Gwen tells us that Dean and Margo read and went ice skating in some order. Since every indoor activity is adjacent to exactly one other indoor activity (Alice’s clue), Margo can not have read (since she is adjacent to Gwen who baked and who is already adjacent Alice, who read). Therefore Margo went ice-skating and Dean read.

Row 3 has every activity (Margo’s clue). Nina and Orion must have done the indoor activities, since Liesel and Kady are both adjacent to Gwen. Nina did not read (Dean’s clue), so she baked and Orion read.

Orion tells us that three people in column 5 went skiing. This must be Julia, Todd and Zelda as Elliot must be an indoor activity in order for Dean to be adjacent to another indoor activity. (All other people Dean is adjacent to are themselves already adjacent to at least one indoor activity so it can’t be any of them). Since no one in row 4 went cross country skiing (Nina’s clue), Todd went downhill skiing.

Todd tells us that he’s adjacent to one skier, one ice skater, and three indoor activities. The skier we already know is Zelda. Sunita can’t be an indoor activity (since she’s adjacent to both Nina and Orion), so she went ice-skating, and Yaakov did something indoors. Dean is the only person in column 4 who read, so Yaakov must have baked.

Wanda must be an indoor activity as Yaakov must be adjacent to another indoor activity. (It can’t be Richard as he would be adjacent to two other indoor activities – Yaakov and Nina). Since Wanda and Ursula did the same activity (Yaakov’s clue), she is also an indoor activity.

Two people in column 1 went cross country skiing (Sunita’s clue(– this must be Faye and Kady (since we just determined it can’t be Wanda, and since Penny is row 4, and no one in row 4 went cross country skiing).

Row 3 has one of every activity (Margo’s clue), so Liesel went downhill skiing.

Liesel is adjacent to the same number of skiers as ice skaters. Hank and Quentin are a skier and an ice skater in some order (Faye’s clue, since we know Zelda is one of the skiers). Liesel is currently adjacent to two skiers and one ice skaters, so either Richard or Penny went ice skating, and the other could not have gone skiing.

Since Richard could not have gone skiing, Ursula must have read (Kady’s clue). This means Wanda read too (Yaakov’s clue).

Since neither Quentin nor Victoria could be an indoor activity (since they’d then be adjacent to two), Penny must be, in order for Ursula to be adjacent to one. This then means that Richard went ice skating.

Wanda tells us that she is adjacent to exactly two ice skaters, so Quentin did not go ice skating. This means that Hank did (Faye’s clue). Since no one in row 4 went cross country skiing (Nina’s clue), Quentin must have gone downhill skiing, so Zelda went cross country skiing (Faye’s clue).

Richard tell us that Zelda and Julia did different activities, and we know from Orion’s clue the Julia skied. Therefore she must have gone downhill skiing.

Hank tells us that one row has three people who read. The only possible place this could be is row 1, so Elliot read.

Two columns have no skiers (Zelda’s clue) – this can only be columns 3 and 4. Ursula told us that of Benedict, Chloe and Victoria, exactly two went downhill skiing. Since she’s in column 3, Chloe can’t be one, so Benedict and Victoria went downhill skiing.

Since Chloe can be neither an indoor activity or a skier, she must have gone ice-skating. The same logic works for Irene.

From Quinten we know that more than three people baked, so Penny baked.