How can you use Sporcle in your classrooms?

  • Use pre-existing quizzes as study tools, exercises or assignments
  • Create new Sporcle quizzes designed specifically for your students
  • Have your students create Sporcle quizzes

Here is a showcase of the types of Sporcle quizzes out there with examples that are study guides:

Limitations Currently (with image quizzes)

  • As a Sporcle user, you can only make image quizzes by uploading images to the quiz hosted from another site but then they just appear on the top of the page (see example of a Biology Quiz)
  • You can however apply to make the new Slideshow quizzes, for which there are no science quizzes yet….
  • You can contact me, as the science editor, to help you make image quizzes you need for your classes
  • You can make any types of clickable or typing quizzes as seen above

A Variety of Quizzes on Different Perspectives on the Same Topic: The Chemical Elements

Higher Level Applied Chemistry Fun Quizzes:

Quiz Making Resources (Which are all linked directly from the main page):

Here is a Google Doc that I have organized of many of the best Sporcle Science Study Guide quizzes: