower in his column (Vern’s clue), so Ivy – who we know grew a tulip (Jasper’s clue) – must have grown a red one (since she’s already adjacent to yellow tulips).

April, Dale and Eden had three different types of flowers (Ivy’s clue), and since April grew daffodils, and we know Eden grew a tulip (Jasper’s clue), Dale must have grown irises  (which we know from Vern’s clue were purple). 

Zara tells us that of Crystal, Eden and Yasmin, two grew the same type of flower, and a different two grew flowers in the same color. 

We know that Eden is a tulip (Jasper’s clue), and Yasmin must be a tulip as well (since she’s adjacent to both color daffodils, white irises, can not have grown purple irises (Vern’s clue). Therefore, Crystal grew yellow daffodils since she must match one of the tulips color’s, and she can’t have grown purple irises (since she’s adjacent to Brooke)

There are only three red flowers (Crystal’s clue), so Eden and Yasmin must be yellow and purple tulips, in some order. Yasmin is already adjacent to a purple tulip, so she grew yellow tulips, and Eden grew purple.