Ms. Cannon = English (given)

Mr. Kingston = English (given by Cannon clue)

Ms. Lester = Math (3 corners remain, and since Math teachers cannot share a row, both bottom corners can’t be Math. So Ms. Lester must be Math)

Mrs. Aldrich = Art (given by Ms. Lester clue, because both start with A)

Mr. Adams = Art (same as above)

Mr. Edgeworth = English (same as above)

Mrs. Korrey and Mr. Levinson = Math (process of elimination, Kennedy cannot be Math since there is already Math in that row, and Kristiansen cannot be Math since one of the corners in the bottom row must be Math)

Ms. Williams = Science (dissections = Science)

Levinson’s clue means that there is one initial that has one teacher for each of the 6 subjects. The only possibility is K (there are 6 K teachers), so each K teacher teaches a different subject. Since there is only one more Art teacher, and that Art teacher must be a K, the Williams clue tells us that:

Ms. Scott = Science

Ms. Kobayashi = Gym (get fit)

Mr. Kristiansen = Art (only one Art teacher is a woman, Mrs. Aldrich. There is only one Art teacher left, and there is not a K Art teacher yet, so process of elimination leaves us with Kristiansen)

Mrs. Hobart = English (grammar)

Mrs. Souto = Math (only remaining corner that has not been filled, and we know that Math must be in two corners)

Mrs. Neall = History (only spot left in Souto’s diagonal)

Neall’s clue indicates that there must be 3 teachers in a row, vertically, with the same subject. We can rule out all of these possibilities except for one. In the last column it cannot be Math because there can’t be more than one Math teacher in the same row. It also can’t be Science since there are no Science teachers in row 2. It can’t be English because all the English teachers are found already. It can’t be Science in the middle column because there cannot be Science in row 2. And it can’t be Science in rows 3, 4, or 5 because one of 4 or 5 must be History. It can’t be Math in column 2 because there cannot be two Math teachers in one row. It can’t be English in column 1 because all of the English teachers are found. So it must be Gym. Therefore:

Mr. Morgan = Gym

Mrs. Schultz = Gym

Mr. Zepeta = Math (only row without a Math teacher, and there are 5 Math teachers so there must be one more, this is the last one)

Ms. Kemp = History (2nd adjacent History teacher)

Mrs. Kennedy = Science (process of elimination, final K teacher)

At this point there are no Art, English or Math teachers left. Additionally in row 2 there are no Science teachers. So the last 3 teachers there must be Gym or History. The Gym teachers must be adjacent and Torres and Smith must teach the same subject, so they cannot be Gym. Therefore:

Mr. Torres = History

Ms. Smith = History

Mr. Collier = Gym (2 Gym teachers must be adjacent, only remaining teacher adjacent to all others)

Ms. Van Camp = Gym (Limm cannot be Gym since they rhyme)

Mrs. Limm = Science (there must be more Science teachers than Art teachers, so Limm is Science)