Send a Teacher to SporcleCon

Nominate a Teacher to Win a Trip to SporcleCon

At Sporcle, we love learning and knowledge. We think we can all agree that there are teachers to thank for that shared love of knowledge. Many Sporcle employees are/were teachers themselves. We know how much teachers sacrifice, even more so during the past few years.

We want to hear about a teacher you think is special and is deserving of a weekend away to celebrate their love of learning and knowledge. Nominate a teacher by filling out the form here and using the hashtag #sendateachertosporclecon all over social media.

We’ll select one winner on June 15th, 2022. The winning teacher will receive:

  • Two Full Weekend Passes to SporcleCon in Washington DC on September 23-25, 2022.
  • A Room for Three Days and Two Nights at the Washington Hilton, the home of SporcleCon.
  • A $250 Gift Card to the Airline of their Choice.

If any of the following fit your favorite teacher, they’ll love SporcleCon:

  • They’ve introduced you to Sporcle quizzes or you’ve seen them play them themselves.
  • They attend or host trivia nights in their local community.
  • They like events where they can win cash and prizes.
  • They have a competitive nature.
  • They find ways to make knowledge fun.

Nominate a Teacher Today!