1. 1973 Northern Ireland sovereignty referendum

Northern Ireland 1973.png

Northern Ireland Elections

2.  1995 Quebec independence referendum

Quebec 1995.png

Quebec Elections

3. 1967 Australian referendum on Aboriginals

Australia 1967.png

Australian Parliamentary Handbook Part 5

4. 1979 Iranian Islamic Republic referendum

Iran 1979.png

Nohlen et al., Elections in Asia: A Data handbook (OUP, Oxford, 2001)

 5. United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum, 1975

UK 1975.png

Guardian Archives

6. 2012 Puerto Rico status referendum

Puerto Rico 2012.png

Elections in Puerto Rico

 7. 2011 South Sudanese independence referendum

South Sudan 2011.png

South Sudan 2011

8. 1999 East Timorese independence referendum

Timor-Leste 1999.png

The UN

9. 2002 Gibraltar sovereignty referendum

Gibraltar 2002.png

NY Times

10. 1988 Chilean national plebiscite

Chile 1988.png

‘The Results’ chapter begins on page 72 of this PDF.

11. 1962 Singaporean national referendum

Singapore 1962.png

Database and Search Engine for Direct Democracy

12. 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum

Scotland 2014.png

BBC Report

13. 2013 Falkland Islands sovereignty referendum

Falkland 2013.png

BBC Report

 14. 2012 Croatian European Union membership referendum

Croatia 2012.png

 BBC Report

15. 2006 Montenegrin independence referendum

Montenegro 2006.png

OSCE Report

16. 1995 Irish Fifteenth Constitutional Amendment referendum

Page 52 shows the referendum results.


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